Monday, December 30, 2019

Happy Homemaker Monday December 31,2019

Wow guys where in the world has the year gone! I feel like I closed my eyes and woke up and it was gone!
2019 has had some very high and some very scary low moments too!
I read a quote one day last week somewhere that said in 2020 I am not making resolutions in 2020! Instead I am gonna take each day as it comes and make it happen!
That is truly how I want to take on 2020.
I want to make each day count to best I can with out any regrets or guilt.
Today I am linking up with lovely Sandra at the Diary Of A Stay At Home Mom for Happy Homemaker Monday.
If you would like to join in one the fun just follow the link below:

The weather: has been insane! It feels more like spring instead of  winter! It felt like 70 around seven this morning! The rest of this week is going to follow that same trend till Sunday. Even then it's only going to in the 50's it's normally way cooler this time of the year! I worry if it doesn't soon get cold our fruit trees will prematurely bloom ruin the fruit crops again this year!
I sure hope not.

Right Now : I am setting her chatting with my daughter as I work on this blog post. I love our morning time talks! I am so blessed I get to be her Mom!

Thinking: I have so much running through my mind! We have a trip next week to West Virginia. This is not a pleasure trip. I am taking my Mom to see her sick sister! I need to pack light but I have a hard time traveling light lol! SO see shall see. I also am getting ready to redo the wall behind my couch so I am thinking about how I would like to do it as well! I am excited! We got My oldest daughter wedding pictures back! Oh my is all I can say!

On My Reading Pile:
I have decided I will read at least one new book a month! It's much needed therapy for my soul! I just ordered a  book by Shelia Walsh.  I am so excited!
On My TV:
I began the be season of The Call Of The midwives! I look forward to starting Outlander and catching up on a few odds and end series I will go back and forth with like Cold Case.

Something fun to share:
For Christmas My sweet hubby got me a fit bit Vera lite. I really wanted so I could keep up with my crazy heart rate! However it has motivated me to try to be up moving more! I don't push if feel really bad. But is it's a so so day I get up and move around! I am super excited for it! I am so excited.

On The Menu You This Week:
Monday: Man which and Tater Tots
Tuesday: Chicken Rice bowls
Wednesday: Pizza
Thursday: Chicken breast broccoli baked potato's
Friday: Blacked fish, herbed rice, great beans

On My To Do List:
I need to go to Walmart and pick up pictures
Run by the thrift store to see about frames
Go pick out a 2020 planner
Take down Christmas decor
Redo wall behind the couch

What am I Sewing or Creating?
I hope to be in working on seeing a Moses basket.
Other than that not much at the moment.The only thing I have done lately is sew Elsie this dress right before Christmas!

Homemaking Tips:
As I take down Christmas I plan to organize each box and label it's contents. Also pack it up by room! I am kinda ready for thing to be back to normal. My tree has been up since Halloween.

Looking Around The House:
Its actually not bad at all! I don't plan to take the tree down till Thursday. I will not do much to the house till then! I am actually considering leaving my snow men out till the last part of February. If I do that it will make the Christmas pack up go quicker.

From The Camera:

One of my daughters wedding pictures! This is one of my favorites of my two girls together on their special day together!

On My Prayer List:
My heart is very heavy for so much! One that is on the top of my list is my sweet Lyric. He has been living with my daughter for the past few months! He was taken from his parents for neglect. Dss informed her their last supervised visitation he we would be returning home soon! This may be good news if we truly knew they had change. However they have told bad shown signs they know their way around the drug test. The living situation is not better and not stable. Please help us pray something happens that alters that return and he gets to stay where he is! He is so loved! I never knew that the role of a grandma could be so wonderful! He has totally stolen my heart and thrives with our family!
Please pray for the family Sandra mentioned in her prayer request who lost their 3 month old baby!
Please pray for my sweet doggy London! London is 10 and is showing her age a little lately. Saturday night she was sleeping with me in my head and I have adjustable bed that I sleep in. It stays at the highest height. London was asleep as was I. When she rolled the wrong way and fell of my bed on to the hardwood floors. She is very very sore, and has sprained her left leg. like I said she is showing her age quite a bit. My daughter is very attached. Please help us pray that  she recovers quickly!
My husband's book will launch globally this month! Pray it sells well more than that pray that the content changes lives!
Last but not least! Please continue to remember me as I battle lupus! It seems each appointment comes with a new issue this disease has caused.
Pray can fight strong!

