Monday, April 29, 2019

Happy Homemaker Monday April 29,2019

I have been home now for around 3 weeks... I have faced many obsticales! Each coming with new determination to try to have joy and as much a normal life as possible! Our weekend was extremly busy! We had springfest at our church. We had an amazing turn out! Our childrens ministry had a lemonade stand to raise money for some things we need to do in our childrens church! They did amazing!
I have a very busy week ahead! The ladies from our church will be heading to Myrtle Beach for the Women of Joy confrence! I m super excited and a little nervous at the same time. I know Gods got this and He will help me have the strength and energy to keep up and be there!
This evening I am linking up with Sandra at the Diary Of A Stay At Home Mom! There are truly some amazing bloggers who join in on the fun. If you would like to follow the link below!
For all of you sweet ladies who stopped by last week I am sorry I am just now getting caught up on replies! I will try to do better this week! 

 The weather is ~ 
Beautiful today it is really just right ... This week is suppose to be nice here and the beach! I am glad... I really don't want to be there and it rain the whole time.
Tuesday 86/59
Wednesday 87/60
Thursday 79/65
Friday 80/65
Saturday 78/64

As I look out my window~
Today is beautiful... Sun seriously dances off of everything it touches! There is a very nice cool breeze. So it feels amazing out. Everything here seems to be in full bloom now! I even planted some flowers today with the help of my youngest!

This was a big deal for me to plant! I have a very har time to be up for long periods! All though it wiped me out! It was worth it!I feel accomplished for the day!

On my reading pile~ 
I am still reading The Crushing by T.D  Jakes
I have loved what I have read! We had company last week for several nights so I haven't gotten to read like I wish I had!
Movies and Shows~
I really dont have a series right now that I am watching... I need to find a good one though for night time! If you have a favorite let me know about it so I can check it out! Sometimes sleep is not on my bodies list of things to do lol! So I have to make the best of it !

On the menu this week~
Monday~ Fish and fries
Tuesday ~ Rice A Roni, fried taters, and pintos
I know this is not the healthiest choice but it is a childhood favorite !
Wednesday~ Grilled chicken, broccoli, baked potatoes
Thursday through Sunday~ Out of town

On my to do list~
* Finish packing
* Help with laundry
* Make sure house is in order the best I can before my trip

In the craft basket~
I did spend some time painting the american girl stuff I made before I had my stay in the hospital. 

I Also painted the back of my wheelchair! I wanted it to be fun if I am going to be riding in it ! I was so tired when I finished ... But it was so worth it! I really enjoyed painting it! I still want t add the lupus twibbon I hope to have that done before my trip!

Looking around the house~ 
It is time for a deep clean... However that is gonna have to wait for the time being! Maybe when we get back I will feel more up to it. I dont want to push to much before I go to confrence so ! So I will enjoy women of joy!
From the camera~
This rose is from one of my rose bushes, I simply can not get over Gods attention to detail! If He care that much about a flower ! Think about how much more He thinks of us!

What am I wearing today~
My hair is up in a bun and I have a cotton green sundress on.
I love dresses in the spring and summer! They feel so cool and I have always loved the way a dress made me feel like a lady...

One Of my simple pleasures~
Setting on the couch holding my husbands hand! That is one of the best feelings in the world to have him by my side!

Favorite Bible verese or Devotion~
This is also my homescreen on my phin this week.

Prayer Request~
I have two friends in our church who's Dad is not doing well at all! 
Please pray for our ladies as we head off to confrence! That we grow in frindships and even stronger in Jesus.
Pray for me on this trip! I am so excited to go I just need my body to be able to keep up with out over doing it and getting in trouble! I really do not want to ge to know the Myrtle Beach Emergency Department lol!
Also pray for a plumbing problem we have had ! It as flooded our basement a few times now! Again today the worst yet! We have had a plumber out to look at it! Ut will be okay for a few days and then boom it happens again! It is becoming a expensive issue! We need to figure iut the true source of this issue so we can get it fixed once and for all.

In Closing~ 
I can not thank you enough for spending some time with me today! I may not make it around to everyone today! I promise to tomorrow! A nap is calling me ! I pray you each have a blessed week!  ~ Prayerfully Yours Shellie


  1. Have fun at the womens conference! That's being held in one of my favorite places... Myrtle Beach!! I can't wait for the warmer weather and no threat of frost so I can do some planting of my flowers!! Have a great Monday!

    1. Thankyou I am really looking forward to going! I hope it starts to warm up your way soon so you can begin planting! Have a great week!

  2. Your doll food and wheel chair look amazing!!! I'm always amazed at your craftiness! I love you so much and I'm praying you have an amazing time at your conference!!! :)

  3. So fun to come and visit your blog. I pray you continue to get stronger every day. Thanks so much for popping by for a visit. 😊
    I love seeing your beautiful flowers. I can't wait to get digging in the dirt. Just need it to warm up here in the northwoods. Frost alert for tonight. Boo!

    Blessings on the rest of your week ❤️

  4. Hi, Shellie! I'm running late this week, but enjoyed reading your blog. Am praying health, healing, strength, and wellness over you, as well as supernatural energy to bolster you up throughout the conference. Enjoy it! Love your pics...especially of the pink flowers! So pretty! Blessings for a great rest of the week and weekend! <3

    Love all your pics and look at all those sweet

    1. Thank you so much for stopping by and your prayers!!! I can feel them! I cant wait to sharewhat God does this weekend!!! Praying for you this week blessings!

  5. Have fun on your trip. LOve the weelchair. Have a great week


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