Saturday, May 6, 2017

We Have To Start Somewhere ...

I sat there in that auditorium just watching as people walked by... I love to people watch and observe... There is so much that can be learned that way... One thing was consistent, they all wanted the approval of the others the were with.
When did we stop asking God for His approval and start looking to others for it?
I believe it goes all the way back tot the garden actually... Wanting more and feeling the need to measure up.
 How do we fix this problem though? How do we tell our daughters that she is beautiful no matter her size if all we do is complain and put ourselves down? How do we tell them they don't have to expose themselves in order for a guy to love them or show them attention they crave? Because God has created the perfect man for her and he is worth waiting for? how do we tell them marriage is a beautiful thing when all we do is grumble about being a wife and constantly putting their Dads down...
How do we teach them to have healthy relationships when we are struggling in our own?
Better yet how do we teach them to grow toward Jesus when we are running away as fast as we can?
I truly believe the only way to fix the problem is to evaluate who we are as women....
As a pastors wife I hear stories on a weekly basis that breaks my heart ... more form the teenage generation.
I began to pray and ask God what were we gonna have to do to change how these girls are viewing themselves as upcoming women!
I realized he was saying it has to start by seeing a change in the women they are watching, the women they are looking up too, the women they consider their role models...
That hit home with me !
I had to ask Jesus and myself was I teaching and leading theses girls into confidence in Him or am I setting the path for them to never feeling good enough or measure up...
How many times have we all done the things above?
I realized I am just as guilty as anyone else at some point or another!
Ladies Confidence is beautiful! It is a beautiful thing when we know our worth in kingdom! Yes I said kingdom! because I am a queen in in this kingdom I live in and I am raising princesses that are awaiting their prince charming's! Because the day I asked Jesus into my heart I became the daughter of the king ! That made me royalty !
As I examined myself and looked back over my life as a Mom I realized I had been far from perfect! Lol most of us are not and never will be !
Not till we meet Jesus !
So I prayed and asked my Daddy (Jesus) What do I do now to make a difference!
I started studying the proverbs 31 woman! Also the Titus 2 woman !
I realize I can not walk through this life in comparison with someone else! I have to find my worth and walk in confidence in Jesus.
They need to see me happy with who I am in whatever stage of life I am in!
They need to see me turn to Jesus when I am in the battle and struggling! They also need to see that we all make mistakes but its what we learn from the mistakes we make that grow us ! My mistakes do not define who I am in Him! Broken pots let more light shine..
Jesus said I need to be happy in my castle with my king and my family and know that others are reading my story everyday! Are they reading one that is drawing them towards Him?
Or am I sending them in the opposite direction.
Running as fast as they can to world... Better yet making them feel hopeless and no use to be in this world anymore...
As ladies we need to start making the change in our homes raising girls who are strong in their worth and being confident in who God made them! We need to be that women that they want to be ! Strong God fearing knowing I am priceless in the eyes of my Savior !
Will You join me ! Its as easy as starting at home ! Lets take our youth back for Jesus! Lets make a change ! Its has to start somewhere! Why not with you and me ?
Be a mentor to a struggling teen!
Maybe your the one who is broken ! Let Jesus heal the brokenness of your heart ! let Him into that inner most corner of your heart!
Let Him use your brokenness to help someone else keep from drowning and see there is hope there is a purpose !

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  1. This is such a beautiful post! Thank you SO much for sharing, I really needed to hear this today! Love you my beautiful friend!!!


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