Wednesday, March 27, 2019

Hospital Stay

I had such high hopes this month to get my blog back to where is wanted it.... However my body had other plans for me. I have been in the hospital for 15 days now! I am awaiting a transfer to Duke hospital. On the 12th of March I woke up feeling really bad and very labored breathing. My primary care doctor couldn’t get me in till Thursday. I knew deep down I was in trouble and that was not an option. I needed to be seen. I was taken to the local ER and transported to a larger hospital from there. We have learned at this point there is some constriction in the pericardium of my heart. The doctors here are not sure if that is the problem. They want me somewhere a rheumatologist and a cardiac team can set down together and decide what is Lupus and what is from a different source. I think this is a wonderful plan. I have been waiting to be transferred since Friday! I miss so many aspects of my old life. I was almost excited when I thought the heart was for a moment there is a procedure that could fix that. The doctors where I am now are scared to touch me because of all of past history. These past few days have been topsy turvy with emotion.  Pain levels don’t help that all nor does their favorite drug of choice prednisone.
All though I know it is needed, I really hate taking large amounts of medicine. I dislike even more being stuck in a hospital bed. 
We need answers to the source, I don’t want to just treat and manage the pain. That was the last suggestion from the cardiologist. I have made it very clear I am interested in quality of life not quantity. It’s not a life if your barley existing... I feel like that what I have been doing for some time now existing..... 
I have tried to find something to be thankful for and joy in each day I am here.... I think that has helped keep me sane lol if there is such a thing.
We celebrated our youngest daughter 19th Birthday in my hospital room on a Sunday. We had a nice dinner brought in and French macaroons brought in for her instead of a cake!

 She loved them.... Even though this was not the ideal way to celebrate a Birthday I am very thankful we were all still here to celebrate with her! My oldest daughter has been awesome making sure anything that needs to be taken care of at home is done. So my hubby can be by my side during all of this. He’s my rock and really don’t know what I would do with out him! I am very blessed to call him mine!
It is our prayer that by the end of the day tomorrow we are heading to Duke and that will lead to answers and more quality of life! 
I want when people here my story they can see Jesus’s all over every aspect of my life. That will make others want to draw closer to Him!
Thank you for stopping by today!
It is my prayer you have a blessed week filled with joy! ~Shellie 

Monday, March 11, 2019

Happy Homemaker Monday March 11,2019

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If you read my last entry you know I have been on a social media fast for Lent! I have to say I don't think I realized how much of my time it actually took! I believe when Lent is over, there will be major changes on how much time it gets!
My body still has a mind of it's own and makes life less than easy at times. My home had been hit with the flu and we finally recovered from that then bam I was hit with something else.
Prayerfully I am on the back end of whatever this is.
Its been awhile since I have linked up with Sandra over at a Diary of A Stay At Home Mom! I am excited to be linking up with Happy Homemaker! If you decide to join in on the fun follow the link below:

The Weather~
Monday 71
Tuesday 66
Wednesday 64
Thursday 69
Friday 72
Saturday 65

My heart is ready for spring! I have been daydreaming of warm days and starting a herb garden this year! We have had so much rain! My yard is like walking in a swamp. So thankful to see lots of sunshine and warm weather this week! We have a chance of rain later in the week. I hope it changes its mind and doesn't!

Right Now~
I just finished up some cereal. Still sipping on coffee as I set at the kitchen table working on this post. I love how the sun shines through my lace curtains in the living room!
It whispers the promise of spring! 

My thoughts are all over the place right now! I have so much I want to do! So little energy. I was approved for Benlysta injections at home for my Lupus. I had my first shot last Tuesday! I have not felt well since! I pray that it was just a fluke and my body was still trying to recover from the flu and pneumonia. Praying tomorrows shot goes well and little if any side effects. I have decided that I need to set weekly goals for myself. In hopes to accomplish things I want done! 
I know I will have to be realistic. I think it  may help with the fact I am still unable to drive. If I keep myself semi busy I won't miss some of the things I have lost along the way so badly.

On My Reading Pile~
Nothing at this very moment... I hope a trip to the local bookstore will soon remedy that.

On My T.V~
The Good Dr
 New Amsterdam
Knightfall - I just finished the first season I can not wait till the next.
When Calls The Heart

On My To Do List~

*Clean house later this week
* Work on another chapter of my Mission Hope Girls series
* I have some craft painting to finish

Looking Around the House~
Honestly it needs a good cleaning! There has been so much sickness! Its been disinfected... Just not kept picked up the way I like it be! My youngest helps me beyond imagination! She has had some other things she wanted to take care of last week. I miss being able to be the homemaker I once was. I know things change... I am still trying too adjust to the new normal with joy.

On The Menu~
Monday~ Rice a Roni, fried taters and onion, and pintos
Tuesday~ Pork Chops. baked potatoes, broccoli
Wednesday~ Bang Bang Shrimp wraps and fries
Thursday~ Fried Chicken, mashed potatoes, green beans
Friday~ Grilled Chicken breast, corn on the cob, broccoli

In the Craft Basket~
Before I got so sick I dug out some spring skirt patterns to sew! I pray that I can begin working on them. I was asked to try my hand at making American Girl doll food from air dry clay! I have it created its waiting to be painted! Maybe next week I will have pictures of one or the other.

One of my simple pleasures~
Spending time being creative! Its always been one of my most favorite things to do!

Favorite Bible verse for the week~
On My Prayer List~
Please help me pray my body will respond well to the Lupus meds with out the horrible side effects. Praying for our nation... We need God back in every aspect of our country.
Also help me pray for a very dear friend and their ministry!

In Closing~
Thank you so much for stopping by today and sharing a moment of your day with me! I pray that each of you have a blessed and wonderful week!

Thursday, March 7, 2019

Lent 2019

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February has came and gone and we have entered into March! With all hopes spring is just around the way!
February was a hard month for our home! Full of sickness and uncertainties. I have high hopes March will be a month of healing and good days ahead!
Our church is participating in Lent this year. Normally we do a church wide Daniel fast. My body does not do well with the diet and I normally have to change it up so I can tolerate it. So when my hubby announced the change my heart was eager and happy! I choose to give up facebook, instagram, and snap chat! These forms of social media tend to take up more of my precious time than I need to allow it. I am excited to use this time to grow closer to Jesus. Also to devote more time on my blog.
I think I have decided to combine my blogs during this time as well! I have SLE Lupus and I honestly have a hard time trying to balance two! 
I am excited to see how my relationship grows stronger and how these next few weeks change my view on social media as well! 
 Easter is one of my favorite holidays! Its a reminder of all Jesus gave up for me and forever changed who I am! Do you participate in Lent? If so what do you give up during that time?
Thank you for stopping by! I am praying for you and pray you have a blessed day!