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Happy Homemaker Monday July 30,2018

We have had a great weekend …. It’s been a good busy though. I am excited to finally feel like I am getting back into the swing of writing again. So this morning I will be linking up with one of my favorites. Happy Homemaker Monday, with Sandra at A Diary Of A Stay At Home Mom. Follow the link and join in on the fun!

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The Weather is ….
It’s going to be a very wet week here …. However I will welcome the cooler temps!

As I look out the window….
It’s cloudy and dreary…. The rain will soon begin… however it’s been so dry here this summer…
I am sure the ground will gladly receive every drop that falls gladly.

What’s on my plate….
Toast , yogurt, and a cup of coffee in my new favorite cup…..

On my bedside table….
My Bible, devotional, inhaler, and my water bottle…

On my reading pile …
I decided to reread One Thousand Gifts by Ann Voscamp, when I noticed I was struggling a bit ….
Also I have been reading The Way Of Abundance by Ann Voscamp! I have really enjoyed it so much,
I hate to see it end.

Movies and shows…..
We watched Mary Shelley tonight it was amazing! I truly loved it…
.Another great movie we watched this weekend was Brain on Fire
I don’t really have a series at the moment….

On the menu….
Monday Manwhich and tater tots
Tuesday Caribbean Jerk Chicken and rice
Wednesday Pasta Bake and salad
Thursday Breakfast
Friday Pork Chops, green beans , and roasted potatoes
The weekend is undecided

To Do List
Write this blog post and at least one more this week
Pack for a week out of town for revival
Tidy the house before trip
Gather calendar dates for church and post new children’s workers schedule
Make sure London our puppy has all she needs when her sitter comes to stay with her.

Happening this week….
Today I have a trip planned to American Girl with one of my sweet princesses from church.
We will be having a birthday lunch in the bistro. She is so excited.
We have a really busy week this week. I see a new lung specialist on Thursday.
We are trying to understand why I still have to sleep setting straight up…. 
I will be preparing for us to go out of town for revival that my hubby will be preaching.
I need to get all this done before Friday….
I have a benlysta infusion on Friday and it tends to wipe me out for several days.

Looking around the house….
Overall it’s not bad at all … We did a deep clean last week and it’s really just a matter of some light
cleaning and maintaining it….

In the craft basket…
I have been doing some light sewing again! I have really enjoyed it. I don’t think I realized how much 
I had missed it till I began again. I really need to begin working on Christmas presents.

made this and two more for my a little girl at churches Birthday last week.

What am I wearing ….
A soft denim flowy peasant top and khaki leggings

From the camera...
these are some center pieces i have been working on...

One of my simple pleasures….
Taking care of my home…. When you lose what used to be your very normal life…. 
You find a new normalcy… I enjoy the things I haven’t lost… I love to take care of my family.

Favorite Bible Verse, devotion, or quote…..
Both of these has spoken deeply to my heart recently...
On my prayer list…..
My daughter Christian… I am pretty sure she has bronchitis, we will be adding a doctors visit to our
list of things to do.
For my hubby as he prepares for revival. We pray that lives will be changed.
Answers from the lung doctor

In closing….

Thank you for stopping by and sharing apart of your day with me. I pray that your week is filled with'


  1. Sounds like you're going to have a very productive week. Those doll clothes are so cute. My grams used to make all of mine and I still have many of them with fond memories. Someday your little girl I hope will have the same memories. Enjoy the cooler temperatures and your trip.

    1. yes ma'am I do! I would rather be busy than nothing to do at all though:)I love to hear stories of handmade things that impacted childhood! Thank you for your kind words! have a great week

  2. Enjoyed reading your post today and am glad you had a great weekend! Love the coffee cup and the lovely doll clothes. That doll reminds me of the Chrissy doll I had as a girl and I cannot tell you how many clothes my mother made for her. Have a great week ahead! <3

    1. Thank you for stopping by, and for your kind words! My friend actually has one of the Chrissy dolls at her house on display! she is such a pretty doll! Hope you have a great week!

  3. Not sure if it's on my end but some of your post kept cutting off the sentences. Mondays are always better if they follow great weekends. Cute coffee cup. Hope you have a wonderful week!

    1. Jean thank you for telling me about the sentence cut off!
      I was able to go in an fix the issue! Thank you for stopping by! Hope you havae a blessed week!

  4. I LOVE that mug!!! And that dress is beautiful, reminds me of Moana! You have a beautiful centerpiece, you're such a crafty person :) I love you so much, and I'm praying for your doctor appointment, and I am praying so hard you and Christian feel good next week. I need some Vitamin Sea with my best friend in the worst of ways. I love you!

    1. Thank you my sweet friend! I cant wait for some vitamin sea with my bestie! I just need some time with you in the worst ways! I love you mostess and I am praying for you!

  5. Funny! I've been working on my gift closet and gift list this week for Christmas too


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