Monday, April 29, 2019

Happy Homemaker Monday April 29,2019

I have been home now for around 3 weeks... I have faced many obsticales! Each coming with new determination to try to have joy and as much a normal life as possible! Our weekend was extremly busy! We had springfest at our church. We had an amazing turn out! Our childrens ministry had a lemonade stand to raise money for some things we need to do in our childrens church! They did amazing!
I have a very busy week ahead! The ladies from our church will be heading to Myrtle Beach for the Women of Joy confrence! I m super excited and a little nervous at the same time. I know Gods got this and He will help me have the strength and energy to keep up and be there!
This evening I am linking up with Sandra at the Diary Of A Stay At Home Mom! There are truly some amazing bloggers who join in on the fun. If you would like to follow the link below!
For all of you sweet ladies who stopped by last week I am sorry I am just now getting caught up on replies! I will try to do better this week! 

 The weather is ~ 
Beautiful today it is really just right ... This week is suppose to be nice here and the beach! I am glad... I really don't want to be there and it rain the whole time.
Tuesday 86/59
Wednesday 87/60
Thursday 79/65
Friday 80/65
Saturday 78/64

As I look out my window~
Today is beautiful... Sun seriously dances off of everything it touches! There is a very nice cool breeze. So it feels amazing out. Everything here seems to be in full bloom now! I even planted some flowers today with the help of my youngest!

This was a big deal for me to plant! I have a very har time to be up for long periods! All though it wiped me out! It was worth it!I feel accomplished for the day!

On my reading pile~ 
I am still reading The Crushing by T.D  Jakes
I have loved what I have read! We had company last week for several nights so I haven't gotten to read like I wish I had!
Movies and Shows~
I really dont have a series right now that I am watching... I need to find a good one though for night time! If you have a favorite let me know about it so I can check it out! Sometimes sleep is not on my bodies list of things to do lol! So I have to make the best of it !

On the menu this week~
Monday~ Fish and fries
Tuesday ~ Rice A Roni, fried taters, and pintos
I know this is not the healthiest choice but it is a childhood favorite !
Wednesday~ Grilled chicken, broccoli, baked potatoes
Thursday through Sunday~ Out of town

On my to do list~
* Finish packing
* Help with laundry
* Make sure house is in order the best I can before my trip

In the craft basket~
I did spend some time painting the american girl stuff I made before I had my stay in the hospital. 

I Also painted the back of my wheelchair! I wanted it to be fun if I am going to be riding in it ! I was so tired when I finished ... But it was so worth it! I really enjoyed painting it! I still want t add the lupus twibbon I hope to have that done before my trip!

Looking around the house~ 
It is time for a deep clean... However that is gonna have to wait for the time being! Maybe when we get back I will feel more up to it. I dont want to push to much before I go to confrence so ! So I will enjoy women of joy!
From the camera~
This rose is from one of my rose bushes, I simply can not get over Gods attention to detail! If He care that much about a flower ! Think about how much more He thinks of us!

What am I wearing today~
My hair is up in a bun and I have a cotton green sundress on.
I love dresses in the spring and summer! They feel so cool and I have always loved the way a dress made me feel like a lady...

One Of my simple pleasures~
Setting on the couch holding my husbands hand! That is one of the best feelings in the world to have him by my side!

Favorite Bible verese or Devotion~
This is also my homescreen on my phin this week.

Prayer Request~
I have two friends in our church who's Dad is not doing well at all! 
Please pray for our ladies as we head off to confrence! That we grow in frindships and even stronger in Jesus.
Pray for me on this trip! I am so excited to go I just need my body to be able to keep up with out over doing it and getting in trouble! I really do not want to ge to know the Myrtle Beach Emergency Department lol!
Also pray for a plumbing problem we have had ! It as flooded our basement a few times now! Again today the worst yet! We have had a plumber out to look at it! Ut will be okay for a few days and then boom it happens again! It is becoming a expensive issue! We need to figure iut the true source of this issue so we can get it fixed once and for all.

