Friday, November 24, 2017

Sometime the Answer is Wait A Little Longer

One of the hardest things I struggle with is waiting for something! Anticipation gets me every single time lol.
Waiting for health answers is no exception to this struggle.
For those of you who have followed my story knows for 2 years now I have been on a wild roller coaster ride! 
As much as I wish I could say that we are nearing the end of the ride. I think it has kicked up a notch is on its own tail spin! 
We have sought out a new rheumatologist. She is great, I really like her and she is determined to figure out whats going on.
One piece of the puzzle she feels certain about is she believes I rheumatoid arthritis.
We also have had a very slight positive to lupus.
We are still waiting on the last batch of blood work. 
We did finally convince the the cardiologist to allow her to give a very low dose of a steroid to get the flare under control so I can enjoy the holidays.
Its way to early to see if that's gonna happen.
I pray it does !
A couple weeks back I was treated for bronchitis .
As I was beginning to finish the antibiotic.
I noticed something was very wrong when I laid down at night. The pain in my chest was very intense and I had began to have a very difficult time breathing. I shook it off at first.However when I noticed a change in my weight a drastic change ! I realized I was holding a lot of fluid. 
So I followed protocol and used a  dose of lasix . That's where the tricky part came into play. As long as I was using lasix I felt better. Then on night I gained 7 lbs and the chest pain woke me from my sleep.
So I called my cardiologist, and the ordered a echo of my heart Tuesday. Wednesday evening when I seen their number on my phone I knew what I already didn't want to be. I have a small pericardial effusion again.
The problem is my body is so inflamed that if we don't soon figure out what the cause is it could grow into a large effusion that would result into another major heart surgery.
The last time this was talked about the cardiologist said we would probably just need to remove the pericardil sac from around the heart if another effusion prompted surgery. 
So I need your help! The cardiologist wants to give it three months.
To see if it grows or stays the same. Also he is hoping during this time that the the rheumo. can put the pieces of the puzzle together and get my body in the healing direction!
Please help us pray that is the case.
I know Gods timing is perfect .
Its just a chapter of my story, I have learned to lean completely on Him.
I know He will show up! 
So over the next few months if you think about please lift me up in prayers! My family as well! I really hate to see them worried...
Thank you ahead of time for the prayers and stopping by! 
Blessings, Shellie   

From the Parsonage: Its The Most Wonderful Time Of The Year

This honestly my most favorite time of the year! I anticipate it from the beginning of the year till the last day of October when I put my tree up.
Its not even about all the decorations, its about the time together with the ones we love the most.
Its a time that brings the the things we are most thankful to the forefront. It spotlights the things God has blessed us with through the years to our minds and puts us in a state of gratitude.
Over the years holidays has taken several different forms of traditions.
When we lived in the mountains, holidays was just our family of four. Making new traditions for us to enjoy as a family. Laughing, cooking, sharing what we are thankful for! 
Time spent around the table and Christmas days spent in pajamas!
Then when we moved back to our home town family wanted us to accommodate the way they had done things when we were gone for seven years. It was hard for our family to help others understand we would keep some of the traditions we had created just for us .
It was important to our kids we kept some of those favorite things! So we have made it clear that some days just don't work. We call those black out days. these are days set side to bake to enjoy holiday traditions we want to continue for years to come.
This year we celebrated Thanksgiving at our house, 5 generations was present to celebrate the time of thankfulness!
This is the first time in almost 6 years all of us have been able to come together for the holidays. All though we have lost some very special family members. It was such an amazing feeling to be surrounded by all of those we hold so dear to our hearts.
The room was filled with laughter the aroma of amazing food. Kids running around wild! Several walking talking miracles setting basking in the blessing of being here and with family.
It truly made my heart soar with gratitude for all the many blessings God has given us!
It was also a reminder of how quickly things can change. For we never know Gods plans for our families.
Especially if your a Ministry family. My girls are older now and they can voice the thing that are important to them to keep just for them.
So If your a ministry family I encourage you to the same as well!
Start traditions that are away from all the family and church hustle and bustle . Have days you set aside just for you as your family unit. 
After all they are the most important ones to please! 
Make the transition of being in new places feel special by choosing something you only do with each other!
One of our favorites is Christmas day! We have a no visitor policy.
We spend our days in our pjs! Wake up watch the Christmas parade! Our Christmas meal is Steak, baked potatoes, salad, and what ever dessert they choose! We watch movies and play games, my most favorite however is the Birthday Party we have for Jesus.
This is our day just for us! 
That was the hardest thing for me. When we first started ministry. I thought we had to give all our time away.
I learned though .... Jesus understood that we needed time to be just a family! Those are some of our families favorite Holiday memories are the ones that was just us.
I love to be with every one sharing the things we are most thankful for.
However one of those things are the us . My family unit God blessed me with.
So make sure this year you grow the ones you love best! Start a new tradition! Trust me they grow up and life will take you in lots of directions but the holidays will be a time when they all come home to be with you!  
So this most wonderful time of the year, make a point to start a new tradition with the ones God gave to you! 
Remember the reason its the most wonderful time of the year we are in celebration of the Birth Of A King!
He is the reason its the most wonderful time of the year!

