Monday, April 15, 2019

Happy Homemaker Monday April 15, 2015

Oh how I truly love to wake up to the sun shining through the lace curtains in my room! The sun kissing my cheeks is the sweetest wake up call ever! It felt as is the birds were singing just to me this morning. 
I love spring I have counted the days till its arrival! All though it's arrival came during my 23 day stay in the hospital. It was us a cold ugly day as if it was matching my mood! I am happy that both of us are feeling a little more like ourselves! 
I have once again found myself at a not so easy journey! A new me to adjust too. This one harder than the last. My pericardium is constricting my heart. I live in severe pain. However I am determined to live this life with joy and quality! I am trying to adjust to new meds and a stronger pain control. I can no longer over excerpt myself! I have found myself needing my wheelchair again due to not being able to walk long distances. I missed church this week but listened to live stream! All in all I am blessed to be here! Thanks to listening to my ramblings lol! Today I am linking up with Sandra at a Diary of a Stay at Home Mom for Happy Home Maker Monday! If you want to join in o the fun follow the link below!

The Weather ~ Monday 66/37
                             Wednesday 80/52
                             Thursday 80/64
                             Saturday 63/43
                    Easter Sunday 67/46
There is a chance of rain most everyday but Sunday! I pray its warm and dry! We plan to have our family dinner outside at my house!

As I Look Out My Window~
The sun is shining beautifully! Everything is turning so green! Coming to life before my eyes! I have been watching a butterfly flutter around. I need to put the front porch furniture back out! 

On My Bedside Table~
I feel like what you find here is a organized mess lol! I have a lamp, diffuser , My prayer journals, several devotionals, my ipad, a bowl that holds my rescue inhaler, chap stick, hair bows, pen, and high lighter, 4 medicine cups for my around the clock night meds, Which I am still adjusting to! Last and not least water bottle! We recently had to get creative about my bedside table! I sleep in a adjustable bed! I literally sleep setting straight up! I needed my bed side table to be where I could reach it from any angle at all angles. So I have an antique sewing table that folds out ! So we were able to adjust it to work! it can be opened with out pulling up the sewing machine up. It can be used for a table. So that's what we did! I covered it with a antique lace table cloth! It looks like it was made to be there the whole time! I love it! 

On My Reading Pile~ 
 I have started the top one! Its an actual study! It has been amazing! My sweet hubby got it                                                  for me during my 23 day hospital stay!
I am excited to start this one next! The one of ladies of our church got me this one. The ladies of our churchis going to women of joy conference the first weekend in May I plan to take this one to read in my down time! 

On My TV~
Expedition Unknown
Mysteries at the Museum

On The Menu This Week~
I am unsure! I have been given strict hubby and daughter instructions ! I am not to attempt to cook. They have it under control! I m trying very hard to listen and be a good patient lol! I do know that my daughter and I plan to make a strawberry bunny cake for Easter Sunday! I am excited to help her!

On My To Do List~
*Get spring and summer clothes out and pack winter clothes away 
( I will have lots of help with this )
*Work on my kids story 
*Try to help prepare for church egg hunt
*Make Easter cake
*Possibly do some craft painting
*See lung specialist on Wednesday 
*Daughter has a breast ultrasound on Wednesday, she has found a small lump
its being checked to be safe

In My Craft Basket~
Before my very unexpected hospital stay. I made some food and kitchen supplies for my American girls. For photo and story props! Non of those have been painted yet! I hope to get that done and then begin to work on the farm scene for the new story line! These are things I can do!
                                     These paper plates are filled with doll food to be painted!
I would really love to sew the girls in our A Life of Faith group a doll dress for Easter. We shall see.

Looking Around the House~
For the most part all things considered! The house just needs a general tiding up. My sweet youngest daughter is doing that for me as I blog actually! Its hard for me to let someone do the things I am passionate about doing. I have always loved serving my home family and caring for my home! However she reminded me this morning that its okay to need help. I can not do these things right now and may never be able to again. I need to focus on things I can do and not on the things I can not do! Wow, let that sink in a second! When did my 19yr old become so wise! So needless to say, my home is being cleaned up and smelling like freshness as I type! I am thankful for the amazing family I call mine!

What am I wearing today~
Well my wardrobe has been consistently dominated by p.j's  lately.... Today is no different lol! For the moment I have a baby pink silk night gown on... When I shower soon I believe it will be a oversized t-shirt and my pink Disney pajama bottoms. For now comfort is a must! Nothing says comfort like comfy  Disney p.j's!

One of My Simple Pleasures~
Spending the day with my family! Whether it is on the couch watching a movie, in a hospital room gathered closely around talking, being pushed around in wheelchair in a mall trying to find a Easter outfit. It doesn't matter where we are! Together is my favorite place to be!

From My Camera Roll~
Unicorns make everything better! The super cute house slippers were a gift from a friend! While I was in the hospital! 
They made everyone smile when they seen them! Lol you would think I was 5 instead of 42! But I wouldn't have it any other way!

