Thursday, May 25, 2017

Lets Catch Up

Its been such a busy past couple of weeks! It has been very hard to keep up much less blog lol! Things are starting to wind down some so I should be able to ease back into the blogging world !
I had an amazing mothers day with my kids this year! We decided to do something very low key this year and celebrated at home! My sweet hubby got me a new Creative Bible, my oldest got me a Mrs. Pots and Chip Pandora charm and the most beautiful flowers, and my youngest got me an 18 inch doll camping set for photo shoots this summer! I enjoyed just my time alone with them uninterrupted was the best gift ever!
On May 21st my sweet hubby and I celebrated our 23rd wedding anniversary! This year was much better than last year! Lol last year I had to have my wedding rings cut off my hand due to swelling! I don't know I have ever cried so hard before!
My heart broke that I had to have rings cut off my love had placed on my fingers that exact day 22 years ago...
This year we decided since we had such a year we would get away for few days! We found an amazing bed and breakfast about an hour from our house nestled on the out skirts of Greensboro NC.
I was such an amazing feeling just to get away just the two of us just enjoy being together!

We stayed in the Tree House Suite  
 I fell in love with her gardens

The owner shared with us a famous North Carolina ghost writer owned the property up till his death. Joh Harden was famous for writing Devils Tramping Ground and Tar heels Ghost.
She also shared that a local historian had came and stayed with her. She shared General Lee and his soldiers camped where the main hose sat! I love history so that just made my day!
My sweet hubby got me a car for our anniversary this year! So when the time comes and I can drive again this will easier for me drive! I was so surprised and feel so blessed with such a gift!
We spent the rest of the week getting our patio in the back yard ready for summer! I felt so excited to plant flowers! Prepare our back yard for hours of family enjoyment!
My sweet hubby made me a water fountain out of items we had laying around ! He did such an amazing job! This time last year the thought of planting flowers would have been just that a thought! I was slow but I truly enjoyed spending time outside in God's creation!

Saturday Morning the first morning in a long time! I made peach scones from scratch for the first time I an year! It felt good to fix them one of their favorite things!

However Saturday night at bedtime I realized something was wrong! When I would breathe I would cause serious pain and I couldn't lay back. I felt like I was suffocating.
a few months ago the doctor told me to start stepping down one of my inflammation pills.
I had just cut myself down to one dose right before our anniversary trip. On Sunday my husband and I spoke as a couple to our church! I knew then I had another pocket of fluid. I hadn't felt that bad in awhile!
My sweet hubby however presented me with the most beautiful flowers !
But again that night I had to sleep on 3 pillows. I upped my medicine to what it was and went to homeschool co-op this week but each day has gotten a little worse! After speaking with the doctor  today they confirmed what I suspicioned. I may not be no where ready to come off my medicine. They actually upped the dose again.
It has been a little discouraging to feel like we are back where we started.
I know God has a plan and makes no mistakes. If the shortness of breathe becomes worse I am to call immediately or go to the ER.
I call back in 7 days other wise.
Please help me pray this is just a bump in the road! Not a sign of things to come...
I have been able to write more in my Lillian Stewart series I am excited of how its coming along ! I have also been working on another special short story ! I can not wait to share with you!
Next week ends our homeschool year and I must say I welcome the break! I look forward to being able to share more here!
Thank you so much for stopping by and letting me share a glimpse of our home with you!
If you think to please pray for my health! I am so ready to feel better!
I hope you guys have a blessed week! 

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