Wednesday, February 7, 2018

At Last We Are Seeing The Light

I really can not even begin to tell you how much I have missed blogging! However there has been several reasons why I have not been.
Most of you who have been following me know my health has been a nightmare roller coaster ride for some time now.
Right before Thanksgiving I began to have issues with my heart, and again a pericardial effusion was found. That makes me extremely tired and uncomfortable. On top of that I have been seeing a rheumatologist  trying to connect the dots of all the other symptoms.
Finally a really nasty flare after Christmas allowed my blood work to start showing some slight positive answers and led to finally getting some medicine and we added a couple more specialist to the list.
I have been diagnosed with connective tissue disease. The inflammation from my body attacking itself is the cause of the reoccurring pericardial effusions on my heart.
We are praying the new meds will stop the growth of the fluid and my body will no longer attack my heart.
With all the bad days and sleepless nights in December I made myself take a step back from many things. Including my blog.
As I was praying last week about the things to pick back up... This was something the Lord laid heavy on my heart to continue.... So I am excited to return to something I love so much! My goal is to try to blog at least twice a week. Also start writing my short stories again, sharing them here.
I truly do adore sharing my heart here... 
Thank you for continuing to follow me and keeping up! 
So while your here let me tell you  a few things that's been happening in our family...
Christmas itself was totally amazing! Even though I felt bad I enjoyed each and every tradition we kept! 
We even changed somethings up this year and went to see the greatest showman on Christmas day and it was so amazing ! My sweet hubby got me a Ninja Coffee Bar for Christmas and I have thoroughly enjoyed making my own latte recipe's. My girls have enjoyed having a new treat each morning.
My oldest has met the sweetest guy! My heart is so happy for her! this is something we have prayed for her for sometime! I love how he makes her smile! Its truly amazes me, when you see Gods plans unfold before your eyes. All the sudden the ones she was so upset because they didn't work out makes so much sense now...

My youngest is halfway through her senior year! I cant believe in a little less than a month and a half she will be 18years old.
Where has the time gone?
She has such a huge heart for ministry. Please pray for her as she is trying to decide where God would have her serve.
I stumped my toe about a week before Christmas and didn't realize I had broken it in the center of the nail and it was barley being held on by my nail polish lol. until I went to remove the polish. I learned really quick it was really infected and ended up having to have it removed. I will take my bubble now! 
We have enjoyed some beautiful snow here! Even enough for the girls to go out and play in it! It fell so beautifully and laid for several days! one of my favorite things about when we lived in the mountains was the snow! I made me a little homesick for it... However I know this is where God would have us.
My best friend here asked me to join her and her daughter to a trip to American Girl at the beginning of the year. We had talked and decided to wait till closer to spring. However when they released the cute little astronaut Luciana. I could not wait to add her to my collection. Who didn't dream of being a astronaut when they were a little girl watching Punky Brewster?
We made reservations and ate at the Bistro! I must say it was the cutest experience ever! My youngest enjoyed our visit! My friends little one made the visit even more fun!

I have had the best time with this collection creating for her.
My creating days are few and far... I am thankful for each one I have.
Today I had a endoscopy to see what is causing extreme upper gastric pain. This is the beginning of a month full of medical test and appointments. Today we found out I have esophagitis, gastritis, and the start of an ulcer. They also discovered some polyps in my stomach so they took several biopsies. We will know in a few days what the course of action will be. Again all these things go back to the inflammation in my body.
Next week I will repeat my echo and get the results the following week.
So please add me to your prayer list...
We are beginning to get answers now we need to find the right meds to help me feel better.
The new one I am on can take 3 months before I start to feel it work.
I have said form the beginning that I know God has got this... its just apart of my story ... I want Him to use it for His glory...
Praying each of you have a blessed week! I will be back soon... Prayers ~Shellie
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  1. Love you so very much, and I'm so happy for Amber!!! Thankful to read your update, and I'm still praying and learning so much from you. :)


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