Bible Verse or Devotional:

Thank you so much for coming by and spending apart of your day with me! I wish you a Happy New Year! Many Blessings ~Shellie 

Thursday, December 26, 2019

Favorite Childhood Christmas Memory

All though Christmas has came and gone for me it will still be the 
most wonderful time of the year until January! Christmas brings all my feelings feelings the  the surface! I love reminiscing about the good Christmas memories!
This morning has had me doing a lot of reflecting! This year was a wonderful Christmas! Their has been some years I could not say that ...
My childhood was a train wreck... Yet their were times when things were good and felt normal! 
I was getting ready this morning and my mind slipped back in time a long ways! 
My favorite all time Christmas memories was the year I finally got a real cabbage patch doll! She was a preemie and she came in the daintiest little yellow rose bush dress that had a bonnet and she had a paci.
If my mind serves me correctly it was 1985. We lived in a farmhouse. The rooms were nice and roomy and it seemed my family was normal for once. my parent were getting along and my Moms parents came down for Christmas that year. I remember the tree had lots of blue and silver and the kitchen was filled with smells of fudge and cookies!
I had asked for this doll for two years. Now that I am older I know why it was a while before my wish came true!
The dolls were very expensive
The commercials made playing fun! 
As a matter of fact her is one of my favorites

I cried when I opened Lillian Grace. I carried her everywhere I went! I even remember my Mom buying us cabbage patch outfit so we would have clothes to change her into! I thought I was dreaming that year! We got lots of neat thing that year like Barbies and clothes! Nothing compared to the joy of her. I wish our society would go back to making playing look fun! We need lines of that are quality made that don't break the bank that spark their interest to play! I always stressed to my girls be you and play for however long you choose. Playing Mommy was so important because I wanted to be in touch with those motherly instincts to want to raise a family!
Now I see the benefits of encouraging that! They want families of their own with lots of children! I pray that same joy will sweep across this one generation! This memory made my heart so happy and made me smile after a tough night! I am looking forward to making new Christmas memories this year! I know God has anyone things in store! 
What's your favorite memory! I would love for you to leave it in the comments below! 
Thank you for stopping by! 
Love and prayers...

Tuesday, December 17, 2019

The Door

Deuteronomy 10:21 He is your praise and He is your God, who has done these great and awesome things for you which your eyes have seen.

Hi guys! It's the wee hour of the morning here in my sleepy little town! I slept most of my day away yesterday! I truly wasn't feeling myself and I have learned over the year the importance of truly listening to my body!
As hard as that can can be ... I do realize I am not the same person I was when I went into surgery for a simple knee surgery.
I am not mad or bitter! 

I am blessed and grateful for each and everyday. No matter how hard or easy!

I do want to celebrate the milestones of thing I have accomplished with the help of my heavenly Daddy! That is actually one of my new year's resolutions! 
It's important to celebrate even the smallest things. Because at the end of the day the small things make the big things!
So back in the spring when I had to be in the hospital for 23 days. It affected my muscles. I came home I needed my wheelchair and added a walker to my daily  routine.
I went through physical therapy and they implemented several changes to our home! Especially my bathroom. I required a shower chair because I could not and still unable to stand unsupported for long periods of time and stay steady.
Because I needed the walker all the time at that point. They had to remove my bathroom door so it would pass freely.
I was so upset for all the changes seem to have came so fast. As the months passed some things began to improve.
All though things are not like they were. They have improved! I am over the moon excited to celebrate that I was able to have my bathroom door rehung!!! On most days I don't require my walker inside the house! I only use it when I am going to dress up. By that I mean putting makeup on and truly fixing my hair!  I only use it then to set on! So it actually can stay in the bathroom.
 So my sweet hubby rehung my door! I won't lie, I cried big tears of joy!
I thanked my Daddy for the milestones of independence!
I know things will never be as they once were but I can celebrate the good new things that happen. 
Who knew how important a single door could be and how much joy it would bring?
Just because a illness has changed my life. I want to choose joy over bitterness and take back the things I can and accept the things I can not and celebrate the new me! 
All the beauty that comes from that!
I hope you will join in and celebrate with me! 

