Wednesday, December 12, 2018

Christmas Blessings and Praises

Anyone who knows me on a personal level knows I love snow! I anticipate it  like a child anticipates Christmas morning!
Two Sundays ago the kids in children's church specifically prayed for certain amounts of snow. The Lord answered their prayer On the following Saturday a winter storm warning was issued. That is so unusual for where we live. It is normally January or February before we get a storm!
The town where most of the kids live received 8 inches of amazing snowman making snow! They were all so excited! I live forty- five minutes away and the town I live in received 3 inches and a 1/2 inch of ice! 
Yikes Ice is not my friend at all! 
All though as beautiful as it is covering the trees! It was not good for power lines! 

We opened up our fireplace this year! Oh I am so blessed we did! Late Saturday evening my god daughter came to bunker down with us! We started the evening off with playing games and ending the night with cocoa and movies! We woke up on Sunday and prepared for my husband to live stream our church service! He's such an amazing Pastor! Our church did not want to do without service! So live stream it was!
We woke up early to prepare and stoked the fire! 
I walked past the kitchen window. The ice had not been my friend! It wreaked havoc on my out door patio!
It began with a collapsed canopy and bent bars! No biggie right?!?
Lol well we were eating breakfast and we heard a tree fall and then heard a crash and there she went!
My first thought was you have to be kidding me lol! Then I thought it's okay! It can be replaced we are warm and safe!The tree was on the edge of our property....  All is well ...

We settled in nice and cozy on the coach and ready for service! Fifteen minutes into service our power flickered on and off! this went on for about two hours! We all prayed and asked the Lord to please allow the power to stay on!
We were blessed with a day of warmth and power!Christian and Claudia  spent the morning making homemade gingerbread cookies using a recipe from Williamsburg! They were amazing! I promise I will never use another gingerbread recipe again! they were soft and amazing !
The girls made a homemade glaze! They truly were melt in your mouth goodness! My whole house smelled like Christmas!

Our snowcation was truly amazing that day! I worked on a Memory Bear order... 

We spent a wonderful evening by the fire playing skip bo and having tea! 

My Oldest called and decided she may need to ride out the rest of the storm with us! My heart was truly overflowing! 
it was around 9pm that night the lights flickered for the last time! Causing our power to go out! We had a wonderful plan of movies we wanted to watch together! Well then we realized none of our flashlights were working lol! Thank God for battery operated candles! They truly saved the evening!  I just knew that the power going out was going to cause some grumbling! I have to say it never did! Everyone bundled up in blankets and we played family feud till late into the night! We laughed and made the best of the ice storm at hand! All through the night my sweet hubby was up every 45 minutes to refuel the fire and keep it going! Never once complaining! The next morning when we woke up it was remarkably colder ... Still no power and even then no one was complaining! We had cold pop tarts for breakfast! I know breakfast of champions! I attempted to make coffee on a open fire did you catch attempted hehe! I am not sure when I realized the snow was falling outside! I have to say it was like God wanted me to know that we had weathered the ice and He wanted me to enjoy the snow now! Its has been many years since I have seen snow flakes fall the size of half dollars! The snow flakes were so defined! So beautiful a beautiful reminder of Gods love. I don't think my picture did it justice!
It did not take long until the ground was covered with beautiful snow we ended up getting around 3 inches. It was around 11:30 am when the power came back on! I know some could never see the blessings in such craziness! I can not help believe its no other than a divine appointment! God loves us so very much and He makes no mistakes! We never know the what each day may bring! However I have learned to be thankful for each snowball that's thrown at me with grace! God is never late or wrong! Sometimes I think He just needs us to slow down so we can see the true joy and blessing of quality time spent together even if its just a couple of hours! 
I am blessed and so thankful for the winter storms! I pray that God will allow us to have a few more snow days!!! With the hope of keeping my power on! 
Before I close I want to praise my heavenly Daddy just a little more! If you follow my blog you know I have SLE Lupus... Which has wreaked havoc on my body. We don't normally have good news doctors appointments! Today we had one! I lost my voice around 
3 1/2 weeks ago. I can barley speak... My rhuematoligist is amazing!  She was very concerned that their may be something growing there causing the problem... My check up with her had not been one we had hoped for... We need to add another immune suppressant and some of my blood work was not good and we needed to run it again and wait for an appointment with the ENT! To be certain the new medicine did not cause more harm than good! I seen the ENT this morning! There are NO growths! I do need some therapy to correct some muscle issues! I will take that any day over what could have been ! I just had to share ... Each day is a gift... I want to love it even in the midst of a ice storm!
Thank you for stopping by and sharing apart of your day with me! Time is a precious gift! 
Blessings~ Shellie 

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  1. Loved this beautiful journal entry today! I love you so much and love your perspective, you have influenced and encouraged me SO much through the years! I love you to the moon and back again!


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