Monday, September 17, 2018

Homemaker Monday September 17,2018

 Its been such a stressful week and weekend preparing for the arrival of hurricane Florence.
Our state has seen catastrophic flooding.
Our friends at the coast have been affected all the way to the mountains.
I had take my mind off all the things going on around us and thought blogging would be a good way to do it! 
Not to mention I have a half of foot of water in my basement right now! 
 Please pray for the Carolina's the storm maybe ending! The clean up is just beginning!
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The Weather Today... 
The sun is out this morning... However a flash flood warning just went across my phone! 
Things that make me happy......
Knowing my family is safe... Even when we all aren't together. Just knowing they are safe and warm and sheltered. A storm like we have just experienced makes you beyond thankful for technology!

Books I am reading.....
I am still reading the series Past Forward! I really don't want this series to end.

Whats on my t.v ....
Well I finished The Paradise, I was so sad to realize there would not be another season.
I have picked back up The Call Of the Midwives. Most of my TV time is at night ....

On the menu for dinner tonight...
Hmmm... I honestly have no idea! 
I haven't gotten that far in my mind yet!

On the menu this week...
I am not sure about this either! 
We have spent so much time preparing for the hurricane I have not even thought ahead! 

On my to do list...
Pick up the house
Make a meal plan for the week
Put outdoor furniture back outside
Go to American Girl store with a friend church and her two little girls

In the craft basket...
I have taken advantage of the storm... When my body would cooperate that is! I have about 15 doll outfits cut out ready to be sewn . I have several make orders for Christmas.
Last week week I worked on a new door piece! I loved how it turned out!

No Words Needed favorite photo:

                           T        The two bottom pictures are just below our home

Looking forward to this week.....
This is the week before my next infusion... Normally I have a few doctors appointments the week before... This week I don't, I look forward to having a slow peaceful week and finishing it out with a day with a friend... Life can is short, i have learned to celebrate the little things along with the big things...

Lesson learned over the past few days...
No one is ever going to see the same things the same always. We will all have experienced it differently in some way or another. The important thing is to love one another regardless. Its not worth ruining a relationship over different opinions...

On my mind... 
My sister Laurie... I dreamed about her last night .... I was like she had never died. she looked so beautiful and her laugh... She would have celebrated her birthday next week! She is missed so very much! She took her life 6 yrs ago and two years later her oldest son also took his life. Suicide affects everyone it touches. It has forever changed the ones I love lives forever! Its so important for us to raise awareness. Nothing is never so far gone for hope! Or for a loved one to choose to stay... For our  family there isn't a day that they are not missed and loved.... A day we don't ask what we could have changed or said to make them stay! 
There will forever be a two empty chairs on holidays... No more memories to be made... No more phone calls... no more pictures to take with them.... Forever a broken heart...
If you know someone who is dealing with these thoughts. Please remind them there is always hope! There is always a reason to fight! The is always a reason to stay! 

Devotionals, Scripture Reading, Key Verses or Inspirational Quotes:

On My Prayer List.....
The states of North and South Carolina.... The hurricane has caused mass destruction across the state. I am praying for some very dear friends who are chosen family. The town where they live and pastor is on the NC coast. It has received quite a bit of flooding! I know Stacy will be traveling back home with her kids later this week! Praying for her traveling graces.
Pray for my Mom, I know next week will be very hard for her!

In Closing....
Thank you for stopping by and sharing a part of your day with me, I pray your week is blessed! 
~ Prayerfully Yours  Shellie 

Sunday, September 16, 2018

Readying Our Home For Fall

A u t u m n . Q u i e t l y . F a d e s
It really is the beginning of my favorite time of the year! Fall is a reminder of Gods creativity! The color of the changing leaves are never the same. He paints a new picture with each tree.
I had almost talked myself out of decorating my house this year. 
I just hadn't felt my best lately. I knew in my heart I would need to get it done before my benlysta treatment.
So I set myself a goal and made it work. As each box came out of storage the more the excitement grew with my youngest daughter and myself,
She is eighteen now, I am realizing she is going to love homemaking one day.
She helped pack away spring and summer decor and helped pull out each fall decoration piece, Like it was the first time she had seen it. 
For our home we enjoy fall decor till October 31st. On that morning all the fall decor is packed away and our home becomes a winter wonderland! Twinkling lights and Christmas trees fill every room! Till the first of the year,
That has always been one of my favorite part of home making! Making our home cozy and welcoming me no matter what season! I don't spend a lot of money on decor. I love to bargain shop and visiting thrift stores. For me that part of the fun. giving life to a old piece. Making it new to me! Over the years my girls and I have even made pieces we still use today! 
 I would like to share some of my favorite spots in our home right now!
Let me say this! You don't have to have a lot to make a statement in a room. 
Choose one area in the room your wanting to decorate and focus on that area.
One of my favorite places to by fall decor is the dollar store unless its the end of the season and hobby lobby when its all on clearance! 
Let me show you what I mean.
This is our kitchen, I focused on shelves that are in front of our kitchen sink. over the doorway, on top of the china cabinet and the kitchen table. 
Over the kitchen sink, several of the pumpkins are brown paper bag pumpkins my girls made when they were little.

