Wednesday, August 1, 2018

Falling In Love With The New Normal

I am not going to hold back about the fact I had lost joy in being a homemaker over the past year...
There was so many changes. I was unable to do the things I used to do... I had to depend on others for help. Both of my girls has graduated and my homeschool career had ended.
I had given up on trying to craft.
I had lost the joy of being a homemaker.
I began to pray for God to give me the joy and love to serve my home the way I once had even though, there is a new normal.
I can praise Him and say,that He did just that.
Last week was the first week in a long time I searched out new recipes.
I enjoyed the hunt and cooking something new for my family.
I prepared buffalo chicken garbage bread and Caribbean Jerk chicken in the crock pot! Both were huge hits with my family!

I forgot to take a picture of the final product! I filled it a little to full! So it didn't turn out as pretty as I liked! However it was amazing with ranch to the side!

  The Jerk chicken was a crock pot recipe, it was easy and delicious!
I even found the energy to do some sewing! I spent some time playing with new patterns! I can not help it I love to sew for 18 in dolls. I am excited to finally have found a way to incorporate a passion back into my life. I have realized I just have to pace myself. I don't have to marathon sew to enjoy it.

I was super excited to learn how to sew pockets! I love these little jumpers! I was quite pleased with how they turned out!
Here is is the finished product!
I am over the moon excited to soon be putting out my fall decorations! I love to transform my house for the different seasons!
I have had to adjust my mindset a little. All though my family structure is changing, I still want to love caring for our home and loving them.
I want my girls to see that even when huge life changes, that we still need to love taking care of our home and family. It just played out in a different way than we once did.
I am so thankful ignited the fire in my heart for the things that I love so very much.
Monday we enjoyed an afternoon at American Girl with friends. We had lunch in the bistro its such a fun experience.

This week has been filled with lots of preparations to go spend time with one of my besties! My hubby is preaching revival for their church.So that means I get to spend time with chosen family!
That makes my heart so happy!
It looks like I am packing to move away lol. So I am sure it will be a job when we get home. It will be worth every moment of it though!
Thank you stopping by and allowing me to share a glimpse of my life with you! It is my prayer that you have a blessed week ! 
blessings ~Shellie



  1. I always knew our hearts were connected, but it even seems sometimes we struggle in the same direction. I've struggled terribly with that! God is also impressing the importance of it on my heart as well! I told you that I was making some blog changes and the funny thing is that is where my heart is as well! To encourage homemaking and to be settled in doing so! I hope we can minister to one another through this! I love you so much, and I know its going to do my heart so good to spend some time with you and to get to hear your hubby preach again! I'm excited for my own rejuvination! I love you so much and I'm so thankful God put you in my life! Just so you know :)

    1. Stacy I am so blessed God placed you in my life! We are the same in so many ways... I have never struggled with this before now.. it sneaked up on me when I least expected it for sure... I can not wait to be encouraged by your blog! I love the way you write! It speaks to my soul! I love you my choosen sister!


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