Sunday, February 3, 2019

Morning Worship At Home

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We are not but a couple of weeks in to 2019, and my body has had a horrible time. I am so thankful to know my glorified body will not have lupus !!!
I hate missing church more than anything! 
There is something special about coming together with believers to worship!
I know every Sunday will not be like this! So when I knew I would have to opt to stay home to let my body heal and get better. I determined to worship at home with my church family and in my alone time with my heavenly Daddy.
So I grabbed my favorite coffee mug and began live stream with my church family! You know there are days I would love more than anything not to have the technology we have today. I think in some ways it robs us from what is in front of us.
Today I am reminded of hat a blessing it is to be apart of our church service even when I can not be there!
I woke this morning determined not to miss out on everything! When connection kept getting interrupted and my medicines began to cause me to fade ... I bean to get frustrated because I felt like I was letting my Daddy in heaven down!
He whispered peace to my soul!
He reminded me its okay HE knew my heart, that often the truest worship is found at the Fathers feet.
My heart relaxed and let all those emotions go and concentrated just on Him...
I felt like I had been at church even though I truly hadn't.
I love when God reminds us of His promises and shows up in the most mightiest ways!
After time spent alone with Him my soul felt so refreshed! 
In the stillness of the morning with just the hum of the refrigerator, I feel refreshed spiritually. I am reminded this a temporary home...
 2019 has had some highs and some lows already! However that may be we have seen God answer some very big things we have been praying about for sometime!
We have been praying for almost a year for insurance to agree to cover benlysta weekly shots at home instead of monthly infusions! Due to the severe side effects I have after the treatment! We got the letter of approval last week! So I will no longer take the monthly infusions! Our prayer is my body handles the shots with far less side effects.
We had also been helping our oldest daughter pray about a job closer to home. She recently tested positive for lupus and had been driving two hours one way to work everyday 12 hr shifts. God opened the door for her at our local hospital 10 min. from her house! She will begin there mid February! 
I am so thankful for his answered prayers! Hes a good good Father for sure! It's easy to worship when we are on the mountain top. I think we can all agree when we are in the valley it takes much more work! I can totally say it is well worth it!
Thanks for stopping by and sharing your morning with me !
Prayerfully Yours ~ Shellie    

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