Friday, September 29, 2017

Why I Have Been Away

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I didn't intend to stay away for so long....
The summer months have been long and hard for me.
Each week greeted me with a new obstacle leaving me drained physically and emotionally.
So it left me with decision of what was the biggest priorities and what I need to let go for a time.
I have to say that was not an easy thing for me to do. After all I am a doer who often struggles handing things off or even asking for help at all. 
So for a season the smartest thing for me to do was walk away from blogging and take some time to recoup from all that seemed to be drowning me at the time.
During the past few months I have seen several specialist. I have seen my heart doctor who informed me I would in defiantly need to stay on my medications. He thought I was stable but with out the meds he didn't think my body would be able to keep the fluid of the heart. I have also seen the rheumatologist who has desperately tried to pin point the auto immune disease plaguing my body.
Test after test has lead to more unknown mysteries and no answers. Till she finally asked me to see a oncologist. This was a scary moment for us. All though we knew God had it, just to hear those words in your name in the same sentence.
The visit proved to be the best by far! After several scans we have learned the extent of the damage left behind by all the surgeries. we also learned their is diverticulitis, and a very rare auto immune disease. Until it is confirmed by the rheumatologist I would rather not share what yet.
However all though we have found answers my body has been plagued with chronic fatigue and pain. A irregular heart rate and up and down weight. Honestly all these thing have taken a tole on my body and my mind. After much prayer we decided I should step away from things that made me feel overwhelmed and added to the fatigue.
So I stepped away from doing the homeschool co-op at our church this year! I decided to still help a few of the girls who really just enjoyed doing school together! They stay with my family two nights a week and we do school together ! I have really enjoyed this so has my youngest! It is also so much easier to do it on my body to do it home. Things are more relaxed and hey I can do school in p.j's! It don't get any better than that lol!
I also decided to step away from children's ministry for awhile! Which was a huge thing for me! Working with kids have always been my passion! However I would be sick and unable to function on Monday mornings after working in children's church on Sundays. I hope that we can get answers and medicine that will help and I can return after December!
My favorite time of the year will soon be approaching! I love the Christmas season... I want more than anything for this year to be a celebration of all of the mile stones since last year! God has brought me so far and yet I have so far to go as well!
I hope now you understand why I have been a little absent and you will be a little patient as I try to reenter the blogging world. Little by little... After all I have missed sharing and seeing everyone's post as well. If you think about it lease lift me up in prayer, For I  know God has the plans for all things! I am just ready to feel better! 
Many Blessings -Shellie


  1. Praying hard my sweet, beautiful friend, and I'm so glad that you are feeling better! And so happy to see your blog up and running again, I've missed your writings! Love you!

    1. aww thank you mu beautiful friend! you and your family are always in my thoughts and prayers! I hope that i can begin to write again even if it is only once a week to begin with! I have missed this! I love and miss you more than you could ever know!


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