Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Thank You Pastors Wives

Sometimes my most favorite time of day…. Is when my house is quite and all of those I loved are sleeping soundly in their beds…
This has been one of those wild roller coaster ride weeks.
You know the ones when everything seems like it’s starting out calm and peaceful… Then before you know it everything around you has speed up and your gliding at full speed turned upside down.
Sometimes things can become so overwhelming that the only person you know to talk to is your a Daddy in heaven.
When your a Pastor’s wife we often find ourselves secluding ourselves from the world. We only allow you to see the part of our lives that we think is ministry worthy. Because such high expectations are placed on our homes.
We want so much to be the Godly example to all of those around us.
That we forget we need someone as well.
We all need that someone we can vent to that we can trust and know what we say will stay wholly with them.
Because after all a friend loveth at all times. Even when we feel like we are hanging upside down mid air.

Most pastors wives are often overlooked. She works endlessly behind the scenes at her church along serving her family full time. She shares her husband and her family time with a Church congregation.
Never really asking for anything in return. Some are afraid to be our friends because they don’t want us to know their families flaws.
However at the end of the day her family is just like yours!
Her husband’s  calling is just different from yours.
March is quickly approaching… It is set aside as Pastors Wife Appreciation month!
If you treasure your Pastors Wife. Make sure to let her know! Pick up the phone and tell her how much you appreciate her!
Spend time with her and get to know her!
Offer to take her to lunch!
Most of all pray for her ! Let her know just how loved she is !
Make sure she knows you appreciate all she does… After all a Pastor's family is a team. They strive to work hard together …. To make sure the ministry that God has called them to, is the best it can be!
I want to take this time to tell all the pastors wives out there! You rock and your doing an awesome job! Thank you for all you do in your home and in your church!
This past Sunday our church celebrated me... It began in Children's Church the kids presented me with flowers, a card, and a cookie cake! After Children's church,I was asked to come up stairs and the church presented me with flowers, a card with an American Gift Certificate and a love offering! They also prepared a covered dish dinner.
It made me feel so special to know that they appreciate the things I do! However I must say I have an amazing Pastor to serve with!


  1. I know I certainly love and appreciate you so very much!

    1. I love and appreciate you more than you know my sweet friend! Love you mostess


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