Monday, April 2, 2018

Happy Homemaker Monday April2,2018

Its finally beginning to feel like spring! The cool mornings and warm afternoons make my heart skip a beat. I hope everyone had a wonderful Easter! Our family sure did... Much busier than I had hoped, never the less it was still great. 
We went to church and spent the afternoon with family.
It will take me a week to rest up and feel human again lol. However with my up coming week I only have today! 
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Breakfast whats on my plate:
I had a very small bowl of cereal and some coffee with Almond Joy Creamer

Right now I am:
Working on this post and trying to decide what I want to were to go have a surprise lunch date with my hubby. However he just called and told me not to dress up lol.

Looking around the house:
Its pretty clean. We cleaned really good last week.... So I can probably get  by with just a hit and miss this week.

On today' to-do list:
Lunch with my hubby

What am I wearing;
I am still in my p.j's

The weather outside :
Its beautiful today, and will be for the most part this week. However winter returns for the weekend.
On the t.v:
We began watching Sirens this past week, we love it. I have a couple of when calls the heart episodes to catch up on. Other than that not much at the time.

On the menu this week:
I don't have a set menu for this week! I plan to take full advantage of the warm weather and grilling as much as possible!

If I have a few moments to myself:
I really need to work on my writing some.... Maybe watch a movie ... Or sneak away to the patio, my sweet hubby got all the outdoor furniture out over the weekend! I am so excited to spend time outside!

In the craft basket: 
I am working on some dishcloths, I need to finish them up. I hope to do some sewing. However I am not sure that is gonna take place. April and May are so busy.

One of my simple pleasures:
Is being a Wife and Mom. I am excited for things to slow down so I can do some of the things I once enjoyed like baking and making things for our home.

My favorite photo from the week:
My Girls are adults now! I know that pictures of just the four of us will soon be changing. They will spread their wings and have families of their own. I am so proud of them.

Devotion or quote of the week:

I have to remind myself this a lot lately! This time of the year everyone is dieting, talking about their weight. I am all about being healthy and taking care of your body. However for someone like me who has gained weight due to things out of her control... I wont lie sometimes my emotions get the best of me over it. So as I began praying about it... My Daddy (God) reminded me I am fearfully and wonderfully made... He loves me for who I am. The scales are just a number. They are not who I am. My husband tells me he thinks I am beautiful each and everyday... So I have promised myself that I will not let those things determine my mood or doing things I LOVE this summer. I have been through a lot over the past two years and I am blessed to be alive. Each day I will celebrate that and be joyful and thankful for everyday. No matter what the scales say.

Please help me pray for: 
My Godson returns to St Judes next week for his 6 month check up. He won the battle against an aggressive brain cancer. he recently has been having some really bad headaches. we feel its due to being a kid and not getting enough sleep, on his game to long , and allergies! I could tell yesterday he was scared, We know God doesn't half way do anything. 
Also please continue to pray for me ... I see the Dr this week, when I last seen her we discussed adding a new medication for my lupus to what I already am taking. To see if we can get a better handle on it. Pray we find something that helps. I have not drove in 2 years... I would love to be able to again.

In Closing I want to thank you for sharing apart of your day by stopping by! I  hope you have an incredibly blessed week! I am praying for each of you! ~Shellie