Wednesday, December 5, 2018

December Ramblings

Its been awhile since I have given a health update here... After today's visit there is no better time than the present.
I have had a roller coaster ride since September and it still hasn't slowed down. I have had another pericardial effusion, that has been controlled by medicine! Praise the Lord!
I have seen my new lung specialist and started some new medicine that has helped some but hasn't made it possible to sleep laying flat like a normal person. He ordered a a sleep study that I completed last night! We are hoping it will shed some light on why I have so much pain and shortness of breathe when I lie down. We are praying that this leads to answers.
My lupus has been out of control since I stopped the steroid in September...
I have had two major infections and all my symptoms that had became bearable is now out of control. I lost my voice 2 days before Thanksgiving and well it is December 5 and still no voice. So today my rhuematoligist decided we need to add another immune suppressant. However my liver function was sky high when they did my blood work so I had to repeat that today to see if it has came down. I also will be seeing a ENT next Wednesday to make sure nothing is growing on my vocal chords! When both of those things are clear I will begin a new medicine. Each time I leave one of these appointments I am reminded what a gift life truly is! Even though sometimes I feel like everything around me is falling apart! I am reminded there is someone praying for what I have because the news they may have heard today was devastating... I thank God each day I am allowed to open my eyes and spend another day with the ones I love! Its a gift....
There is something so magical this time of the year... 
The glow of Christmas lights, the blessing of giving, the glow of a fire, the anticipation of snow, and the Birthday of Jesus! 
I never grow tired of this time of the year.... 
 there are so many things I would love to do this month. 
I don't want to be so busy that I miss out on the magic this time of the year brings.
I want to make memories and continue traditions that have been passed down through the years. I was thinking today while I was waiting for the rheumatoligist to see me. Of all the things that we have done with our girls over the years. What will they pass down to their kids...
I am praying that one of the things they always give them is the gift of time. I pray they are never to busy to enjoy the gifts this time of the year can bring!
So I wanted make a list of things I would still like to do with them! all though they are grown... Making memories should never end only carried on ... Even as our family grows...
***So here goes my holiday magic list ***
1- Make and decorate Christmas Cookies
2- Go see Christmas lights even if we drive through neighborhoods together
3- Watch it snow
5- Have a holiday baking day with all of our family
6- Go see a holiday movie together
7- Attend Christmas services together
8- Help a family in need
9- Spend Christmas Eve night together 
10- Sing Happy Birthday to Jesus at Christmas dinner

I hope these are things that my kids carry on with their kids many years from now... My life has been so topsy turvy the past few years each holiday is s true gift and I don't take them for granted.. This year is no different. No one has a promise of another year... As a pastors wife I hear all to often this time of the year of families arguing over the craziest things... It shouldn't matter if you spend time in a garage , a house, or a field even. It should be a time of togetherness. I hope my girls always remember that always.... 
I pray that they always know that the best gift will never be found under the tree, He was born in a stable for you and me....
Thank you for stopping by and  letting me share my heart with you! 
Blessings~ Shellie

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