Monday, February 26, 2018

Happy Homemaker Monday February 26,2018

This past weekend has came and went in a blur for sure! My sweet youngest finally broke her fever Saturday morning! Thank you so much to all who prayed for her! 
I woke up Friday not feeling well, even worse on Saturday. So I headed to the doctors office to get something to help! So I ended up spending the majority of my weekend in the bed! that's okay as long as I have shook this off by Friday! Before I start My happy Homemaker post,I want to say thank you to all of you who have helped pray for answers about my health! I was diagnosed with Lupus on Tuesday. we now know the last two periodical effusions on my heart has been caused by that! Now to find the right combination of medicine.
The cardiologist appointment went well! The present  periodical effusion has shrunk some! I see him back in 6 weeks. Its nice to know so now we can learn and understand, why my health has been so out of control.
Again thank you! 
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The Weather Is:
The Weekend has been beautiful, almost 80 each day. I hate I was stuck in the bead for it! 

As I look out my window :
Its kinda gloomy... However everywhere you look hints of spring is all around! I really can not wait to get the yard back in order and put out the outdoor furniture! One of my favorite things to do is have coffee and quiet time on the patio!

Whats on my plate:
Coffee with almond joy creamer, a granola bar and yogurt  

On my bedside table:
My I Pad, Kleenexes, bottle of water , yeti of sprite, dayquil and nyquil caps, pulse ox, inhaler, remotes. 3 books to read for school and last but not leas my hair bands lol.

On my reading pile ;
 My daily devotion book I have been using and three Samantha books from American Girl. Its been awhile and before I give them as an assignment to one of my homeschoolers, I thought I had better refresh myself a little bit.
I have not done any major reading for myself in sometime. I look forward to summer so I can!

Movies Or Shows :
We watched Good Bye Christopher Robin, it was amazing and a true eye opener! 
Even my husband enjoyed it!
I binge watched  the Frankenstein Chronicles, I really loved it! I hope there will be another season!

On My TV:
We finished up Hunting Hitler this week! I have really enjoyed this series! Even though it ended kinda how I expected. I hated to see it come to a end.
We are patiently awaiting the return of the Good Dr and Vikings to come off break. 

On the menu this week:

Monday- Spaghetti and side salad
Tuesday- Lemon garlic salmon, side salad , and herb rice.
Wednesday- Pork chops, mashed red potatoes, and green beans
Thursday- Grilled chicken and spinach wraps with tortilla chips and salsa
Friday- out to eat

On my to-do list:
Tidy the house
Wash clothes 
Home School Monday - Wednesday
Pack for visit with friends
Make sure ministry things are in order
Work on short story

In the craft basket:
Finish up a prop for pictures to go along with new line of doll clothes I am trying to work on. I worked on several outfits last week just trying to get in the swing of sewing again! Here is a pic of my 18in doll models lol! Dressed and hair fixed. My love for sewing began when I taught myself to sew for my girls 18 in. dolls when they were really little. Although they are grown it is still my favorite past time! 

Happening this week;
I am super excited to be heading to the coast for a few days to spend time with one of my very best friends in all the world! They are chosen family ! We have watched them grow through their spiritual journey from the time it began! They are now at their first pastorate! 
It seems like its been forever since we have had some quality time together!

Looking around the house:
Everything for the most part is pretty good! I just need to do some picking up and everyday stuff! We should be good to go!

From the camera :
                                               Knowing is power, power to fight and heal! 
     I have a vintage travel case I use for a memory box! This month has been filled with lots of                                              anniversaries and many happy and sad memories.... 

What am I wearing: 
A pair of black shorts and a blue Alice in Wonderland t-shirt

One of my simple pleasures :
Spending time with my family! Whether having dinner, watching tv ,or everyday life! I am blessed to have each day with them !

Favorite Bible verse, devotion, or quote for today:

                                  Great reminder from Sheila Walsh.

                                              This speaks to my heart on so many levels.....

On my prayer list:
We were recently asked to pray for a 14 yr old boy, who needs a kidney transplant asasp. Please help us pray that they can find a match quickly! Please help me pray that I will feel well enough to travel Friday! Pray for our country! 