In Closing~ 
I can not thank you enough for spending some time with me today! I may not make it around to everyone today! I promise to tomorrow! A nap is calling me ! I pray you each have a blessed week!  ~ Prayerfully Yours Shellie

Monday, April 22, 2019

Happy Homemaker Monday ~ April 22, 2019

I am a little late getting started today! I am moving like a sloth on benadryl lol. However slow I am I am trying to make sure each day I meet a goal! Well today's goal is blogging! So here goes nothing...
What a blessed week we have had! All things considering Easter week was filled with revelations and blessings.
We had a beautiful service at church yesterday. It was my first Sunday to return to Children's Ministry. I am not sure who was more excited to see one another me or the kids!?! I taught the Easter lesson and everyone else handled everything else! I am learning to navigate this new life of mine! My wheelchair and walker are my new best friends and make getting around much easier. All though I hope this temporary if it is not, I came to realization it will be okay. 
Anyways I am joining up with Sandra for Happy Homemaker Monday over at a Diary of a Stay at Home Mom! It's a wonderful link up! An amazing way to meet and make some amazing blogger friends! If you would like to join in on the fun follow the link below:

What's on my plate and what am I wearing?
I started the morning off with a wonderful cup of coffee. I choose to eat a bowl cereal this morning. I just wasn't very hungry....
I decided since I was going to be hanging out at home all day and my lupus body has had it lol! I choose a pair of comfy pjs. some floral stretchy capri's with a robin egg blue flowy shirt to match!
Weather ~ We are expecting beautiful weather this week! I am so excited for the warmer weather!
Monday ~ 73/51
Tuesday~ 82/59
Wednesday~ 82/62
Thursday~ 81/62
Friday~ 73 storms /53
Saturday~ 73/53
Sunday~ 77/53

As I look out my window~
The sun is shining and it is a beautiful spring day out today! All of creation seems to be in bloom and my heart is so happy! The birds are playfully playing on my porch!I love spring! It is like all of creation is waking up for the very first time!

On my Bedside Table~
My lamp,diffuser, Bible, prayer journal, medicine cups for nightly around the clock pain control, my little dish that holds my chapstick, pen, inhaler, and last but not least a bottle of water!

On My Reading Pile~ 
I am still working my way through my new study What Happens When Women Walk In Faith for devotion time! We were in walmart earlier in the week and my daughter was looking for a new book to read and my husband was just looking around I noticed he had picked up a book and was reading the back. Which was odd unless its ministry related he isn't a huge reader. He handed the book and said there is only one of these books and I am pretty sure this copy is yours. So I read the back and couldn't agree more! So after a nap today ! I plan to begin this book.
I will have to let you guys know my thoughts when I finish it!

My Goals For This Week:
~Straighten up the kitchen cabinets with my daughters help
I can not do it by myself and I know that!

~Pack for Women Of Joy so I am not overwhelmed with it next week.

~Work on my blogs

~Try to walk a little more each day with my walker

-Jazz up my wheelchair ! I am determined if I an going to ride in it I am going to have fun with it lol!

~Try to help clean house 

In the craft basket~
The same as last week! I am slowly trying to paint the American Girl Doll air dry clay food I had made before I went in the hospital! I also am planning to paint a flamingo on the back of my wheelchair for women of joy with a cute saying! I recently also had to get a walker. So I thought I would deck it out in feather boas ! I have always loved to just be me and have a good time ! So I am determined to find joy through this new me!

Happening this week~
~ Lots of resting this weekend really took it out of this girl

~I have appointment with the lung specialist on Wednesday.
I had to reschedule it last week...

~Our church is having SpringFest a huge festival with entertainment, craft vendors, food, and so much more! It was rescheduled for this Saturday after being rained out 2 weeks ago.