I can not wait to share more moments of celebration no matter how big or small! Now and the upcoming new year!
Love and Prayers .... Shellie

Sunday, December 8, 2019

Reflecting On The Most Wonderful Time Of The Year

I truly had not realized how long I have been away... I apologize... I am going to be more intentional about my blog in 2020!
I have been reflecting this morning back over 2019.This has been a hard year for me.
I have over came so many hurdles! During those hurdles I have neglected things I enjoy and love. Writing is one of those things.
Christmas time is my favorite time of the year! I love the twinkling lights on the trees, family gatherings, and time to reflect on the the greatest gift ever Jesus!
  I do not plan on spending much time here between now and the first of the year! So I wanted to take this time to wish everyone a Very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!
I look forward to what 2020 holds for each of us!

Monday, October 14, 2019

Happy Homemaker October 14, 2019

I love waking up to the sound of the crickets on fall mornings. You can fill the crispness in the air and all the smells of fall!  It's still dark outside my window this morning. The stillness still engulfs my home! I am thankful for time already spent with my heavenly Daddy this morning....
We finally received some much needed rain for our area! We have been so dry ... I pray it rains softly all week! I need a down week to get a lupus flare under control. Nothing says rest like gloomy rainy days.
We are weeks to till my daughters wedding ceremony! I am so excited to celebrate her and my new son! They are amazing together.
So far October has been kind! I spoke at a ladies conference at the beginning of the month and shared my story! God I amazing when you look back over every aspect of this journey! I hope the end is as wonderful as the beginning!  After all I am just weeks till I put up my Christmas tree eek! I am so excited!
Well I have rambled plenty enough. Thank you for hanging in there for me to! Today I am Joining up with Sandra for Happy Homemaker Monday. If you would like to join in on the fun and meet some amazing blogger's! Follow the link below:
Happy Homemaker Monday

The weather in the Carolina's are finally beginning to feel like fall outside! It is currently 61 degrees outside and our high today is 79 and cloudy! I will take it over 100 degrees any day!
Tuesday- 77 low 57
Wednesday- 76 low 42 Rain :)
Thursday- 66 low 41
Friday- 68 location low 41
Saturday- 72 low 48
Sunday- 76 low 52 
I wish it would be in the high sixties all week. I won't complain though! I look forward to the cooler air.

Right Now...
I am in the bed working on this post. Everyone is still resting peacefully. Just because I am awake doesn't mean they should miss out on this wonderful thing called sleep! Also thinking coffee and breakfast would be wonderful right now!

I have been awake since around 4 this morning. Thinking about how very blessed I am. I was in the emergency room again next Saturday night. My friend Lupus had caused inflamation on my heart again. I am so thankful I didn't need a hospital stay. instead I was able to return home!
It has made me think even harder about how I want to be intentional in all I do! Also do more things I love! We have so much going on! My husband was picked up your a publishing agency for his book and it should be released for sale mid December! I just can't believe how good God is !

On my reading pile...
 I have decided to reread One Thousand Gifts by Ann Voscamp again. I love a book that keeps me in perspective!

On my t.v.....
New Amsterdam
The Good Dr
God Friended Me 
New season of Deadly Women
Expedition Unknown
Victoria ( I am in love)

On the menu this week....
Monday- left over chicken casserole and veggies
Tuesday- Salmon patties and fries
Wednesday- chicken and rice soup
Thursday- Salmon Steaks, herb rice, and zucchini 
Friday- Grocery store

On my to do list.....
make next 30 days of lesson plans for a family I helping with home school over the computer this year.
cut sewing patterns
tidy house

What am I sewing or crafting...
I have been busy taking in dresses and hemming them for the wedding. Now that is done I bought some new sewing pattern. I have been asked about several doll clothes orders for Christmas. I would like to get a head start

Homemaking tips...
Clean messes up as you go it will be easier to keep your home tidier that way.