In closing:
I can not thank you enough for stopping by and sharing a moment of your day with me! I hope you know I am praying for you this week! Blessings ~ Shellie 

Saturday, February 24, 2018

When Real Life and Ministry Collide

I love this reminder from Lysa TerKeurst in "The Best Yes" regarding our choices - "Today's choices become tomorrow's circumstances." Yes! Even the little ones. #TheBestYes #Quote

I am always amazed at God's grace and love for me... From the time I was sixteen years old and I gave my heart to Jesus on my bedroom floor. I can look back and see where he has literally picked me up and carried me.
Ministry has been such a huge part of my life. we have been a pastors family going on 16 years now. Each and every year has been a treasure to be hold. 
Its not always a cake walk as well. Sometimes the storms that crash our lives make us feel like drowning.
However my life Savior is never far away.
The past two years I have felt like I have been in a battle in the deepest depths of the sea. When real life and ministry collide.
It can be a bit overwhelming. My family has had to learn how to minister in the midst of one of the biggest health crisis, we have ever faced. Sure we have had some real hiccups along the way but nothing like what we have faced even now.
So how do you balance Ministry responsibilities and life responsibilities?
For us this wasn't a simple answer. 
We had never been faced with such major emergencies as we we have now.
Honestly I don't have a mentor to turn to ask these questions. Its a learn as you go process for us.
Here is my top five lessons learned!
1- Sometimes your family must became fist. Even over ministry!
This was hard for us! As ashamed as I am to admit it, was often the other way around. We revolved everything around our ministry. When I had knee surgery and aspirated stomach acid into my left lung.I woke up with a heart condition. Unable to breathe normally or walk no more than a few steps. I was wheel chair bound for the most part. this was not how this surgery should have went.  I was out of church for a month and a half.on off for longer spans later. One of my daughters had to stay with me around the clock. My sweet hubby had to get someone to fill in for him. We learned right then that things were probably never going to be the same. Then before we knew it I was admitted back into the hospital and to have emergency major heart surgery, 6 months later another major heart and lung surgery.
We had to let ministry take the back burner for a while and focus on our household for awhile. Not only was my life turned upside down, but my husband and kids were as well. We had entered the eye of the storm.
As important as ministry is to us. we knew that we were gonna need a support system to help us out and see us through. 
This would prove to be harder than expected. 

                           2 Corinthians 4:8-9 ESV

We are afflicted in every way, but not crushed; perplexed, but not driven to despair; persecuted, but not forsaken; struck down, but not destroyed
Was a huge comfort during this time... Because what satan means to destroy us with God uses to make us stronger.
We knew that we had to put us first, and it would be okay! 
Ministry could be second, After all God is the head of all things for us.

2-  Have a support system you can trust to handle what you can not. 
I know this sounds like a no brainier... Everyone has this right... Wrong lol! For me this was hard when we arrived to where we are today. I had been extremely hurt by those I thought I could trust right before we left and came here. That left me guarded, and well honestly made it hard for me to be able to delegate things because I needed to be sure I could trust  people inside that circle. About the time all of this had taken place my husband and I had really just gotten to the point we had a inner circle of people we knew we could trust to handle some of the responsibilities we did not have to handle. Like teaching Children's ministry , I could handle some of the logistics from my chase where I proceeded to live at the time. He could let others help him with phone calls and visitation. There were times others stepped in and handled things he just needed taken off his plate at the time. We learned during this time it was okay not to have our hands in everything. That it was more than okay to let our brothers and sisters help carry the burden with you. It makes it so much easier when you have help. especially help you can trust. Honestly, we now have in place where all of us have an apprentice that trains under us . everyone except for the pastor of course. That away if there is an emergency that person can step in and handle things just as if we were not out all. At home we learned everything did not have to be perfect. I had to learn to let others handle things in the house, I normally handled. It was hard at first, it got easier as I took  my hands off of things... I have learned it does not have to be done by me to be done right.... Others can do just a good job if not better! 

Galatians 6:2 CEV
You obey the law of Christ when you offer each other a helping hand. 
The Bible is clear about us helping each other! I am glad I heeded to His Word! It has made life so much easier!

