Thursday, March 7, 2019

Lent 2019

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February has came and gone and we have entered into March! With all hopes spring is just around the way!
February was a hard month for our home! Full of sickness and uncertainties. I have high hopes March will be a month of healing and good days ahead!
Our church is participating in Lent this year. Normally we do a church wide Daniel fast. My body does not do well with the diet and I normally have to change it up so I can tolerate it. So when my hubby announced the change my heart was eager and happy! I choose to give up facebook, instagram, and snap chat! These forms of social media tend to take up more of my precious time than I need to allow it. I am excited to use this time to grow closer to Jesus. Also to devote more time on my blog.
I think I have decided to combine my blogs during this time as well! I have SLE Lupus and I honestly have a hard time trying to balance two! 
I am excited to see how my relationship grows stronger and how these next few weeks change my view on social media as well! 
 Easter is one of my favorite holidays! Its a reminder of all Jesus gave up for me and forever changed who I am! Do you participate in Lent? If so what do you give up during that time?
Thank you for stopping by! I am praying for you and pray you have a blessed day!


  1. I love you so much! I think this is a very wise decision, and a difficult one at that! I've been back and forth on social media for a long time now, so I certainly know the benefits of taking a break from it! Love you so much!

    1. I love you and I am so very thankful for you and your friendship!I have enjoyed the break so far! Only thing I have had to adjust to is everyone putting what they need to be prayer for on social media. Other than that I really haven't missed it! praying for you always!


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