Looking around the house...
When I went to bed last night it looked good overall. I need to Swiffer the floors and empty the dishwasher and we will be good to go!

What do I plan to wear today....
comfy jeans and a t-shirt 

From my camera...
I have a few I would like to share because it's been awhile since I stopped by!
I got another super hero mask! I love how stylish they can be
The  A Life of Faith Girls had a wonderful time at the re-enactment. All that sewing was worth it for those who needed help with skirts, bonnets, and aprons!  

          The Cherished Women's Conference was                                           amazing

 We made homemade bread last week and oh              my! The work is always worth it's taste.

We also made some homemade apple butter.

I love making memories! I want to fill years with memories my kids will always remember!

Devotional and what's on my prayer list ...
Please pray for my sweet Mom! Her little dog bit her on the hand! It has gotten really infected. Please pray for my oldest! Her husband and herself are fostering the sweetest baby right now! Of course I can not share any of his story, but I can tell you it was bad, They would love to adopt him when it is all said and done!  Please pray he can be. Please pray for me as well. I have had some blood work come back wonky. I am severely anemic and they he thinks ,I might be losing blood. I get all the results of my lung test when I go back to the lung specialist the end  if the month! 

Thank you for dropping by  spending apart of your day with me this morning. 
                    Prayerfully Yours ~Shellie

Monday, September 16, 2019

Happy Homemaker Monday Sept.16,2019

There is something truly beautiful about the sound of a quiet creaking house.
I woke up much earlier this morning than normal. I laid in the bed and just listened for awhile. Finally my feet began to hit the cool floor and begin my morning routine.My house is still silent filled with the smells a smells of coffee.
I am so thankful for these moments for me they are few and far and in between so I cherish them. I have to be honest I used to take so many things for granted. Now I find myself not wanting to miss a thing! I want to enjoy quiet and noise. The company of my family and the joy of being alone for awhile!
God woke me up this morning! I feel okay for me and I am so very thankful I do!

Today  I am Joining up with Sandra for Happy Homemaker Monday! Want to join in on the fun follow the link: Happy Homemaker Monday

I am so ready for fall. The 90 degree heat has been awful! So I have to say how excited I am to 70's and 80's!
Monday- 91 sunny
Tuesday- 89 partly cloudy
Wednesday- 79 cloudy
Thursday- 77 sunny
Friday- 80 sunny
Saturday- 85 sunny
Sunday- 89 sunny

On my reading pile-
Besides my devotionals nothing at the moment! 

On my t.v-
Honestly nothing impressive at the moment! I am excited for the fall line up to start though. I have missed the Good Dr and Amsterdam. I am in desperate search for new period shows!

On the menu this week-

Monday- Salt pepper pork chops, mashed red potatoes, and green beans.

Tuesday- Dinner with my oldest daughter

Wednesday- Baked blackened salmon, black beans, and broccoli.

The rest of the week is unsure! I will have a house full of girls! They are coming to help with a A Life of Faith Girls event.

On my to do list-
Go through the the kitchen cabinets
Scald butter churn and molds for the event
Tidy the house
I have several lung test this week
Enjoy life 

What am I sewing or creating-
I will be working on prairie style skirts we are participating in a historical festival Saturday! I am so excited.

Looking around the house-
The kitchen is a mess! For my birthday I asked for the kitchen cabinets time to be painted and it's become a process.
The rest of the house just needs to be dusted and picked up a little. It's not going to matter much I am about to have fabric everywhere lol.

From the camera: 
Its been a tradition since we our homeschool days to put fall decoration out on labor day! 

I didn't go as big this year! Just the kitchen and the living room! I want to enjoy them not be in my bed for weeks for over doing it!