Looking around the house ~
It's not bad all things considered... My youngest and I plan to try to clean good later in the week when I feel a little better! Worse comes to worse we will take care of it next week!

From the camera ~
I have a few favorites this week I want to share !
             I am so blessed to have such an amazing family!
              My Roses are In full bloom and they are beautiful!
                   My youngest made this adorable cake !
           One of my adopted daughters at church painted me                               this adorable bunny picture I love it !

This picture was one of my favorites on my camera roll! This is on my husband's grandma's tea table in our living room!

Simple Pleasure~
Spending time with those I love and reflecting on things that matter most!
Easter is my favorite time the year! It is a real reminder of what Jesus has done for me !!! I am thankful for that gift ! 

Favorite Bible Verse or Quote~

Praise Reports and Prayer Request~

Praise !
Thank you all who prayed for my daughter last week as she went to have a place on her breast checked! It came back as normal fibrosis tissue!!!! Thank you so much for all of you who prayed for her ! I know she was scared!

Prayer Request~
Please continue to pray for me! I have began walking around the house with a walker! I am still very limited to what I am able to do! I have already paid to a conference with the ladies of our church next week pray I can do this and the trip for everyone goes well.

My oldest and her boyfriend were in a car accident yesterday! Thankfully for the most part everyone is okay, However she has a pretty nasty bump on her head and she didn't go to the ER to have it checked. She lives on her own now so you know us Moms we worry! 

Continue to pray for my friend who's family who is in the ministry but is in transition. its hard to leave a church and wait for what's next. Help me pray God continues to prepare them for what's next.

In Closing~
I can not thank you enough for stopping by and sharing apart of your day with me! I am praying God blesses you and your family this week! Blessings~Shellie

Tuesday, April 16, 2019

Just Some Evening Ramblings

Last night was the first night of real sleep, I have had in a really long time. It felt wonderful to wake up feeling refreshed like that. My pain is still not controlled... That's okay I know that this girl wont get everything I want in one day! I know it is a matter of the right cocktail. That can be the hardest part... I don't want to feel out of this world all the time... I want to be connected. We are trying to get me some new wheels to help me around the house! By new wheels I mean a walker! I plan to dress that bad boy up and make it fun if I need to use it! After all I have to keep the joy in this journey. Today has been a long and hard day. I did make it outside for the first time to set on the patio. The fresh air was amazing. I hope that I can try again tomorrow. The weather here is changing. I can literally feel it in my joints. Rain must be on the way... 
   I want to encourage anyone who is in a season of change. I know how hard it can be. My heart is heavy for you! Just remember we get to decide how we deal with it ! We can be bitter or find a reason to be happy! Today I choose happy! I choose hope that tomorrow will be better than today! My daughter sent me a picture this morning from her early adventure out with our puppy... 
      Her caption was Mom this is God's reminder your just blooming for what is coming next....
 It honestly brought tears to my eyes ... My 19 year old was ministering to me this morning! It made my Momma heart so very proud! My sweet hubby gave me a very precious gift today! I don't take it lightly... I have a really hard time with anything of weight on my legs. That's one of the things that holds me back from my writing and blogging. My laptop kills my legs. I have to spend a lot of time on my bed and couch. So I would have to hold my laptop on my legs and by the time I would be done. I would be so miserable I could barely walk! This afternoon he came in with a 2 pound chromebook. Oh it is amazing ! I have been able to hold it ! I have started a new story and wrote a blog post for tonight! I am thankful for the blessings of each day! I am even more thankful for a gift that will allow me to do something I am passionate about! I pray each of you who reads this has a wonderful day tomorrow! I most likely wont make a new post tomorrow is doctors office day! I will be totally wiped out by the time they are done with me! I am praying for you!  Please continue to pray for me! Also my sweet girl has a ultrasound on her breast in the morning! Please help us pray this is nothing to be concerned about! We know God has got this... He is good Father! I am so blessed to be His!