3- You do not need to feel guilty if you miss church or your unable to attend or be involved with a ministry at the church, or if your home is not perfect or a good time to visit!
I am a very hands on person. I love to be involved and doing. However after the knee surgery that set off a tailspin of events. My life has been forever changed.
One of the hardest things for me even still today. Is saying no... or not being involved in everyone's ministries the way I once was.
I have even scaled back some of the special events that Children's Church once did.
I felt guilty if I had to miss a ladies meeting or an outreach ministry.
It was hard because as a the Pastors wife you feel obligated to be there. For awhile I tried to make myself. Even when I knew I wasn't up to it. I found myself falling ill. On top of some very complicated health issues. This became a bigger strain on my already stretched to thin hubby. Who was now worrying what this would do to my already fragile lungs.
So I began to pray about how my Daddy in heaven would have me handle this. It was kinda funny right before my knee surgery I had read Lysa TerKeurst book The Best Yes. If you have not read it ! Its a wonderful insightful read! It can be life changing! It has been for me! Because often I have learned my best yes, is really no.
Because My Daddy in heaven showed me that its is okay not to be at everything. It didn't matter what others thought I should be doing.
Its about balance, If I am always sick I will never be at anything. It was better to miss out on the outdoor Christmas gift wrapping service and be at church on Sunday. Than to have pneumonia . Then miss weeks of church.
I have learned I don't have to feel guilty for missing things. 
God truly knows what our limits are. 
I need to must be able to live life outside of church. I need to be able to serve family and my church. So I must find the balance in both with out feeling overwhelmed or guilty.
I can not be a please people and not care for me!
For our home, we realized its okay to say its not a good time! Before I would have never thought one second to tell some one its not a good day to visit. I would have made it possible and put my own things aside. Now If I am not feeling well or I am over whelmed with what I already have going on. I schedule a time for some one to come back and visit on a later day.
Most everyone understands completely, I warn them before they come I may be in my pj's lol!

"We must not confuse the command to love with the disease to please." (Lysa TerKeurst)

4- Its okay if someone does not understand the storm your in. 
One of the hardest part of being a pastors wife with the  auto immune disease Lupus. Is most people do not know enough about it. That all they can see is the outward appearance. They will make comments such as, "Well you look good" So you must feel good!' That's never the case lol. Its amazing what a little bit of make-up can do.
The key to getting through their miss understanding is prayer.
I had to step away from children's ministry for about 3 months. It actually led to children's ministry, being shut down. 
Here is why.... All people could see is an outward appearance. they didn't understand how hard it was on my body.
All they could see was what I looked like on Sundays. That I continued to home school,They didn't see the fact that I wore pjs as a permanent wardrobe, I didn't wear make up, and I would be completely wiped out for a day or two after church, I don't drive, and I take 14 different medicines a day, Just because the last major heart and lung surgery has been a little over a year ago the heart still is not okay.... Neither am I...
People are people.... All they could see is that I had been doing children's church , I should be able to continue on with out extra help. So when we couldn't get the help I needed, I stepped away. I needed a physical break and a spiritual renewing.I honestly felt like I was stuck in hurricane and I was drowning.... 
During this time some got a little irritated.... they didn't like the thought that children's church had been put on a temporary hold.
Yet I can say this storm taught them all something...
We all need to unify and work together,Just because you cant see the battle someone is fighting doesn't mean its not there, and that we need to be in contact with one another and praying for each other.
Even in our home, this storm had effected us each in a different way... We have made the promise to talk to each other. So we know how to pray for one another!
My storm has became a huge part of my testimony! Since this took place our children's ministry is stronger than it has ever been! We are united and we work well with one another. 
Even some have experienced their own health  storms. Just because we don't understand or  someone else doesn't understand. Doesn't mean we should stop reaching across the bridge to one another. The storm your called to is yours after all. It is ment for you learn from it ...So not everyone will understand it.
Its made my family stronger and closer than ever!
We no longer take each day for granted, we know the value of time with each other.You never know when that time could be cut short.
It has made more sensitive to others lives. Especially outside of ministry. Our home is our first ministry ! It should rank above all.

Psalm 107:29  (ESV) 

He made the storm be still, and the waves of the sea were hushed. 

  I know in my heart the storm I have faced, God has spoken too... He has hushed the sea as well let it rage at times. I can say though no matter what it is well with my soul!

5- Find something each day to be thankful for, because everyday is a gift!

Sounds so simple right! I have found there has been some days that it can be really hard to be thankful for pain! 
However when I decided to find at least one thing different everyday to be thankful for. It truly changed my out look on how I perceived what I faced the day ahead... Whether it was a productive day and I actually was able to do something. Or a day spent lying around because I am having a flare. Thankfulness leads to being grateful.
Oh I can assure you I am beyond thankful for each and everyday I open my eyes!

