Sunday, November 25, 2018

Goodbye November Hello December

Oh my goodness, I am not sure where the time has gone! November has seemed to to have flown by and crawled by at the same time!
I started out thinking I would be able to keep a smooth blogging schedule! Lol I think the Lord had other plans along with this crazy body of mine.
I hope everyone had a wonderful thanksgiving! Our family did, all though stressful and chaotic.
My youngest woke up Monday with the worst sore throat of her life! We would soon learn she had the worse case of strep she has had since having her tonsils removed when she was a little thing.
I have been under the weather for a few weeks. Tuesday my temp was 101.4. Not good for someone on immune suppressants. So it was my turn to head to the doctor.!
I would soon learn a lingering infection had caused a nasty bronchitis and if I hadn't went to the doctor when I had I would have spent thanksgiving in the hospital.
So after a week of high dose steroids and antibiotic. After all the family get together's have came and gone! I find myself not at church this morning... Instead I am on the couch wrapped up in a blanket on day seven of no voice! 
Still even as I type this... I find my thoughts scanning the things I am so thankful for and even the things I am still trying to be thankful for and be content in the sate of life I have today.
I have had an emotional few months! Man steroids are no joke! Weaning of of them after a year was harder than I thought and has proven that it was making more than I thought.
Have you ever faced a giant that your not sure how to handle ? How to navigate through it ?
This November has been one of those times.
I have learned I have am not able to do a lot of the things I was once did. I can not go none stop... To someone who may have a good day and be able to tick off a few items from my list and then be down for three days.
I am learning that is okay.
 I have not learned however how to stay no and stand my ground. I have taken notes though I promise that I don't want Christmas to be that way!
It doesn't matter if we celebrate our time together in a dining room or a heated garage. Or if its in a restaurant. What matters most is that we are together. I have to say this isn't what I thought I would share with you today! I am glad that I can share my heart. I learned along time ago that often someone else feels the same way as I am. I hope some part of my journey gives someone else hope.
I have a much different normal than what I had 5 years ago.  Today I have several major health mountains. I want to be thankful for this journey as well as much as I was for the earlier one. November has been a wonderful reminder to be thankful for the the losses as well as or gains. To be thankful for the the littlest thing like the wet kiss from out our pet dog London to the some of the greatest gift of time spent with family even more than that Gods love.
I am not saying this is the easiest the thing to do. But I want to learn to be in a constant state of thankfulness even on the worst days. 
On another not we hosted both my husbands family and my families thanks giving dinners! I have people in my home this week! We have some wonderful memories! 
Here are some of my favorite pictures form the this week! 

 Every year when I look back something has changed. This year we have gained someone I am sure will be my son in law in the future. Our family has changed the dynamics of how our home is ran has changed. One thing that hasn't changed is how thankful I am for my beautiful family and how thankful I am to be here to celebrate the most wonderful time the year with those I love! All though things are very different from what I would like them to be... I have came a long way over the past few years and today is better than it was then. I cant wait to enjoy the weeks that lead to the Birthday celebration of a Savior!
Thank you for stopping by and sharing a glimpse of time with me! I pray your week to come is filled with blessings! 
Blessings ~Shellie

Friday, November 2, 2018

A Month of Thankfulness

For several years now I have taken November to really stop and think about what I am truly thankful for! This November will be no different.
However this year I want to truly think outside of the box. All though there will always be a few things that will always be on my list that will always be at the top of my list!
So each week I will be posting what I am thankful for! I hope you will join in on this wonderful way to realize just blessed we truly are! 
November 1 This time of the year is one of my most favorite times to reflect on the blessings I have each day .Blessed I truly am... I would like to start today off being thankful for Jesus! He is the reason for everything! With out His gift I would be so lost in so many ways! I am thankful He loves some one like me.... I am thankful to know whatever I face He’s right there with me! What’s one thing your thankful for today?

November 2 Today I am thankful for the man I get to call husband! @jodyalmond goes far and beyond the name of husband. I am forever grateful for the man who laughs with me when I am happy, who holds me when I cry, who sets beside my bed when I have been sick, holds my hand when we are together, who makes me feel beautiful when I feel less than, who leads our home the way God would have him to, who prayed with me and for me, this list could go on for days! I am beyond thankful God made him just for me!

November 3 The fact that the Lord allowed me to be the Mom of two beautiful from the inside out girls. I have watched the Lord grow these girls and use them in ways I know they never even dreamed their own selves. So to go from holding them in my arms, watching them take their first steps, learning to read, watching them play for hours, to turning into teens then to beautiful young women who are aspiring to be all that called them to be. Makes my heart soar; making each year spent with them sweeter and sweeter each and every year.

November 4 I am thankful for sweet memories that allow me to remember those who have seemed to have left this world all to soon.Pictures and videos that take us back to a place long before they left us. This time of the year more than any other. Those things mean so much.... 

I hope you will choose to join in with me ! I pray this time of the year is a joyful time for you and your family! Thank you for stopping by and being apart of my day! Praying for Gods blessings for you and yours.~Shellie