Monday, April 15, 2019

Happy Homemaker Monday April 15, 2015

Oh how I truly love to wake up to the sun shining through the lace curtains in my room! The sun kissing my cheeks is the sweetest wake up call ever! It felt as is the birds were singing just to me this morning. 
I love spring I have counted the days till its arrival! All though it's arrival came during my 23 day stay in the hospital. It was us a cold ugly day as if it was matching my mood! I am happy that both of us are feeling a little more like ourselves! 
I have once again found myself at a not so easy journey! A new me to adjust too. This one harder than the last. My pericardium is constricting my heart. I live in severe pain. However I am determined to live this life with joy and quality! I am trying to adjust to new meds and a stronger pain control. I can no longer over excerpt myself! I have found myself needing my wheelchair again due to not being able to walk long distances. I missed church this week but listened to live stream! All in all I am blessed to be here! Thanks to listening to my ramblings lol! Today I am linking up with Sandra at a Diary of a Stay at Home Mom for Happy Home Maker Monday! If you want to join in o the fun follow the link below!

The Weather ~ Monday 66/37
                             Wednesday 80/52
                             Thursday 80/64
                             Saturday 63/43
                    Easter Sunday 67/46
There is a chance of rain most everyday but Sunday! I pray its warm and dry! We plan to have our family dinner outside at my house!

As I Look Out My Window~
The sun is shining beautifully! Everything is turning so green! Coming to life before my eyes! I have been watching a butterfly flutter around. I need to put the front porch furniture back out! 

On My Bedside Table~
I feel like what you find here is a organized mess lol! I have a lamp, diffuser , My prayer journals, several devotionals, my ipad, a bowl that holds my rescue inhaler, chap stick, hair bows, pen, and high lighter, 4 medicine cups for my around the clock night meds, Which I am still adjusting to! Last and not least water bottle! We recently had to get creative about my bedside table! I sleep in a adjustable bed! I literally sleep setting straight up! I needed my bed side table to be where I could reach it from any angle at all angles. So I have an antique sewing table that folds out ! So we were able to adjust it to work! it can be opened with out pulling up the sewing machine up. It can be used for a table. So that's what we did! I covered it with a antique lace table cloth! It looks like it was made to be there the whole time! I love it! 

On My Reading Pile~ 
 I have started the top one! Its an actual study! It has been amazing! My sweet hubby got it                                                  for me during my 23 day hospital stay!
I am excited to start this one next! The one of ladies of our church got me this one. The ladies of our churchis going to women of joy conference the first weekend in May I plan to take this one to read in my down time! 

On My TV~
Expedition Unknown
Mysteries at the Museum

On The Menu This Week~
I am unsure! I have been given strict hubby and daughter instructions ! I am not to attempt to cook. They have it under control! I m trying very hard to listen and be a good patient lol! I do know that my daughter and I plan to make a strawberry bunny cake for Easter Sunday! I am excited to help her!

On My To Do List~
*Get spring and summer clothes out and pack winter clothes away 
( I will have lots of help with this )
*Work on my kids story 
*Try to help prepare for church egg hunt
*Make Easter cake
*Possibly do some craft painting
*See lung specialist on Wednesday 
*Daughter has a breast ultrasound on Wednesday, she has found a small lump
its being checked to be safe

In My Craft Basket~
Before my very unexpected hospital stay. I made some food and kitchen supplies for my American girls. For photo and story props! Non of those have been painted yet! I hope to get that done and then begin to work on the farm scene for the new story line! These are things I can do!
                                     These paper plates are filled with doll food to be painted!
I would really love to sew the girls in our A Life of Faith group a doll dress for Easter. We shall see.

