Friday, July 20, 2018

Late Night Thoughts ....

Have you ever just had one of those nights… That no matter how hard you try sleep just doesn’t come…
Well tonight is one of those nights…
I can hear the soft hum of the humidifier and the ceiling fan. The occasional car going down the highway.
I can’t help but wonder what the future holds.
Not only for myself., but for my family and our ministry.
God has placed so many things on my heart I want to see accomplished.
I want to experience Israel with my sweet hubby.
See my girls get married and become moms.
My husbands book wrote and published.
Finish and publish my story. Tell where God has brought me from and where He is taking me.
I pray that all these things and more come to pass.
I want to see our ministry be all the things He has showed my husband…..
I have spent many sleepless nights talking to my Daddy in heaven. All about my dreams my fears. All the the things in between.
I pray for cures of illnesses that change who we are..
I pray I can let Jesus use me in ways I never thought possible. That I grow old with my amazing husband and spend our lives doing what God has called us to do.
I want to have spontaneous road trips to see friends.
Have tea and talk for hours about nothing.
Share Jesus with everyone I meet….
Even as I finish typing this I pray that morning is filled with adventures…
I want to leave behind a legacy of grace and adventures God has set in motion.
Thanks for Stopping By … Hope you all slept well….
Blessings…. Shellie

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