Wednesday, October 24, 2018

Pastor Appreciation ... Oh How I Love Thee

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Goodness! Its so hard to believe that October is almost gone! I cannot lie and pretend I am not happy! My heart is leaping for joy that the end is near and my Christmas Tree will be up!
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Every year the month of October is set aside to appreciate our Pastors! In my case my husband.  As I  have tried to think all month long something I can do to say thank you for all he does! I still can not settle on that one thing just yet.
However as I think of the year that has passed and all that he does to ensure his flocks are cared for. I still stand in awe of all he manages to accomplish and still do what he needs to do for his own family.
Honestly I never here him say he deserves more of anything due to all the things he does. He does it with out thought! 
A a wife though we often can feel we only get what he has left over. 
I know for my own self I have felt that way before...
Even this month did not go with out this thought sadly ... 
So after my melt down lol. I hope you don't mind me being real! 
I decided this was a subject best taken up with my Daddy.
The more I prayed I realized I don't really get whats left over. Often times I get my sweet husbands very best and don't realize it.  After God I get the first good morning and kiss.
I know that if I need him he will drop everything to be at my side to see me through what ever has came our way. This is only two of the very special things shared with me! After all I am the one other than God he shares His dreams and fears with. 
When I look at things through the eyes of my Daddy... Oh how my heart over flows with love for the man who I get to call my own! 
Our church is scheduled to celebrate him Sunday... I am not sure what those details will intell  actually. They have kept the details away from me .
My hopes are that they tell him not show him how love and appreciated for all he does to look over his flock for his heavenly Daddy!
The more I type, I think the perfect gift I can give him is 365 reasons why I am blessed he is not only my husband but also my Pastor...
If your reading this post and you are a Pastors Wife or a First Lady as my church call me ! Just know I am praying for you! Don't ever let the lies of the enemy keep us from seeing the blessing of the everyday life we live! 
Thank you for stopping by! I will be praying you are loved and blessed !

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