Looking Around the House~
For the most part all things considered! The house just needs a general tiding up. My sweet youngest daughter is doing that for me as I blog actually! Its hard for me to let someone do the things I am passionate about doing. I have always loved serving my home family and caring for my home! However she reminded me this morning that its okay to need help. I can not do these things right now and may never be able to again. I need to focus on things I can do and not on the things I can not do! Wow, let that sink in a second! When did my 19yr old become so wise! So needless to say, my home is being cleaned up and smelling like freshness as I type! I am thankful for the amazing family I call mine!

What am I wearing today~
Well my wardrobe has been consistently dominated by p.j's  lately.... Today is no different lol! For the moment I have a baby pink silk night gown on... When I shower soon I believe it will be a oversized t-shirt and my pink Disney pajama bottoms. For now comfort is a must! Nothing says comfort like comfy  Disney p.j's!

One of My Simple Pleasures~
Spending the day with my family! Whether it is on the couch watching a movie, in a hospital room gathered closely around talking, being pushed around in wheelchair in a mall trying to find a Easter outfit. It doesn't matter where we are! Together is my favorite place to be!

From My Camera Roll~
Unicorns make everything better! The super cute house slippers were a gift from a friend! While I was in the hospital! 
They made everyone smile when they seen them! Lol you would think I was 5 instead of 42! But I wouldn't have it any other way!

Favorite Bible Verse or Quote of the Week~
Here is one of each! I started changing my phone wallpaper for my home screen weekly with a new verse! That is the verse I am memorizing that week! I thought I would share and see if anyone else would like to give it a try! That means you would learn 52 memory verses a year!  Which I am pretty excited about! So here is this weeks verse ! Now the whole verse is not on screen. I write the complete verse out on a index card and keep it on bathroom mirror. However the screen reminder is enough for me to recall the rest of the verse! 
I am so very thankful He lives! Job 19:25! Because of His precious gift! I have assurance when I close my eyes in death here! I will open my eyes in life with Him forever!!!
My Quote for the week is :

 This quote is something I am having to tell myself daily! Three years ago my fall changed everything I knew ! Including my size! I am a plus size curvy girl for sure now! I was once a very thin curvy girl. I have struggled with eating disorders in the past. No that my world has been flipped upside down. I am having to accept that this is who I am and I am beautiful because I am me. My size does not define that ! I was told before I was discharged. Exercise was no longer allowed, short walks yes but true exercising no! Any strain on my heart could lead to cardiac arrest and could kill me! My heart muscle is very healthy. The skin around is not..... The only way to fix is a very dangerous surgery! It is a last ditch effort, even then I am not sure I will consent to it. Especially if it would steal quality of life. So I am now watching what I eat and portion size. But honestly I take 17 medicines a day! I may stay the size I am... It may fluctuate more or less... I have to learn that I am beautiful no matter what and not focus on the number! Be happy I am alive and here!
On My Prayer List~
Please remember my bestie Stacy! As God has closed one adventure and is opening the door on another! I pray for traveling grace, for a smooth transition as they switch ministry gears, I pray the kids can adjust well, and I pray God opens a door for them in the very near future somewhere they can be used and loved for exactly where God wants them!
Please remember my daughter Christian about two months ago she was doing a monthly breast exam and found a pea sized knot in her breast. she has a ultra sound Wednesday. Please help us pray its nothing serious. My oldest daughter has tested positive for lupus! Help us pray they can get her on the right meds! Please continue to remember me ! I was diagnosed with constrictive chronic pericarditis. right now it is not effecting the pumping of my heart. But that is fear. It goes on a sliding scale of 1-5. Of course 1 not being bad at all 5 being the worst. Mine is a 3.5 at the moment. We have to get my lupus under control. My body can not with stand another pericardial effusion, fluid on the heart. That will cause the pericardium to thicken more. effecting the hearts ability to pump. It could very well kill me. There is a surgery the can do to strip the pericardium of the heart. The said it would be like trying to peal the skin off a grape with out hurting the grape. There is a 50/50 success rate. Please pray I can live a long full life. with quality. Even though I may never be able to go back to normal. I want to enjoy things I love. Pray for my hubby and girls as they go through this with me