Holiday Conversations Around the Table Have You Worried? Try This – Ann Voskamp 

This post speaks to my own soul this evening... After I woke up with a fever and congested yesterday and no better today. Landed a improntu visit to the doctor this morning. I am now resting in the bed trying my best to fight this off because! I have a trip planned later next week! I wont be able to attend church tomorrow... For me a small illness can wipe me out for days and sometimes weeks. Prayind this does not last long and is gone by Monday! I so long for long evenings catching up with one of my best friends! Please pray this passes quickly!
                        I can not say thank you enough for taking time to stop by! I pray something
 mentioned here is something that you can use to help make life and ministry easier for you as well!                                            Praying you have a blessed weekend ! ~Shellie

Monday, February 19, 2018

Happy Homemaker Monday Febuary 19,2018

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It seems like it has been so long since I have joined in on this link up  Happy Homemaker is one of my favorite blog link ups!
My health has been a roller coaster ride since Thanksgiving! Now we have been hit hard with the viral stuff that has been going around! My youngest has had a fever for 14 days now and been quarantined to her room. In hopes we can keep it from spreading.
Then this morning I woke up with all the signs of a Auto Immune flare again so today will be a rest all day long. Pray it doesn't last long kinda day.
I took the month of January off from everything extra to try to give myself some time to play catch up. I must say I am excited to be blogging again, and look forward to reading everyone's post! So lets get started!

The Weather ~
Gloomy and rainy at the moment .... The weather here is unsure if it want to be winter or spring... I look forward to spring but at the same time I would love to see one more snow before it arrives...
Monday 59 low of 53 rainy
Tuesday 73 low of 54 rainy
Wednesday 76 low of 61 rainy 
Thursday 75 low of 63 light rain 
Friday 66 low 61 rain
Saturday 75 low of 57 rain

AS I look Outside ~
Its so gloomy it actually matches my mood lol.. 
We actually need the rain .... But the sunshine makes me feel better!

Right Now I am ~ 
I am working on this blog post and trying to catch up on some ministry phone calls that need to be made.

Thinking and Pondering ~
Of all I need to get done... I have several doctors appointments this week and my house is gonna need to be disinfected as well... We hope to have homeschool co-op this week. so we want to make sure no one else gets sick! I am excitedly planning for a upcoming trip to spend time with chosen family!

On My Bedside ~ 
My I Pad , it has my favorite Bible app on it, the remote to our bed, a bottle of water, my pulse ox, inhaler, and television remote. 

On My TV ~
Right now nothing... I have some series I need to catch up on... I just haven't been watching a lot of tv lately....

On The Menu This Week ~
Monday homemade bbq sliders
Tuesday Cajun chicken pasta
Wednesday grilled chicken , broccoli , and side salad
Thursday Spaghetti
Friday Grilled Chicken , herb rice, and mixed sautéed veggies

On My To Do List ~
Make some ministry calls
Disinfect our house
I have several doctors appointments this week 
Finish up some sewing projects  

What I am sewing this week ~
I have been trying to push myself to do more to work through the fatigue. I have been working on some 18 inch doll clothes. The weight for them are easy to handle with no heavy pulling like when I used to quilt...

Lessons Learned From The past Week ~
My best yes sometimes is no! Its okay not to push when you have pushed as hard as you can... others opinions don't shape who I am... Your size doesn't determine your beauty! (Steroids Suck)

Looking Around the House ~
It looks good and its clean ... However with all the sickness its gonna have to be disinfected ....

From the Camera ~
  One of my sweet lil guys at church painted this for me, I put it on my prayer desk to remind me of why I push to stay involved in childrens ministry! Even on the days its hard to stand Its all worth it!
                                                   Funfetti Popcorn for the kids at church!

Prayer Request ~
I really need my sweet girl to feel better...  I get some really important test results back this week! I hope to also to be able to come off the steroid, and stay off of it as well! For our country and the families in Florida! My heart breaks for them!

Bible Verse Devotional~
This speaks to my heart on so many levels!