Favorite Bible Verse or Quote of the Week~
Here is one of each! I started changing my phone wallpaper for my home screen weekly with a new verse! That is the verse I am memorizing that week! I thought I would share and see if anyone else would like to give it a try! That means you would learn 52 memory verses a year!  Which I am pretty excited about! So here is this weeks verse ! Now the whole verse is not on screen. I write the complete verse out on a index card and keep it on bathroom mirror. However the screen reminder is enough for me to recall the rest of the verse! 
I am so very thankful He lives! Job 19:25! Because of His precious gift! I have assurance when I close my eyes in death here! I will open my eyes in life with Him forever!!!
My Quote for the week is :

 This quote is something I am having to tell myself daily! Three years ago my fall changed everything I knew ! Including my size! I am a plus size curvy girl for sure now! I was once a very thin curvy girl. I have struggled with eating disorders in the past. No that my world has been flipped upside down. I am having to accept that this is who I am and I am beautiful because I am me. My size does not define that ! I was told before I was discharged. Exercise was no longer allowed, short walks yes but true exercising no! Any strain on my heart could lead to cardiac arrest and could kill me! My heart muscle is very healthy. The skin around is not..... The only way to fix is a very dangerous surgery! It is a last ditch effort, even then I am not sure I will consent to it. Especially if it would steal quality of life. So I am now watching what I eat and portion size. But honestly I take 17 medicines a day! I may stay the size I am... It may fluctuate more or less... I have to learn that I am beautiful no matter what and not focus on the number! Be happy I am alive and here!
On My Prayer List~
Please remember my bestie Stacy! As God has closed one adventure and is opening the door on another! I pray for traveling grace, for a smooth transition as they switch ministry gears, I pray the kids can adjust well, and I pray God opens a door for them in the very near future somewhere they can be used and loved for exactly where God wants them!
Please remember my daughter Christian about two months ago she was doing a monthly breast exam and found a pea sized knot in her breast. she has a ultra sound Wednesday. Please help us pray its nothing serious. My oldest daughter has tested positive for lupus! Help us pray they can get her on the right meds! Please continue to remember me ! I was diagnosed with constrictive chronic pericarditis. right now it is not effecting the pumping of my heart. But that is fear. It goes on a sliding scale of 1-5. Of course 1 not being bad at all 5 being the worst. Mine is a 3.5 at the moment. We have to get my lupus under control. My body can not with stand another pericardial effusion, fluid on the heart. That will cause the pericardium to thicken more. effecting the hearts ability to pump. It could very well kill me. There is a surgery the can do to strip the pericardium of the heart. The said it would be like trying to peal the skin off a grape with out hurting the grape. There is a 50/50 success rate. Please pray I can live a long full life. with quality. Even though I may never be able to go back to normal. I want to enjoy things I love. Pray for my hubby and girls as they go through this with me

In Closing~
Thank you for letting me pour heart out..... I can not thank you enough for stopping by and sharing apart of your day with me today! I pray that each of you have blessed week!
                                                         ~Prayerfully Yours ~ Shellie


  1. Oh my you are going through so much (you and your daugthers). I am sending you positive healing vibes - I like your optimism and good humor. LOVE the unicorn slippers. I'm glad you are having your family with you for support. Have a great week.

    1. Thank you for the positive vibes! I feel them! I have found through all of this a positive attitude and a good sense of humor was one of the best medicines there is! I absolutely have a wonderful supportive family! I don't know what I would do with out them! Thank you for stopping by! I hope you have an amazing week!

  2. Hello! I'm pretty sure that this is my first time visiting, but it won't be the last. I am praying health and healing over you even as I type this and look forward to hearing what great things the Lord has in store for you. Blessings for a beautiful week ahead and Happy Easter! <3

    1. I am so glad you stopped by! I look forward to making a new blog friend! Thank you for your prayers! I feel them! I can not wait to share with everyone how very good the Lord is through all of this! Praying you and your family has a blessed and wonderful week and a very Happy Easter!

  3. Love those slippers!! Praying for healing. Have a great Monday!

    1. Thanks Jodi! They have been lots of fun and brought lots of smiles the last few weeks! Have a great week! Thanks for stopping by!

  4. Thinking of you and praying for you and your family to all be in good health as Easter approaches. Sorry you had to spend so much time in the hospital. I've not read that particular book by Candace Cameron Bure but I've enjoyed all of her books that I have read. Hope you have a wonderful week and a very Happy Easter!

    1. Thanks for stopping by Jean! thank you so much for your prayers I feel all of them! I am happy to be home from the hospital! I look forward to being in church Sunday! I will let you know about the Candace Cameron Bure book when I am finished with it! I am excited about it! This will be my first read by her! I hope you and your family have a very blessed week and a very Happy Easter!

  5. Shellie you really have had a hard time lately, and it breaks my heart to hear all you've been going through. I've just said a prayer both for you and for your daughter's appointment on Wednesday. Hang in there, remember that the Lord has it all under control and He is watching over us every step of the way.

    I think I need to find that book you're reading "What Happens when Women walk in Faith", and I also love Candace Cameron Bure so I bet that is an awesome book as well.

    Have a wonderful week Shellie, do take it easy and listen to the doctors and your family, don't overdo it. Praying for you and sending you blessings.

    1. Thank you Sandra! I know god has a plan! Thank you for the prayers! I feel them! Especially for my daughter! She doesn't say much but I know there is some concern! I will update everyone when we have her results! I look forward to a praise report!
      I have so enjoyed "What Happens When Women Walk in Faith" It has truly spoke to what I have been going through at the moment! It was like God hand picked it for me and the season we are in!

      I pray you are feeling better and have a wonderful week as well! You and your family have a very Happy Easter!

  6. Hi Shellie,
    Sorry I'm so late catching up. Please know I'm praying for you and your family. God is good and you are never alone! ;)
    Love that you work on the 'American Girl doll stuff. I miss the days my daughter was in to them. It was so fun!!
    Love those slippers. Made me smile. I hope you and your family have a very blessed Easter weekend ahead. xoxo

  7. Shellie, I am just new to your blog, but I share in your fears and will pray for you. Blessings and comfort, Glenys


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