Thursday, October 25, 2018

A Little Early I Know !

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I always get so excited this time of the year! My family does not celebrate halloween.
I have good reasons and its the best choice for us. for over 22 years we have always put our Christmas tree up on that day! 
So to say I am overly excited to know that the transformation from fall to a winter wonderland is to a understatement! 
I had my benlysta infusion for my lupus yesterday! It always wipes me out and puts me down for a couple of days! Today has been a stay in the bed kinda day.
I can lay on my heating blanket easier and it helps with the pain in my legs.
The bed is so much more comfy than the couch any day!
My youngest is sick with a nasty virus that mimics flu symptoms. So she is quarantined till her fever breaks!
I miss her company... Yet I can not risk the chance of catching what she has.
Being stuck in the bed does have some perks.
I have been able to work on my blog some! I have went ahead and changed out the seasonal backgrounds. Life gets busy here this time of year!  I have learned to do things when the opportunity is there. So I have ceased the moment !
I also finally created a Blog for my short stories and sewing stuff! 
If you would like to follow it the link is:

Once Upon A Stitch In Time
I am excited to split blogs on for ministry and everyday life and one for my hobbies.
Well that is enough rambling for now! I will be working on a short story for my other blog and I cant wait post it later.So be on the look out! 
Hope everyone has a blessed and loved day
Thank you stopping by and sharing apart of your day with me!


  1. Oohhhhh my goodness I LOOOOOOVE your Christmas background!!! That is so beautiful!!! I'm so excited about seeing your Christmas decorations! Please post a blog! I can't wait to check out your new blog today! I love you so much!

    1. Thank you!!! I plan too it will probably be next week though! I have came down with something... I haven't felt my best. I have been trying very hard to finish a short story! Finally got it done this afternoon! I hope you enjoy it! Love you and miss you mostess


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