Friday, February 9, 2018

Snow Day Adventure : The Mission of Hope Girls Stories

  Image result for snow falling

 It's not often that the deep south gets to enjoy a snow storm… So when the girls in the A Life of Faith decided to pray and ask for snow they knew. They must be specific, in what they were about to ask Jesus for.
    The three  girls had just finished a lesson on treasuring God Word…. Led by Mrs.S… the A Life of Faith Group leader on their girls home…
  Mrs.S had started the missions house around ten years ago… took in young girls who families could no longer care for them….
    Mrs.S was a kind lady with soft eyes, that could also dance with childlike mischief. She knew all too well her own self what it meant to come from a broken home… Her goal was to never let these girls feel left out or alone… she wanted nothing more to make sure these girls grow up knowing their heavenly Daddy… Knowing they could go to Him for anything at all. No matter what! This Thursday afternoon was no different. The girls had been chattering for weeks about how they longed for a snow! One deep enough to build a snowman, one that fell and laid pretty, but didn't melt away to fast either!  
    However the small town of Albemarle, North Carolina rarely received snow above 3 inches. When a snow came it was normally gone as fast as it came. After the three girls at Mrs.S home heard the lesson about treasuring God’s Word… They knew they could also ask God for the desires of their heart and He was always listening…
   Mrs. S, Natalie asked “ Do you think if we ask God for a big snow, He might send it?”
“ I mean I know you just told us He hears our every prayer!”
Natalie had been with Mrs.S the longest of all the girls. This past December would mark her 7th year with Mrs.S. she was two when she arrived! She had never known any other parent besides Mrs.S. She liked it that way. She couldn't miss something she didn't remember. Her dark wavy shoulder length hair, dark brown eyes, and freckled face was always waiting for the next adventure to come. Natalie thought that no adventure sounded more fun than a snowy one!
   “Yeah” Ellie replied. A short blond hair blue eyed girl! Her eyes danced with excitement! “Do you think we could tell God how many inches we want?
Caroline also chimed in saying “ and how many days we want to last?”
Caroline a 8 year old with long blonde ringlets and soft blue eyes had been with Mrs S. for several years… Had just recently given her heart to Jesus! Was still learning to trust God could do anything!
Samantha the newest girl of the home… She would soon be celebrating her one year anniversary being with Mrs.S! Her long dark hair, with bangs who framed her sweet round face, soft melancholy eyes that we finally starting to shine with happiness. Was just beginning to open up and feel apart of her new family…
     Samantha chimed in saying” it would be quite the adventure if we have enough snow to sled! I have never been sledding!” Aunt Wealthy is always telling Millie Keith Life is an Adventure not a Tea Party!”
“  I think we should write it down and pray about it Mrs.S! “
   All the girls chimed in with agreement and excitement ! Mrs.S Helped the girls to pen down exactly how they wanted snow for the winter. They decided for the month of December it would be nice to have a snow that fell fat and pretty but did not stick! That way it did not interfere with the Christmas celebrations! They went on to Jesus that they wanted enough snow to build a snowman, they did not want the snow to melt fast so they could enjoy it for a couple of days, they wanted it to fall in the middle of the week, no less than 7 inches, and they prayed for wet snow so they would have a sledding adventure!
  After the girls wrote it down in their prayer journal and ended saying God's word says to write it down! The girls gathered hands and prayed with Mrs.S specifically knowing God was listening to the desires of their hearts!
                                          Image result for winter weather advisory
   A few weeks passed when Ellie squealed with excitement when a winter weather advisory had been issued for their county ! Snow was expected and guess what she said with excitement! It's not supposed to stick !
   “Isn't that great” Mrs.S ? “The snow won't keep us from going ice skating and Christmas caroling tonight!”
    “ God has answered our prayers !” Caroline said looking up from her favorite book!  
  “ he sure has!” Mrs.S replied. I told you,” what was near and dear to your heart, Is near and dear to yours!”
 “ He loves to make us smile?” Doesn’t He? All the girls said at once! “ ‘He sure does,” squealed Mrs.S!
    The girls loved how the fluffy snow drifted from the night sky as the enjoyed the evening ice skating on the cold December night ! The moon glowed warmly as the stars seemed to rejoice of the beauty being spoke from their creator.
  Later when they went door to door in their community singing their favorite carols …. They again rejoiced knowing God had heard their prayers!
    The Christmas season had came and went…. The girls loved every celebration and tradition that celebrated the Birthday of the king.