I pray your family is blessed this season! As we celebrate Jesus with family, ministry, and friends! Don tlet the stress of pleasing take away from the true meaning of this time of the year! 
Thanks for stopping by! Blessings, Shellie

Monday, November 13, 2017

Happy Homemaker November 13,2017

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Wow what a week I have had.... I am glad too see the a new week on the horizon...
I want to thank all of you who take time to stop by and leave comments! I read each one! I am just slow responding, for that I am sorry.
One of the health struggles I have is pain in my hands. Some days its hard to use them for the important stuff  much less typing. Thank you for all of you who have been praying! 
So lets get this post going so maybe I can get one more post done today!

Breakfast time... What was on my plate? 
This morning was a protein shake... My appetite in the mornings is not good at all! Of course I had a couple cups of coffee with cinnabon creamer! I run on that stuff.... No one wants to be around if I cant have it lol!

Right Now?
Setting on the couch trying to get caught up on my blog stuff... Also making a mental list of all the things I need to do this week.

The Weather Outside is ?
Its 58 degrees .... I wish it would decide what it wants to be. Yesterday it was cold an drizzly and today it feels like spring.... There is no wonder everyone is getting sick.

Looking Around the House ...
Its pretty clean... I did some light picking up after I got moving this morning. Kid of glad I did things backwards today. I got a call from my hubby... His parents are stopping by.

On today's to do list?
I need to catch up on blogging and start lesson plans for after Christmas break.... Its still hard to believe this is our last year of homeschooling! 

Currently Reading?
Same as last week

On the TV ?
I just finished Alias Grace ! It was amazing I really wished it would have lasted longer. For the most part we have been watching Christmas movies!

If I have a few minutes to myself?
I have a few aprons I need to finish sewing if I can this week! I had the pleasure of doing some sewing this weekend! You never know how much you miss something till you are able to do it again. I was in a lot of pain when I was finished, but it was well worth it.

This weeks menu?
We plan to wing it this week! We have quite a bit of left overs that need to be taken care of ! So we shall see... We don't have weeks like this often...
I do know for sure sometime this week we will have shrimp and grits!

New recipe for the week?
I don't for see a lot of baking this week... Its a busy week I have several appointments. However I was able to fix apple dumplings last week and they were amazing!

Looking Forward to this week? 
Finally having some answers to health issues! We return to the new rheumatoid doctor tomorrow to get the test results! We are praying she can finally give me something to help me feel better!

Favorite photo from the camera?

I don't take pictures often... Over the past 2 years my body has went through so many changes. I went on a date with my hubby and I actually felt well and pretty here....

Devotionals and Key Readings for the week?

Prayer Request?
My youngest has been sick going on 3 weeks! she is on her second antibiotic! Answers from the doctor along with some relief! For this world we live in.... I pray we find peace...

 Thank You so much for stopping by ! I pray that each of you have a blessed week !

Monday, November 6, 2017

Happy Homemaker Monday November 6,2017

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I started out going strong lol! Got up and wrote a blog post and headed over to a Diary of a Stay at Home Mom and intended to blog. then life happened.... Family began getting up, breakfast had to be fixed and the phone started ringing all at the same time! 
So here we are at lunchtime! 
Lets see if I can get this going before I am called away again!

Lunch time ... whats on the plate? 
Left over Chinese food and water.... I see more coffee or hot chocolate in my near future with cinnabon creamer.

Right now I am?
Playing catch up ... My husband grounded me to the couch because I over did over the weekend, and my O2 stats are down... So its a perfect time to catch up on the computer.

