Thursday, October 25, 2018

A Little Early I Know !

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I always get so excited this time of the year! My family does not celebrate halloween.
I have good reasons and its the best choice for us. for over 22 years we have always put our Christmas tree up on that day! 
So to say I am overly excited to know that the transformation from fall to a winter wonderland is to a understatement! 
I had my benlysta infusion for my lupus yesterday! It always wipes me out and puts me down for a couple of days! Today has been a stay in the bed kinda day.
I can lay on my heating blanket easier and it helps with the pain in my legs.
The bed is so much more comfy than the couch any day!
My youngest is sick with a nasty virus that mimics flu symptoms. So she is quarantined till her fever breaks!
I miss her company... Yet I can not risk the chance of catching what she has.
Being stuck in the bed does have some perks.
I have been able to work on my blog some! I have went ahead and changed out the seasonal backgrounds. Life gets busy here this time of year!  I have learned to do things when the opportunity is there. So I have ceased the moment !
I also finally created a Blog for my short stories and sewing stuff! 
If you would like to follow it the link is:

Once Upon A Stitch In Time
I am excited to split blogs on for ministry and everyday life and one for my hobbies.
Well that is enough rambling for now! I will be working on a short story for my other blog and I cant wait post it later.So be on the look out! 
Hope everyone has a blessed and loved day
Thank you stopping by and sharing apart of your day with me!

Wednesday, October 24, 2018

Pastor Appreciation ... Oh How I Love Thee

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Goodness! Its so hard to believe that October is almost gone! I cannot lie and pretend I am not happy! My heart is leaping for joy that the end is near and my Christmas Tree will be up!
I am linking up with Stacy over at Duncan Party Of Six Ministry Wives Blog Roll! If your in the ministry and would like to join in on the fun click the link below!
Ministry Wives Blog Roll
Every year the month of October is set aside to appreciate our Pastors! In my case my husband.  As I  have tried to think all month long something I can do to say thank you for all he does! I still can not settle on that one thing just yet.
However as I think of the year that has passed and all that he does to ensure his flocks are cared for. I still stand in awe of all he manages to accomplish and still do what he needs to do for his own family.
Honestly I never here him say he deserves more of anything due to all the things he does. He does it with out thought! 
A a wife though we often can feel we only get what he has left over. 
I know for my own self I have felt that way before...
Even this month did not go with out this thought sadly ... 
So after my melt down lol. I hope you don't mind me being real! 
I decided this was a subject best taken up with my Daddy.
The more I prayed I realized I don't really get whats left over. Often times I get my sweet husbands very best and don't realize it.  After God I get the first good morning and kiss.
I know that if I need him he will drop everything to be at my side to see me through what ever has came our way. This is only two of the very special things shared with me! After all I am the one other than God he shares His dreams and fears with. 
When I look at things through the eyes of my Daddy... Oh how my heart over flows with love for the man who I get to call my own! 
Our church is scheduled to celebrate him Sunday... I am not sure what those details will intell  actually. They have kept the details away from me .
My hopes are that they tell him not show him how love and appreciated for all he does to look over his flock for his heavenly Daddy!
The more I type, I think the perfect gift I can give him is 365 reasons why I am blessed he is not only my husband but also my Pastor...
If your reading this post and you are a Pastors Wife or a First Lady as my church call me ! Just know I am praying for you! Don't ever let the lies of the enemy keep us from seeing the blessing of the everyday life we live! 
Thank you for stopping by! I will be praying you are loved and blessed !

Tuesday, October 23, 2018

My How Time Fly's

Hello my friends! I can't believe September has came and gone and now October is almost to an end!
Although I have been absent here! You have been in my prayers
I hope this new post finds you well...
So as the dusk begins to settle here, lets grab a nice hot cup of spiced cider and catch up.

I turned 42 on the 26th of September and I was unfortunately sick. Lupus has a mind of its own and does not ask permission before it decides to flare.
No matter well or sick each year is a gift that I am beyond thankful.
October has been busy for us as well.
I have enjoyed sometime crafting and sewing! It has felt nice to be able to do some of the things I love. Even if it is in small doses.
The weather is finally becoming cooler! However it can not seem to decide if it would like to be fall or go straight into winter.
 I am hoping that fall will actually be a possibility.
My husbands grandmothers rose bush wasn't going out with out one more hoorah!

Something tells me as much as I hope fall will be the plan, that most likely will not be the case! 
Either way my heart is excited for the changes to come!

What Is the weather like where you are?
The evenings here has given  away to the most beautiful evening skies!
Some of my favorite highlights over the past weeks have been the craft shows! I have met some amazing history re-enactors! 
I snapped a few pictures! I truly wish I had the energy to to do re-enactments

My daughter and I planned and prepared and Old Timey A Life Of Faith Autumn Pie Social.For the little girls at church. We had so much fun. Preparing decorations, making homemade bread cooked apples, and apple cake from scratch. 

The social turned out to be so much fun! The girls had a wonderful time learning to make butter and candles! They each brought a dessert made from scratch, that were judged. 
There were first, second, and third place prizes given.
 we had a wonderful afternoon! 
Below are some of the highlights of our afternoon!

Discussing why butter churning is hard work!
My how time flies I remember when I used to talk to my daughter that is shown here why churning butter was such hard work!

Candle making was so much fun! 

Dipping the wick into the wax 

Now into the water to set the wax

Even the smallest of helpers make a huge difference in butter making!

All the girls! I can not wait to the day we are doubled in size! We are missing a few due to illness!

 Its hard to believe that she is eighteen and is standing here beside me holding her two favorite dolls! Her first A Life of Faith Meeting she  was 7 1/2 years old!
Now she helps put the meeting on for little girls to experience the magic she so loved !
All in all September and October have been pretty amazing! All though there has been some highs and lows I am blessed with each and everyday I am given!
I pray that each of you have a blessed end to your October! I am getting super excited that in just a few short days I will be putting up my Christmas tree!!! Until next time, thanks for stopping by! I hope you are loved and blessed!