Friday, November 2, 2018

A Month of Thankfulness

For several years now I have taken November to really stop and think about what I am truly thankful for! This November will be no different.
However this year I want to truly think outside of the box. All though there will always be a few things that will always be on my list that will always be at the top of my list!
So each week I will be posting what I am thankful for! I hope you will join in on this wonderful way to realize just blessed we truly are! 
November 1 This time of the year is one of my most favorite times to reflect on the blessings I have each day .Blessed I truly am... I would like to start today off being thankful for Jesus! He is the reason for everything! With out His gift I would be so lost in so many ways! I am thankful He loves some one like me.... I am thankful to know whatever I face He’s right there with me! What’s one thing your thankful for today?

November 2 Today I am thankful for the man I get to call husband! @jodyalmond goes far and beyond the name of husband. I am forever grateful for the man who laughs with me when I am happy, who holds me when I cry, who sets beside my bed when I have been sick, holds my hand when we are together, who makes me feel beautiful when I feel less than, who leads our home the way God would have him to, who prayed with me and for me, this list could go on for days! I am beyond thankful God made him just for me!

November 3 The fact that the Lord allowed me to be the Mom of two beautiful from the inside out girls. I have watched the Lord grow these girls and use them in ways I know they never even dreamed their own selves. So to go from holding them in my arms, watching them take their first steps, learning to read, watching them play for hours, to turning into teens then to beautiful young women who are aspiring to be all that called them to be. Makes my heart soar; making each year spent with them sweeter and sweeter each and every year.

November 4 I am thankful for sweet memories that allow me to remember those who have seemed to have left this world all to soon.Pictures and videos that take us back to a place long before they left us. This time of the year more than any other. Those things mean so much.... 

I hope you will choose to join in with me ! I pray this time of the year is a joyful time for you and your family! Thank you for stopping by and being apart of my day! Praying for Gods blessings for you and yours.~Shellie

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  1. I'm thankful for you my beautiful friend!! I love you and your family, and you guys are such an inspiration to all of us! Love you so much!


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