     January and a New Year had quickly came…. Homeschooling has returned to its normal schedule! The cold January evening had lead to many nights playing with their favorite dolls and reading aloud their favorite A life of Faith story.
   The girls had not given up their hope for a a snow that would be like none they had ever expected!
     It was was on a Monday night after bedtime stories and prayers , When Mrs.S told the girls she had a very exciting announcement!
    All the girls sat straight up in their beds ! Sparkling eyes , hoping the news would be just what they had prayed for ! “ Is it snow Mrs.S?”
  “ Well I don’t know “ Mrs.S replied trying hard not to giggle!
  “ It may be…. How about you listen to this and you tell me!”
The girls sat up and listened excitedly to the weather forecast. Ellie squealed with delight as she asked, “ Did the weatherman just 8-12 inches of snow ?”
 “He sure did Ellie!” Mrs. S replied. “God has heard your prayers and is sending enough snow to build a snowman.” If I heard the forecast correctly the temperatures will remain below freezing for several days!” Mrs.S said. Before she could reply Natalie was jumping up out of the bed squealing. “ God has heard our prayers once again!” Caroline chimed in behind her “We are gonna get to build a snowman and go sledding!” Her blue eyes dances with excitement.
All the girls were so excited they had almost forgotten it was a school night and it was almost lights out for them. The giggled and made plans to set their alarm early because they did not want to miss a moment playing or watching the snowfall if the could help it!
    Fifteen minutes or so had passed and Mrs.S told the girls it was time for lights out and bedtime prayers,
   She reminded the girls that it was important for them to be sure to tell Jesus thank you for their answered prayer!
Image result for hands gathered  praying
The girls all gathered hands taking turns saying their nightly prayers, Each one telling Jesus thank you for the gift of snow!
   The next morning the girls alarm went off at 7 am sharp. There was no hitting the snooze that morning. For the three girls and Mrs.S were anxious to look out the window to see God's masterpiece He had began painting in the wee hours of the morning!
  Samantha was the first to get to the living room picture window to pull back the heavy sage colored drapes. She gasped at the beauty that greeted her eyes. It was like the whole world had been painted white and kissed by fairies. The snow glistened like glitter in the light. The flakes that were still falling were fluffy like cotton balls that gathered on the things it rested on. “ I would guess there is about 7 inches already fallen’. Mrs.S said. I think God may send you more than you asked for girls. The weatherman said it will continue to snow through tomorrow morning!’ The girls squealed in excitement
  In honor of the answered prayer and the snow school was officially canceled and declared a snow day.
   The girls hurried through their breakfast to find their warmest clothes. They would each need their heavy coats, scarves, and mittens. They made a list of supplies they would need for their snowman. Caroline suggested that they set a bowl out for snow cream . It would make a very nice sweet treat after dinner this evening!
Then it hit Natalie, They had wanted to go sledding. Yet the girls had no sled! Her heart felt like it had landed in her stomach. She wanted nothing more than for this snow day to be the best ever. Before moving to Albemarle. Mrs.S had lived in the Nc Mountains.Ellie and Caroline had come to live with them just before the move. The three girls had know what fun snow could be. Samantha has never experienced the magic of a snow day. Natalie wanted her first to be magical. She sent up a quick prayer that Samantha wouldn't be disappointed. That they would not have a sled. Just as she said amen and opened her eyes Mrs.S returned from the garage. The girls hadn’t even noticed she had slipped out. When Natalie opened her eyes she heard Ellie let out a little squeal! “Mrs.S what an awesome sled!” Mrs.S its amazing, its an answered to prayer!” I want so much for Samantha’s first time playing in the snow to be magical and unforgettable”!
   Mrs.S smiled and held out the sled to the girls. “Well I hope it brings you girls as many happy memories as it did me when I was a little girl and would stay with my Mommaw. “When she passed away my Aunt had it sent to me. The  wooden sled was some of the very few happy memories from Mrs.S childhood.
          The girls swarmed around Mrs.S hugging her tight and almost  singing, “thank you for loving us.” “It’s my pleasure , I can not imagine my life any other way!’

   The afternoon was filled with adventure, the girls each built a snowman, took turns riding on the sled with one another, enjoyed warming up with cocoa, and a sweet treat of snow cream for dessert.
   As evening approached Natalie and Samantha looked out the kitchen window at the snow that was still falling.

Both girls thanked God for answered prayers and the best snow day ever. Neither could think of anything that would make their day any better. God had went far and beyond their prayer request and each girl felt more joy than ever before.The girls spent the rest of the evening playing dolls and planning how they would spend their next snow day!
  When bedtime came the girls had no complaints of lights out because today’s activities had worn each out. Each girl gathered hands and each gave thanks for the amazing day spent in the snow and for sending them Mrs.S to be their Mom.
   Just as prayers were ending Mrs.S’s phone rang a special ringtone, set for the agency to contact her when someone needed a home.

  Each girls eyes widened know that this may be the last night it may be just the three of them.