The garland on the door my daughter made when she did the prairie primer on year in homeshool

 The center piece on the table is a vintage coffee pot filled with flowers that match the colors in the                           place mats. I had both on hand used in different ways before.
All that was added her was a garland that I made about 15 years ago, pumpkin, and a candle.
Those few things give our kitchen a cozy fall feel. Of course we have a pumpkin scent in the warmer. 

This is the first room all of our guest see when guest who come into out home!
The next room you see is what we now use as a dining room. When my oldest move out she needed furniture! So she took the living room set we had in our homeschool area. This room is actually a studio apartment, that we ended up tuning into our family room. 
So the dining room was necessary for me to be able to keep my hubby's grandmothers dining room table and tea table! 
This room is used to host tea parties more than anything. It really is one of my favorite things to do!
    This room also has a fire place! Which I had a great time decorating with pinks and oranges.
I love this little table, The tea pot my oldest brought to me from Spain! I love the colors.
       This a top of an antique dresser given to us, we decided it would serve us better as a buffet.
   The picture hanging on the wall is actually a vintage card table! Purchased for $5
This my hubby's grandma's tea table. Right now it hold my grandmothers punch bowl filled with pumpkins.
The dining room table didn't get a picture... My sweet girl was using it to paint on. I didn't have the heart to ask her to stop so I could put everything back. 
Her creativity meant more than that picture..
The only other room in the house that gets decor is the family room.
our bedrooms all pretty much stay the same year round except for the changing of bedspreads.

Keep in mind this space is a studio apartment,
We have been able to set up an amazing family room, while being able to keep a bed in the space for company.
This is what you see as soon as you step down into the room, Again all of the vase and the candles are all things I use on a normal bases just used in a different way for fall

The scent warmer is nestled in a corner with a cute pumpkin that gives a warm glow in the evenings

       This  is on the computer desk! I have a love for flame-less candles especially the ones that have                                                                        timers!
                        The mantle in this room! I am so excited to use this fireplace this winter
                                          This shelf is on the wall behind the sectional
On the end table, I uses a baby quilt for a table runner

I have found over the years in order for you to love being at home in your home all day. You  need to make it enjoyable to be in. If its chaotic you wont want to be there. If you love it you will care for it and be proud of it!
The simplest changes can make the biggest impact. It can be new to you throw pillows. putting throw blankets out, new to you curtains. Or changing things up in your home for the seasons.
Just know you are the mood gauge in your home. If you love it and enjoy being there your family will as well! 
I have been a stay at home wife for 24 years. Over the years I have learned that in order for me to love what I do .... I have to love where I am planted.
I must say I truly love where I am planted.
Thank you for stopping by and sharing a part of your day with me! Allowing me to share my home with you! I pray that your safe and have a blessed week!

Monday, September 3, 2018

I Quit!

Being a Pastors wife can be rewarding and challenging to say the least! Over the years I have found myself longing for someone who understood The life I lead. there was no such person sadly. When I began blogging it was something I wanted to share in hopes it would help others along the way. When one of my best and dear friends asked my to join on her ministry wives blog roll! I was over joyed at the thought of a network of women who share the ups and downs of ministry! Encourage each other along the way!
So today I am linking up with Stacy at A Homemakers Heart.
If you would like to join in on sharing please follow the link below! We would love to hear from you!
Last week has proven to be on of more trying weeks in ministry to date! The stress sometimes is much more than one person can bear.
We have so many expectations placed on our shoulders as pastors wives we often forget the person God created us to be,
 When we loose sight of that we were called to be, other than pastor wives become frustrated, just as I did,
I truly told my husband those very words I Quit!
 So what do we do when we become so frustrated we want to throw our hands up and quit?
For me I had to take a step back and ask why I had gotten there to begin with.
I think sometimes some forget that just because we are pastors wives we aren't super women.
We have needs of our own. We need to be fed spiritually and we can only take on so much.
Its very easy for someone to demand they want to see this happen or we should incorporate such and such.... Yet never offer to help bring the things to pass and want to see us do it for them.
They forget we have homes, family's, and often callings that God placed on our lives beside being a pastors wife.
I became frustrated because of a comment someone made to my husband that led to him asking me to add more to something that I was already doing.
I was already feeling bad and for those of you don't know I have SLE Lupus. I was on a time crunch to get certain things do before I had my monthly infusion for my Lupus.
Because It knocks me down for almost a week.
I don't think he meant to send me teetering over board.
yet his words and their expectations did.
I realized after a heated discussion and the words I quit that filled the room. I need to spend some time with my Daddy. Do I could fully understand my frustration and what I needed to do moving forward.
These were the things he showed me !
I hope these 5 simple things help you as they have me! 
Being a pastors wife isn't easy or glamorous. It can be rewarding yet challenging! My prayers these things help you and that you know that its okay to to say I quit! Aka I need a break! 
  1. I need time with Him, time for Him to speak to my heart with out the outside world telling me what they want from me. This needs to be outside of my quite time. When someone brings a new task for me. before I agree I need to tell them I need time to pray and think about it. tell them I will get back with them in 24 to 48 hours. Yes this includes my hubby. Hes agreed to this . I can not minister effectively if I am over extended.
  2. I have take care of me physically. If I am not physically okay I can minister effectively as well. I need proper rest and care for me. That mean one day a week I have a day off from ministry and housework. I can rest that whole day if needed, I have chosen Monday!I am normally so wiped out after Sunday's I need a day of nothing!
  3. Sometimes my best yes is no! If I have taken time to pray about it and look over what it intells and I feel it isn't something my Daddy in heaven wants me to do. Or it is an activity that's to much for the time. It is okay to say no. Because when I become over extended, I can not serve Jesus or my family the way I am intended.
  4. Being a pastors wife isn't the the only calling God has placed in my life. I need to spend time adequately investing in both,
   5.My first priority is to my family though... If I am so over extended that its effecting my health and I can not be here for them that's actually a sin. If ministry is taking presidency over them. I need to step back and reevaluate. I have to make sure I am finding that balance. That allows me to be the wife and mom God wants me to be. Otherwise my kids even though grown will recent the the think I want them to love!

