Monday, October 16, 2017

Happy Home Maker October 16,2017

This is by far my link ups! I hope you will link up in and join over at the Happy Homemaker! Her blog is a blessing to read and be apart of ! Praying for each of you this week, I hope you have a blessed week !

What's on the plate this morning ~~
A cup of french vanilla coffee with pumpkin spice creamer and probably a protein shake. I don't have a good appetite at the moment.

Right Now I Am ~~
I am listening to Sunday Mornings service I missed.

Looking Around the House~~
It need to be deep cleaned and disinfected, I have had the crud and well not much has been done.

On Today's To Do List~~
1- Go to the doctor
2- Laundry
3- Try to clean house 
4- get homeschool stuff ready for the week

Cooking for Supper~~
Cajun Pasta

Currently Reading~~
Ann Voskamp One Thousand Gifts 

On My TV Today~~ I am a little behind, I need to catch up on Criminal Minds, Designated Survivor, and MacGyver. I enj
oyed this weeks ONCE, even though I am still on the fence about the new season I think I like it. I started a new series called the five on Netflix this week. I have really liked it so far. I have been on quarantine this week lol because of being sick. I found the series at 3 in the morning after a coughing fit...

The Weather Outside ~~
It is finally going to feel like fall this week and not August! I am so excited about this. Its gonna be in the 60's and 70's.

On the Menu ~~
Monday- Cajun Pasta
Tuesday- Hamburger Steak, roasted potatoes, and broccoli
Wednesday- Burrito bowls
Thursday- Chicken and Noodles with corn bread
Friday- Manwhich and Tater Tots

If I Have a Few Moments to Myself~~ 
I really hope to start making some Christmas ornaments.

One Of My Simple Pleasures~~ 
Getting up before anyone else spending time with God and enjoying coffee in the quiet.

Favorite photo from camera or internet this week~~


This picture was taken while me and my girls were playing skip bo and we watched Princess and the Frog at the same time. I snapped this picture and sent it to my oldest and told her, this was a good reminder of why you should never waste
your time on frogs lol!

My scripture reminder for the week ~~

Praying For ~~~ Our Country, my daughter has a big test this week, for our ministry, for a friend and her family, and for my health.


  1. Enjoy reading your post Mrs. Shellie. Praying for you to get better soon. I too am excited about the weather being so much more like fall this week. Blessing friend!!

    1. Thank you so much my sweet friend! Hope you have a blessed week !

  2. Hope you are feeling better by now, it's the season for the crud. I was just researching whether mine was that or allergies. What kind of Christmas ornaments do you plan to make? Sounds like a fun project. Hope you are having a wonderful week!

    1. Ohh my praying you are feeling better! Mine had turned into bronchitis.... SO I have few more meds to add to the pile lol. My family is huge Disney fans! After my thoracotmy I had too spend most if my time in a apartment attached to our home. It is all one big open space and easier for me to shower in. We have turned this area into our family area. My kids helped come up up with a Disney theme theme for this area! So I would like to make some Disney inspired ornaments. Praying for you hope you have have an amazing week as well!

  3. Hello shellie, I hope you are feeling better. Your Christmas Ornaments sound fun. Happy Monday!

    1. Hello my sweet friend! I am still a up and down roller coaster with my health! I know Gods got it and the answers!Thank you for checking on me! hope your well! Our ornaments turned out great!


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