I just have to share my new cool super hero mask! At least my kids at church call it that! This is suppose to prevent me from catching everyone's germs this fall and winter! NC has already had flu cases!

On prayer list:
My health I got some not so great blood work back this time. Also there is concern for my lungs again so I will be going through some test to see what's going on. My hubby launched his first ever book yesterday! Please pray God uses it to touch many lives. Our nation it's a mess! For my chosen family who is in a time of transition and will soon be taking a new church!

Devotional for the day-to-day

Thank you for stopping by today! I have been absent due to health issues! I am trying hard to make time for more writing! I do love it so! Please bear with me I will get by to see everyone I may be just a little slow! Praying you have an amazing week!
                        ~Prayerfully Yours~

Friday, September 6, 2019

In the Eye Of The Storm

I have kept a close eye on the hurricane and how it would effect where we live. Thankfully we we only got some wind and a little rain. However other places were devastated. I was really sick yesterday... My lupus has had a mind of its own the past 2 weeks.
I have had some time to to talk to my Daddy and pray. I was curious if you ever faced a spiritual hurricane? One that only grazes or your life or brings destruction. In the way of a spiritual warfare! Warfare of the spirit is meant to grow us not to hurt us. How we react to the storm is how we come out of the storm. Often the storm is to teach us something sometimes it's telling us it's time to let go.
I remember not long into my married life and my husband and I had recently really gotten ourselves settled back into church. It was just before he surrendered his call to preach. I struggled so bad with patience in everything. I was one of those if I asked you to do something I want it done right here right now! So I prayed for patience ! The hurricane hit and the eye of the storm settled right over our home! The dryer broke, the car broke down, the bathroom sink backed up, and my husband and I were at each other's throats. All the while I just kept asking for patients my daughter got sick lol! Finally my husband asked me Shellie what have you been praying for? I happily replied I have been praying for patience!
He began to explain that patience is a gift you must learn not given. I began to see the storm we were going through was a storm to teach me exactly what I had asked to learn! I promise after that I did have patience and I never asked for patience again. He used that storm to give a fruit of the spirit many of us desire! Yet I had to stand firm in the storm to learn what I asked my Daddy for!Then I remembered a smaller storm I experienced! I think I learned more from that one. All thought the storm was smaller didn't mean the lesson was smaller ! It was actually more impactful. I was struggling with moving and leaving behind my family and all I had known for years. I fought against God gave him every excuse for  why it would be better for and the girls to go back and stay with much my Mom! My husband would make it without me ! He could come down every other week to see us! After all the girls were much more settled in Albemarle.That's where my God kids were and Amber's Best Friend! Of course they would agree with me!
I will never remember that I had gotten really sick with my gallbladder and I chose to go back home to see Dr's I was familiar with. Oh my if I had it to do over ! I would have stayed where I was! After my procedure God allowed me to over hear a conversation that made me realize they had adjusted to me be gone just fine and a family member did not understand why I didn't want to go home where I belong. The same night I was admitted to the hospital. My body was sepsis. My body had been leaking bile into my chest cavity all the way done into the thigh of my right side. If I had waited 24 hours I would have died. I had been really sick ever since I had had the surgery! Thankfully my husband knew me enough when I called to tell him I couldn't travel there was no way!Not to come and get me, the girls and him could have Thanksgiving without me! He knew something was really wrong and came to where I was. Immediately took me to the ER. I was told another 24 hours I would have been dead! Dead Guys!!!  I had emergency surgery the next day. Seven days later I went home with my husband and kids! I had never been more happy to be in my new home! I learned God often moves us because He had incredible things ahead! Those seven years are filled with some of my favorite memories! I still am in awe at how He used me! I am even in more awe of how He has used me in this season and the doors He is opening! I am excited ! It's all hinged on perspective! We can see the negative all the time or see it with positivity . Perspective has been something He has really taught me especially in the past year! I hope that you to can learn 
the things I have learned from 
Jeremiah 29:11  
For I know the plans I have for you." Declares the Lord, plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future."

