Monday, February 26, 2018

Happy Homemaker Monday February 26,2018

This past weekend has came and went in a blur for sure! My sweet youngest finally broke her fever Saturday morning! Thank you so much to all who prayed for her! 
I woke up Friday not feeling well, even worse on Saturday. So I headed to the doctors office to get something to help! So I ended up spending the majority of my weekend in the bed! that's okay as long as I have shook this off by Friday! Before I start My happy Homemaker post,I want to say thank you to all of you who have helped pray for answers about my health! I was diagnosed with Lupus on Tuesday. we now know the last two periodical effusions on my heart has been caused by that! Now to find the right combination of medicine.
The cardiologist appointment went well! The present  periodical effusion has shrunk some! I see him back in 6 weeks. Its nice to know so now we can learn and understand, why my health has been so out of control.
Again thank you! 
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The Weather Is:
The Weekend has been beautiful, almost 80 each day. I hate I was stuck in the bead for it! 

As I look out my window :
Its kinda gloomy... However everywhere you look hints of spring is all around! I really can not wait to get the yard back in order and put out the outdoor furniture! One of my favorite things to do is have coffee and quiet time on the patio!

Whats on my plate:
Coffee with almond joy creamer, a granola bar and yogurt  

On my bedside table:
My I Pad, Kleenexes, bottle of water , yeti of sprite, dayquil and nyquil caps, pulse ox, inhaler, remotes. 3 books to read for school and last but not leas my hair bands lol.

On my reading pile ;
 My daily devotion book I have been using and three Samantha books from American Girl. Its been awhile and before I give them as an assignment to one of my homeschoolers, I thought I had better refresh myself a little bit.
I have not done any major reading for myself in sometime. I look forward to summer so I can!

Movies Or Shows :
We watched Good Bye Christopher Robin, it was amazing and a true eye opener! 
Even my husband enjoyed it!
I binge watched  the Frankenstein Chronicles, I really loved it! I hope there will be another season!

On My TV:
We finished up Hunting Hitler this week! I have really enjoyed this series! Even though it ended kinda how I expected. I hated to see it come to a end.
We are patiently awaiting the return of the Good Dr and Vikings to come off break. 

On the menu this week:

Monday- Spaghetti and side salad
Tuesday- Lemon garlic salmon, side salad , and herb rice.
Wednesday- Pork chops, mashed red potatoes, and green beans
Thursday- Grilled chicken and spinach wraps with tortilla chips and salsa
Friday- out to eat

On my to-do list:
Tidy the house
Wash clothes 
Home School Monday - Wednesday
Pack for visit with friends
Make sure ministry things are in order
Work on short story

In the craft basket:
Finish up a prop for pictures to go along with new line of doll clothes I am trying to work on. I worked on several outfits last week just trying to get in the swing of sewing again! Here is a pic of my 18in doll models lol! Dressed and hair fixed. My love for sewing began when I taught myself to sew for my girls 18 in. dolls when they were really little. Although they are grown it is still my favorite past time! 

Happening this week;
I am super excited to be heading to the coast for a few days to spend time with one of my very best friends in all the world! They are chosen family ! We have watched them grow through their spiritual journey from the time it began! They are now at their first pastorate! 
It seems like its been forever since we have had some quality time together!

Looking around the house:
Everything for the most part is pretty good! I just need to do some picking up and everyday stuff! We should be good to go!

From the camera :
                                               Knowing is power, power to fight and heal! 
     I have a vintage travel case I use for a memory box! This month has been filled with lots of                                              anniversaries and many happy and sad memories.... 

What am I wearing: 
A pair of black shorts and a blue Alice in Wonderland t-shirt

One of my simple pleasures :
Spending time with my family! Whether having dinner, watching tv ,or everyday life! I am blessed to have each day with them !

Favorite Bible verse, devotion, or quote for today:

                                  Great reminder from Sheila Walsh.

                                              This speaks to my heart on so many levels.....

On my prayer list:
We were recently asked to pray for a 14 yr old boy, who needs a kidney transplant asasp. Please help us pray that they can find a match quickly! Please help me pray that I will feel well enough to travel Friday! Pray for our country! 

In closing:
I can not thank you enough for stopping by and sharing a moment of your day with me! I hope you know I am praying for you this week! Blessings ~ Shellie 


  1. Glad you found an answer to your health issue and hope they find the right combo of medicine for you quickly. Hope you have a wonderful week and enjoy your time on the coast!

  2. I've heard that GOODBYE CHRISTOPHER ROBIN is very good. I think that it's probably a movie that I will get once it comes out on Amazon. Have a blessed week ahead! <3

  3. Cute doll clothes! Have a great week!

  4. Glad they found your medical problem and can start treating it. Frankenstein chronicles and Hunting Hitler.. both sound great.
    You are sewing beautiful doll clothes.
    Have a great week

    1. Thank you so much!!! I really enjoyed both series so much! I hope you have a good week as well!

  5. So sorry you have not been feeling well. I hope you feel better soon! Your doll clothes are very cute!

  6. I need to start joining this link up again soon!!! You have NO idea how much I can't wait to see you!!! And goodbye Christopher Robin was soo good! Stephen liked it too. I love you, and its only one day and a wakeup before I get to see you! EEEK!

  7. I so LOVE your inspiration! How very true it is! I'm also quite happy TIMELESS has returned - just NOT sure where they are going to take the story line though.

    Keeping you in my prayers - LUPUS can be managed! I have lived with it my entire adult life - simple diet changes can help. Feel better and have a GREAT rest of the week.

  8. Thank you so much Tammy! I am a little unsure where the new season is going as well! I really enjoyed the first episode this season!
    Thank you for your prayers! I have added you to my my prayer list as well! Its nice to hear it can be managed! I feel we are finally getting a hold on it! Would you mind sharing your diet changes?
    Praying for you this week! Hope yours is blessed


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