The Weather Outside is?
We had a chilly and gloomy start ... However the sun has came out and its nice and warm. its in the 70's today. As strange as it sounds I ready for cooler temps and for it to stay that way! 

Looking around the house.....
For the most part its neat and tidy... I have a few things I will need to do tomorrow. Nothing awful though, now that the girls is older. Keeping the house in order isn't hard at all.

This weeks to do list...
Monday- Catch up on computer stuff
Tuesday- Laundry and Light House Cleaning
Wednesday- eye appointment and church
Thursday-Homeschool and ladies meeting
Friday- Homeschool and grocery shopping
Saturday- Help hubby at the church with some things
All of this hangs in the balance of if my body will allow me to do anything!

Currently Reading...
The Power Of A Christmas Prayer

On the tv?
I am behind on riverdale and designated survivor, So I may possibly watch those today.

On the Menu?
Monday- grilled chicken breast, broccoli, roasted herb red potatoes
Tuesday- Hamburger steak, grilled peppers and onions, mashed potatoes, and green beans
Wednesday-Stuffed Chicken breast, baked potatoes and broccoli
Thursday- Loaded potato soup
Friday- Spaghetti 

If I have a few moments to myself I will....
Take a nap! My body is exhausted 

New Recipe I want to try?
Its not new ... But i really hope to make apple dumplings this week! Its a childhood favorite!

Looking forward to this week?
meeting my step sister for the very first time! She lives on the west coast! Until now her visits never line up when I am in town! This time it will and I am so excited about meeting her!

Favorite photo from the camera....
My family doesn't celebrate halloween.... So every year we put up our Christmas tree on October 31st!

Prayer Request and Devotional....
My heart is broke for Texas and our world for that matter! please help me pray for my daughter she has bronchitis and I hope she doesn't share! Also a sweet girl I know who is just not in a good place and it just breaks my heart ! I have a follow up visit next week with the  Rheumatologist next week. We decided to get a second opinion at the urging of the oncologist.  We have been praying this next visit provides answers we have been seeking....

This spoke volumes to my heart this morning....
I am still learning this as I get older. ✝                                                                                                                                                                                 More

Praying for each of you this week! I hope you will stop by again! As always thank you for allowing me to share a glimpse of my life with you....

cinnabon creamer

Season of Changes

Pleasant words are like a honeycomb, Sweetness to the soul and health to the bones. [Proverbs 16:24]
Its hard to believes that already the Holiday seasons are upon us.... Our home has already began to celebrate our favorite by far! The birth of our Savior Jesus!
Still my heart is heavy with the whispers of change this morning.
After all Ecclesiastics tells me well..... There is a time and a season for all things! 
It lead me to think and wonder how much are we like the tress that have began their great tapestry of art out my windows this morning! 
The more I watched them I realized we have more in common with trees than I have ever thought before !
We are  born in to this world to grow and change. To stand tall make a difference and go through change.
But how often are the trees overlooked until something about them began to change.
Sure we use their shade on hot summer days, or their ever twining path on a walk.
Yet for most of us it isn't till they burst into the yellow, orange, red, and browns that we truly see them.
I watched as the one in my back yard danced softly in the wind this morning. As it swayed leaves began to gently fall to the ground and reminded me there was more to the colors. It was being prepared for a change.
As we all know the colors wont last long.... The leaves will die and turn brown and fall to the ground and die. The tree will soon began to prepare for the whispers of spring.
Change.... We cant change, it's all  apart of our journey ....
As I watched this morning I noticed the branches were like arms stretching to the heavens.
It was as if I were witnessing them giving God all praise even in the middle of the change.
Then as I began to see the leaves fall to the ground ... It was as if my Daddy (God) whispered. Let your burdens go and praise me even when its hard!
Oh my! Let that sink in.... Let your burdens go and praise ME even when its hard.
I have experienced the the good and the bad sides of change... I have seen it bring both joy and sorrow to my life. More than anything though, I know all to well what happen when we let go and give it to God.
The leaves never think twice about holding on to those leaves .... No they know if they let go something even better is on the way!
Even though I am not sure what the change is that I am sensing will be. I want to be like to the tree that can praise, let it go, and embrace the change ahead.
God word promises that He will never lead me where He will not keep me. I hold onto that hope....
For change is inevitable ... but God love is never changing......