Did you catch that ! He doesn't do anything to just harm us! He wants to give the good stuff. Question is will we follow Him all the way through to see the beautiful good plans for your now and your future!
The next time you face the storm. Remind yourself of the promises of Jeremiah 29:11!
I have enjoyed spending time and sharing my heart with you today! I hope this post helps someone! I pray that you will be back soon! I hope you and your family has a wonderful weekend! I pray you are safe and dry! 
Prayerfully Yours ~Shellie~  

Wednesday, August 21, 2019

Just The Ramblings Of A Jesus Girl Who has Lupus

Where has August disappeared too? I think I blinked and it was gone!
August has been a hard month for me. We have transitioned my pain meds to a higher long acting pain meds to give me better control. This has not been a easy transition. I have been to the emergency room again for uncontrollable pain.
However God is so good even when everything seems so blah and not what you expected.
He's moved in my spiritual many times this month.
My heart needed to know that Jesus girl still had a purpose for all of this pain. 
The first part of August I received a phone call asking everyone to speak at our ladies conference.

I know what your thinking your the pastor's wife you should speak when ever you feel led. I don't handle myself in that way as a Pastors Wife. I try to let whom ever is over the ministry do what they feel led to do by Jesus! I do however find it a great honor to be asked!
I would love for you to join us! I can't wait to spend to days with Jesus loving women who just want to glean from His word in worship, teaching and fellowship!
just leave me a  comment If your interested and I will get you the info you need!
The sweltering heat has kept me inside most of this month! I haven't been able to enjoy my wonderful patio!
However it has been nice to get out some during the day with Christian getting her permit! That has been a huge blessing we both have enjoyed! Probably me more than her!
I have finished the second chapter in A Place For Hollie and will begin working on the third one today! I hope to write a 9 chapter children's book and have it published! I am very excited I can't wait. Please pray for the adventure! I really want to make a children's book as well that goes along with the chapter book for younger kids.
As crazy as this month has been and as sick as I have been! I have so many wonderful things to be thankful for. I don't have time to set around and feel sorry for myself because  I have lupus!and I am in pain... Instead I can thank Jesus. For all the things I have learned during this time with my Daddy!
These past few years have been a time of learning and strengthening for me ! I wouldn't change a thing!
I almost forgot to tell one my most exciting things yet! Our ALOF girls were asked to be apart of a demonstration for a historical day event in September! We are over the moon excited and honored to be asked to be apart of the special day!
 Yes, yes one more thing! We went shopping for the bridal party dresses for my oldest daughters wedding! Now that was an event with in it's self lol! However I found a formal gown with pockets eeek!!! I was so excited excited the girls could here me outside the dressing room!

I am over moon with this dress it's prettier on than on the hanger. Those pockets won me over! lol
I am excited for the day when all this comes together!
Welp I have rambled enough this morning. 
So in closing I want to say this.... My life may not be what I had in mind! It's exactly what Jesus had in mind though! He makes no mistakes at all!
I am very thankful for the me He has created for such a time as this!
Thanks for stopping by! If you would please pray for me! I hope you are as excited for September as I am!!!

The pumpkins are coming! Sigh......

Tuesday, July 30, 2019

When You Are Unsure Of The Unknown

I woke up much earlier for this morning and very much unable to go back to sleep.
So I tried all so hard to quietly attempt to make  it from my bedroom to the living room, with my rollalator (walker with wheels lol).
I thought at first I would do my morning quiet time and then my morning exercises and then scroll on my phone.
My Daddy (aka God incase your new here) He was like ummm I think I laid something on your heart last night to share. Of course I am gonna whine and cry because now that I have done four pages of exercises I am tired! It's hard being me most days! My Daddy said Shellie put your big girl panties on and blog what I shared with you! So here we are! He wins every time!

My life is always filled with many ups and downs. Highs and lows, I can guess you can even say rock bottom too.
 Yet how do we respond to the unknown in our lives.
Do you get mad or God and stomp your feet because your afraid of the unknown.
Do we stop talking to Him because we know we are His favorite and this silence has to stop.
Or do we simply walk away and say if God is so good why would He let this happen.