After I spent time with God and realized my priority's were out of balance. I went to my hubby and told him, What my Daddy had showed me. We both agreed we needed to approach things in this manner from this point forward.
That when things are out of balance in one area it throws everything off.
I am working on handing some stuff off which I have needed to do.
Needless to say I took back my resignation! With some terms that will keep me sane and not frustrated.
We are many things to many people my fellow pastor wives ! One thing we are not is super woman. Please take care of you and the things you need ! when you do that the rest will fall into place with out so much stress! 
I am praying this was helpful to someone! I have been a Pastors wife now for almost 20 yrs. some of these lessons are not always easily learned. Often I have found myself wishing there was someone who I could have went to for help! That's why I can share my story with you, in hopes it helps you along the way.
Praying for you ~ Shellie

Happy Homemaker Monday September 3,2018

Fall has officially arrived at the Almond household last week! I put out the fall decorations and fired up the pumpkin spice scents in all of my candle warmers! So it seemed only fitting to have my blog match my house. Now if only the weather would get on board! Whether you still holding on to summer or dreaming of fall days.  Happy Labor Day, I hope everyone has had a wonderful long weekend! Ours has been busy to say the least. However the look on the little girls faces who joined us for tea last night at A Life Of Faith made it all worth it. 
I am pretty sure I have sent my body into a flare after pushing a little to hard last week. So I will be enjoying some nothingness on the couch today....
Today I am linking  up with Sandra at the Diary of a Stay Home Mom. 
If you would like to join in on the fun of Happy Homemaker Monday head on over and join in! Get to know some lovely ladies who have amazing blogs!

The weather....
I long for 70 degree days... Maybe by the end of the month ... A girl can dream lol!
Today will be filled with.....
Lots and lots of resting... Maybe some blog work other than this we  shall see. I have over done it and I have won some time on the couch.

On my reading pile....
Still Past forward... I don't want these books to end so I have tried not to read them so quickly.

Movies or Shows....
A friend recommended a show called the Paradise, I have fallen in love with it!

On the menu this week... 
Monday lasagna and a salad
Tuesday Salmon, herb rice, and broccoli
Wednesday Grilled Chicken , roasted red herb potato's, and green beans
Thursday Grilled Chicken salads
Friday Buffalo Shrimp Pasta

On My to Do List....
Monday Rest
Tuesday Put some stuff away from the tea party over the weekend and some light house work.
Wednesday Rheumatologist
Thursday - Saturday Just taking it day by day... My body needs some down time

In the Craft Basket....
Nothing at the moment, I need to go fabric shopping.

Looking around the house....
Over all its pretty tidy, I need to put away stuff brought home from the tea party. Other than tat its pretty well maintained.

From the camera...
                         Fall has arrived at the Almonds! This is the fire lace in the living room.

What am I wearing today...
Um if I am totally honest I am still in my pajama's! My hair is up in a messy bun and this will probably be the look for today.

One of my simple pleasures...
The days I get to spend pointing kids to Jesus...

Favorite Bible verse or quote for the week...
 On my prayer list...
My youngest is being sent to see a asthma and allergist. She has a cough we just can not get rid of.
Our ministry God is doing great things.
Me I got  my labs back for my lupus panel and some of the were very abnormal...
Our nation

In Closing...
I can not thank you enough for taking time to spend apart of your day with me ! I pray that you will stop back again and have a blessed week! ~Shellie