In Closing~
Thank you for letting me pour heart out..... I can not thank you enough for stopping by and sharing apart of your day with me today! I pray that each of you have blessed week!
                                                         ~Prayerfully Yours ~ Shellie

Friday, April 12, 2019

Home Sweet Home

It is so hard to believe I have been home a week after a 23 day hospital stay... I have learned so much about myself and my faith through this journey! 
    I don't want to put a mask on and sugar coat this for myself or those who read this! Because my prayer is this blog will grow and reach so many for Jesus! Here is the ugly truth! This is scary! I feel like my life could change in a split second and be gone like a vapor... In all honesty that is the my new reality! It is a hard pill to swallow some mornings. I have a rare condition caused by my SLE Lupus. Constrictive Pericarditis. It is where the sack around the heart becomes thick from small pericardial effusions (fluid around the heart). It can become so thick it can constrict the heart from pumping and functioning properly. Resulting in cardiac arrest. There is only one cure for some one like me. If mine would get any worse is a very dangerous surgery. I have a lot of questions and decisions to make if I even want to consider that all.
  I want quality of like not quantity. I want to enjoy the things I love! I don't say these things for pity... I say because I want to share this thing called life with you and all the things I love along the way! I want to love this journey even on the hard days with joy! I want to be apologetically me. A childhood abuse survivor, satanic ritual abuse survivor, a Jesus loving born again pastors wife, children's ministry administrator, doll loving, aspiring author, wife, mom, blogger, lupus warrior, curvy girl who aspires to love her body and all its scars! 
   I know that is a lot but its what I want! I want to share the good bad and the ugly! today is the ugly for sure! I had a horrible night. With pain that had me bent over my bed. With nausea, diarrhea, nausea, soaking sweats, and no sleep! Today the pain is semi controlled on scale from 1-10. It is most defiantly a 9. This is my new life. This pain trying to regain my stamina to walk again. So wheelchair is my new ride outside my home! Today sucks! But I am so determined  to find joy in this day somewhere! So I am thankful for all 17 meds I take that starts my day and the very strong pain medicine I us to try to have a life! I thankful for the wooden t.v stand holding my lap top so the weight isn't bearing on my legs that are week and hurt! I am rocking pig tail braids and one of my favorite mickey mouse gowns! Munching on some trail mix! With my new favorite American Girl doll hanging out on my couch beside me ! As she is there to help inspire a new Mission Hope Girls story. If you want to follow along with my doll crafts and stories help me grow my audience there follow my Once Upon A Stitch In Time blog! Just click the link! Be sure to leave me a comment so I know you stopped by! Once Upon A Stitch In Time
          Today I am reminded to count it all joy! I am in awe of Gods love for me! All though my life has been totally turned upside down again! It really could be worse! I hope to try to blog a little each day! I want to share Gods grace with each of you! It may be first thing in the morning with an amazing cup of coffee, mid day after an exhausting shower lol, or in the very middle of the night while I can't sleep.
   I am thankful for you if you stopped by! I am still off social media for a few more days! But when my lent fast is over I am going to be sharing my blog link on my Instagram when I update! I hope you will help me share it! After all you never know when your story will inspire someone else to keep going! I hope you will leave me comment below after you are done with your visit today ! I wan to know you have been here so I can thank Jesus for you and pray for you! So let me with something to chuckle at ! A 42 year old young at heart adult rocking pigtail braids, butterfly rash on my cheeks, and mickey mouse gown, with my favorite mickey gown sipping on flavored water! I feel like a 5 year old kid who has missed school hanging on the couch having a sick day! Maybe I can get my way and get some dairy queen later lol! Thanks for spending some of your day with me today ! I pray the blesses you and you have a wonderful day!
                                                     Prayerfully Yours ~ Shellie ~