I Kinda left the Dr's office that way yesterday.. Not the first one but stomp your feet mad lol.
I had a pericardial effusion when I was discharged from the hospital the last time. Because of reoccurring symptoms and swelling. I will go Thursday for a repeat echo. Her very words if its still small we leave it alone if its larger we will have to drain it again! 
All I wanted to do is scram to the top of my lungs I have had enough!?!
How many of you want to scream you have had enough?
We all have those moments! It's what we do with them is what counts!
Even though I wanted to kick and scream! Can I share something with you I have before, Ugly cried. It wasn't pretty at all!
I choose not to get mad about the unknown. 
The unknown can be so many things! Someone you love committed suicide, you lost your job, you and your husband is having trouble, your having troubles with your teenage kid, ministry is in disarray, you don't have money to pay your bills, your health is failing you, or you thought something you had prayed for was gonna happen then it didn't.
Man I could type for days!
I was talking to my Daddy last night about my health and some decisions I may be faced to make. I want to make the best decision because there is a lot at stake.

The Unknown....... I spilled my heart out to Him as I fell asleep in His arms just telling all about my broken heart.
These are the things He showed me.
1~ He will NEVER LEAVE ME or forsake me !
Hebrews 13:5
2~When I go through the DEEP WATERS HE will be with you.
Isaiah 43:2
3~Be completely humble and gentle; be patient, bearing with one another in love.
Ephesians 4:2-3
4~Guard your heart above all else, for it determines the course of your life.
5~"For I will restore your health to you and heal you of all your wounds," Says the Lord.
Jeremiah 30:17

God promised me last night He wasn't going anywhere! I didn't need to be afraid he would always be there  even if He is silent ! For Him to tell me He's going into the deep waters with me, He's going into the darkest battle I could ever face and with Him by my side I will always come out on the winning side always!
He wants me to be careful about who I talk to and share my fears with! Because what they might pour into my is anger and resentment.
His word promises to restore my health either here on earth or in heaven one day and I promise! I m okay with either!
Sometimes He can't give us the desires of our hearts because that is not in His plan for us ! 

I spent a really long time taking all this in... So what do we do with the Unknown?
We trust Him!
I have been recently asked was I mad at God? I asked for what?
The person replied this, Shellie you have gained so much weight due to steroids, you are so sick, and you need assistance to get around even when you go to church you use a wheelchair, and you have lost life as you known it.
The Unknown....
I replied almost laughing! No I am not mad at God! Yes I am heavier than I have ever been! But I am alive and my size does not determine beauty it comes from inside!
I may be sick and yes my body has a lot to deal with SLE Lupus is no joke and loves to attack my heart and lungs! But there is someone out there much worse than I am. I am thankful for the gift of each new day!
I may need a walker, cane, wheelchair, and a shower chair! SO what they are just accessories that make my outfits look good lol!
All though I have lost a lot I am happy I have learned so much through this process! God is so very good to me! 
I have realized our lives are stories others are watching and reading! I want God to look good!
I am not md its very hard to be mad when you live a life of thankfulness!
I choose to be thankful for each and every day! God so very good! How can I not be thankful for my everyday blessings!
But even still the unknown comes up from time to time and we need our Daddy's reassurance!
My Unknown is a scary surgery whether it would be just to drain a effusion again the recovery time is long and hard. Or if it meas we strip the pericardial sack from the heart. Its a long bloody surgery with high risk! 
This morning the unknown isn't too scary! My Daddy is gonna be with me and I am so excited to have His promises to remember to get me through each day!
I am not sure if someone reading has a unknown.... God knows though! Talk to Him and let Him reassure you the very same way He did me! He love us so very much! 
If you have an unknown you would like for me to pray about. I would be more than happy to add you to my prayer list. Simply reply in comments please pray for me! That's all you need to say unless you feel okay to share more! 

Thank you for stopping by and letting me share my heart with you! God's got our unknown even when we are unsure He never is!
I am prying for you always ! I hope you will come by again soon! 
Prayerfully Yours,