Monday, February 19, 2018

Happy Homemaker Monday Febuary 19,2018

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It seems like it has been so long since I have joined in on this link up  Happy Homemaker is one of my favorite blog link ups!
My health has been a roller coaster ride since Thanksgiving! Now we have been hit hard with the viral stuff that has been going around! My youngest has had a fever for 14 days now and been quarantined to her room. In hopes we can keep it from spreading.
Then this morning I woke up with all the signs of a Auto Immune flare again so today will be a rest all day long. Pray it doesn't last long kinda day.
I took the month of January off from everything extra to try to give myself some time to play catch up. I must say I am excited to be blogging again, and look forward to reading everyone's post! So lets get started!

The Weather ~
Gloomy and rainy at the moment .... The weather here is unsure if it want to be winter or spring... I look forward to spring but at the same time I would love to see one more snow before it arrives...
Monday 59 low of 53 rainy
Tuesday 73 low of 54 rainy
Wednesday 76 low of 61 rainy 
Thursday 75 low of 63 light rain 
Friday 66 low 61 rain
Saturday 75 low of 57 rain

AS I look Outside ~
Its so gloomy it actually matches my mood lol.. 
We actually need the rain .... But the sunshine makes me feel better!

Right Now I am ~ 
I am working on this blog post and trying to catch up on some ministry phone calls that need to be made.

Thinking and Pondering ~
Of all I need to get done... I have several doctors appointments this week and my house is gonna need to be disinfected as well... We hope to have homeschool co-op this week. so we want to make sure no one else gets sick! I am excitedly planning for a upcoming trip to spend time with chosen family!

On My Bedside ~ 
My I Pad , it has my favorite Bible app on it, the remote to our bed, a bottle of water, my pulse ox, inhaler, and television remote. 

On My TV ~
Right now nothing... I have some series I need to catch up on... I just haven't been watching a lot of tv lately....

On The Menu This Week ~
Monday homemade bbq sliders
Tuesday Cajun chicken pasta
Wednesday grilled chicken , broccoli , and side salad
Thursday Spaghetti
Friday Grilled Chicken , herb rice, and mixed sautéed veggies

On My To Do List ~
Make some ministry calls
Disinfect our house
I have several doctors appointments this week 
Finish up some sewing projects  

What I am sewing this week ~
I have been trying to push myself to do more to work through the fatigue. I have been working on some 18 inch doll clothes. The weight for them are easy to handle with no heavy pulling like when I used to quilt...

Lessons Learned From The past Week ~
My best yes sometimes is no! Its okay not to push when you have pushed as hard as you can... others opinions don't shape who I am... Your size doesn't determine your beauty! (Steroids Suck)

Looking Around the House ~
It looks good and its clean ... However with all the sickness its gonna have to be disinfected ....

From the Camera ~
  One of my sweet lil guys at church painted this for me, I put it on my prayer desk to remind me of why I push to stay involved in childrens ministry! Even on the days its hard to stand Its all worth it!
                                                   Funfetti Popcorn for the kids at church!

Prayer Request ~
I really need my sweet girl to feel better...  I get some really important test results back this week! I hope to also to be able to come off the steroid, and stay off of it as well! For our country and the families in Florida! My heart breaks for them!

Bible Verse Devotional~
This speaks to my heart on so many levels!


  1. Hoping your daughter feels better real quick. I wonder what auto-immune disease you have? I have IBD & IBS :( no fun!
    Hoping you have a great week

    1. Thank you so much ! I have undifferentiated connective tissue disease! I have major signs of Lupus and Rheumatoid Arthritis. We recently started some medicines... No improvements really as of yet!
      Ohh my ! Praying for you! I know yours immune issue is no walk in the park either! Praying you have a blessed week!

  2. Am standing in agreement for complete health and healing over you, your sweet daughter, and your household in Jesus' name! Isaiah 53:4-5, I Peter 2:24, 3 John 2

    1. Thank you so much Rebecca! My youngest is finally feeling better! We finally got some clear answers this week! That is a answered prayer for sure!

  3. Hope you get the health answers you need soon and that your daughter health improves, 14 days is a long time with a fever. I would also like to see one more snow before winter leaves and spring fully arrives. Hope you have a wonderful week!

    1. Thank you Jean! We learned this week I have Lupus. That is the cause of the domino effect on my health. the good thing with answers now we can try to find the correct medicine to treat it and let the body begin to heal hopefully. Hope you have had a wonderful week as well!

  4. Sure hope that your family gets well soon! I LOVE your quote about chronic illness. Having had SLE (LUPUS) and Fibro for so many years I have always found people's judgements out of ignorance the most annoying. I hope you have a GREAT week.

    1. Thank you Tammy! I was diagnosed with Lupus Tuesday. To finally understand what is going on is a tremendous blessing. The quote speaks so true... Many don't understand... The say things like, well you look good lol. They dont understand the battle going on inside... Most don't want to take the time to learn either. Praying for you! I know this is a hard battle to fight! Hope you have had a great week.

  5. Hoping your little one is feeling better soon. My youngest is finally getting back to normal after a week of fever. I couldn't imagine 2 weeks! Praying for you as well!


    1. Thanks Colletta! her fever finally broke last night! Sorry to hear your family has been sick with this mess as well! It seems to be everywhere! Glad your youngest is feeling better! Thank you for your prayers! Hope you have had a great week!


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