Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Urgent Prayers Needed

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Please Meet Kendra ! Kendra is a dear friend and like family ! She is a Mom of 2, who was on her way to work Monday morning! Around 6am Kendra was hit head on by a drunk driver who's license were revoked going 130 miles per hour!
Kendra was life lifted to Baptist Medical Center ! She was trapped in her car for an hour and was not responsive when was first found.
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When Kendra arrived at Baptist she was rushed to surgery! all of her major organs were pushed into Kendra's Diaphragm. Her lung was punchered by a broken rib, her spleen had to be removed, her pelvis was broken, her tibia and one of her feet was broken as well.
She had already endured 2 very lengthy surgeries to sustain her life! She is Critical condition but fighting as hard she can!
I know Kendra will fight for everything in her to stay here for her kids!
However she will now be facing, another surgery, rehab, and months  of being out of work!
We are asking for anyone who can and will to please help rally around and pray for her!
 Our church has set up a way to donate to help raise money for this family !
Kendra Is very loved by all who know her! She is our children's ministry pre school teacher! She Loves Jesus and is always willing to help others! 
Please help me, help her! Whether by donation or prayer. I know all of her family and her appreciate all you can do! The information below was posted on our church face book page ! At Transformation Church Salisbury NC
Kendra's family has requested that all donations to help with her medical costs be made through the church. Below is more information on how you can donate:
Donate to help with expenses for the Kendra Whitaker family. She was in a tragic car accident being hit by a driver who was driving while intoxicated at over 130mph on June 12th. She had to be airlifted to Baptist Hospital in Winston Salem where she has undergone multiple surgeries for both internal injuries as well as broken bones. She has a long road to recovery, which means she will miss work, have multiple medical bills, and because the man who hit her didn't have a valid license her family will have to try and replace her vehicle. Kendra has two children and a boyfriend of over 10yrs. They appreciate any and all financial gifts you can give. May God bless you for your gift. You can donate via Givelify at the link below and our church will ensure they receive any and all funds. When donating be sure to use the envelope designated Kendra Whitaker Family
You can also donate via check by mail to the church
1350 Old Stone House Rd.
Salisbury, NC 28146
Please indicate in the memo section that the check is for kendra Whitaker family.
Thank you guys ahead of time for taking time to stop by today!

Sorry For my Absence....

It's been a long battle...:
So sorry for the absence... Some times life catches up to us and its all we can do to tread water, to stay a float.
That is most definitly how I have felt the last few weeks.
After attempting to step off of one of my anti inflammatory medicines for my heart. My health has been in a tail spin it feels like.
I slept propped up on 4 pillows for 7 days, its taken 14 days for the fluid to go away and the chest pain to go away with it.
Then out of the blue I have been plagued with head aches, mouth ulcers, nausea, dizziness, and fever. My rheumatologist reply was it sounds like lupus but your blood work is normal please continue to document these flares and keep me updated.
Saturday evening I won myself a trip to the ER! They did check my heart and lungs and said every thing looked good ! Praise the Lord deemed everything as a nasty virus. Till last night when my blood pressure dropped to 87/70. Today its ridiculously high including my pulse.
This journey has been a long and hard road. It began over a year ago... I was hoping by now we would have figured out why I have a few good days then 2 weeks of feeling awful.

Its hard to be strong sometimes when your so very tired. I  am so thankful for a Savior who promises to never leave or forsake you! I know He will strengthen this body and carry me through... His word promises that! He also knows the plans He has for me!
I find myself missing the simplicity of just getting into the car and driving myself to the grocery store. since I haven't driven since September....
I miss caring for my home as I once did... I miss sewing for hours with out extreme pain afterwards... I know that God isn't finished with my story.
But please if you will lift me up in prayers. I so want to feel whole again. I want to be able to do the things God has called me to do! Even the simplest of things such a writing!
It brings my heart such joy just to be able to share with you guys glimpse of our life.
I claim Mark 5:34 For my life....
He said to her, "Daughter your faith has healed you. Go in peace and be freed from your suffering."
I will leave you guys with the lyrics of one of my favorite songs! Its helped me through many long and hard days...
"I am healed by the word of God, I am healed by the Word Of God, Yes Its all ready done just waiting for my change to come ! Yes I am healed by the Word of God!