Just Checking In

Friday, May 31, 2019

Oh my goodness what a week! I can't really say it 
Has been horrible, because it hasn't been really. Yeah I have been a little tired and dragging but this has probably been one of the  best weeks I have had in  sometime !
I seen the cardiologist on Tuesday! We finally were able to set down and really get clearer answers as to what they feel my future holds!
We have so many questions!
We were able to ask what is the percentage of my pericardium hardening and needing to strip it away from the heart. He explained he hoped none. With the medications I take for inflammation. There hope it will keep it bay. If does not he believes I would survive the surgery! 
That made my heart very happy! Because we have been told that there is very little survival rates with this surgery.
We really need to try to get me off of the steroids and stay away from them unless its for an emergency.
He told us again its about pain control at this point. I Will always be in chronic pain unfortunately.
They will monitor the heart with echo's and CT scans every few months!
He reminded us again the key to all of this is getting my lupus under control. Because it isn't and that is the reason I have had two hospital stays back to back! For me to realize these wouldn't be the last...
That is a hard pill to swallow sometimes! 
However it was good news and we are very thankful! He advised us to listen to my body and they would work on getting me some quality of life back ! I am all for that!
After my appointment we went to one of my favorite stores in all the world! American Girl! I had made a promise a while back before everything went crazy I would take one of my daughters from another Mom for a visit there! Her smile was worth the whole trip! She had been saving her money to buy an American Girl Doll! I am so thankful I was there to be apart of it!
Her smile was priceless!

                        Of course my older girls went for moral support

 The trip was so much fun! She choose Julie and it was a                                             perfect choice for her !
I have been on hunt for a new prop for my short stories and I must say  I found the perfect one!

I am such a kid at heart ! I am so excited to add this to my collection!
 The rest of this week has been pretty basic over all! I did have enough energy to clean my sewing and doll room up! It was in desperate need of cleaning!
So it was well worth how I have paid for it desperately for it today lol.
Our weekend is pretty busy as well! We will be putting up the final touches on our covered patio! As soon as it is finished I will be taking some picture to share it here! 
There was really no rhyme or reason for this post tonight...
I am just very thankful I can share life here! God had truly blessed me with a wonderfully bronken life and I am thankful for each and ever part I have !

Thank you for stopping by and just letting me share my hobbies and my life with you! I can't wait to head outside and watch the birds with my amazing husband! It rained just a little bit and cooled everything off! So the birds will be active and the fireflies bright! 
I pray you have a blessed weekend! Remember to be thankful for each part! Someone is praying for what you have! 
~Prayerfully Yours~ Shellie

Happy Hommaker Monday May27,2019

Monday, May 27, 2019

We have had a wonderful week and weekend ! We celebrated 25 years of marrige and had a cook out with friends. All though I still ave had some bad days i am learning to navigate around the pain and do things I love again and tha makes my heart the happiest ever! We have a hot and usy week ahead! I look forward to the busy but not the hot so much lol!
I do want to say thank you to all the men and women wo gave their life for my families freedoms!!! I am praying for your families today! 

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Well lets get started shall we!

Weather ~
This week is going to be hot and sticky with little to no chance of rain at all! We have went straight into the nice deep south heat!

Monday 90/66
Tuesday 94/77
Wednesday 95/69
Thursday 94/70
Friday 89/65

On my reading pile~
Nothing new at the moment I am almost done with The Crushing by T.D Jakes! I keep going back and rereading chapters and taking notes! That's why it has taken me so long to finish! I love when a book is that good!
We have to go to Charlotte tomorrow and my youngest has already requested to stop by the book store! I hope to find a good summer read!

Movies and Shows I have Watched:
Killing Eve (Hulu) I just finished this and it was great!
I began Poldark season 4 last night
One Tree Hill with my youngest
Expedition Unknown

On My Menu~
Monday Grilled Chicken, herbed rice, broccoli
Tuesday Barbecue sandwiches and chips
Wednesday Italian grilled Chicken breast and salad
Thursday Pizza
Friday Grilled Salmon, roasted potato's, broccoli

On My To Do List:
Straighten the house up
Work on the blog the week week
Go to Cardiologist tomorrow
Sewing some doll clothes for birthday and graduation presents for two of the little girls in our church
Clean and slice fruit for easy snacking access
Meeting at the Church for Children's Ministry area to change out props for summer.

What am I sewing or creating~
I have been working on some American Girl clothes for graduation and birthday presents for some of the little girls in our church.
I need to make a new wreathe for our garage entrance door.

Looking Forward Too:
Spending time outside in the evenings! We are almost done with our permanent covering for our back patio and I am in love !
One of the girls in our church has said time and again how she wished she could go to the American Girl Store! Its 15 minutes away from my cardiologist office so she came home  to stay with us and we are taking her tomorrow! I love to be able to do little things to make someones wishes come true!
Looking forward to evenings in the hot tub! My joints love the way it makes them feel.

Looking Around the House~
Considering all the tracking in and out this weekend, it is in good shape! It just needs to be picked a bit.
We also need to do laundry.

From the camera :

                  I have enjoyed playing around with a new pattern 
My sweet Hubby surprised me with a bird feeder! So I could watch them from mu kitchen window!

What am I wearing today~
At the moment I am still in my gown... I will soon change into a nice soft and flowy t-shirt dress. Nothing else will do in this heat.

Bible Verse, Devotional, and Prayers:

Please continue to pray for me ! We see the cardiologist this week! We have lots of questions! We are praying for understanding to make the right choices if the need would ever arise!
Please pray for my oldest, her and her sweet guy are talking marriage and have faced a few hiccups! The did however put a offer in o a house and it was accepted!
Pray for our ministry 
Also help me pray for some very dear  friends of ours who are still in a transmission phase.

In Closing...
I can not thank you enough and being apart of my day! I hope you have a incredibly blessed week ahead!

25 Years In Love... To my amazing husband

Wednesday, May 22, 2019

25 years ago I walked down the isle a 17 year old girl who really had no idea what it would be to be your wife. All she knew is she loved you with everything inside her! You were her soul mate her best friend. The in who knew her inner most secrets. The man who chose to love her know matter who she had been. He choose to love her for who she was now! I will never forget the moment the church doors opened and I saw you standing there. You had tears running down your face. I knew our life would be amazing! So many said we were crazy we would never make it. We were to young and making a mistake. Oh how we both made mistakes along the way. We both could have been a better spouse at times. I want you to know though no matter how many hard days we faced to get to where we are today or the beautiful joyful moments we have shared as rejoiced in! I wouldn’t change on second of this adventure because if I did we wouldn’t be us! Jody you will never know the depth of my love and how very proud I am to carry the title of your queen your wife! I adore every part of who you are. Love even the parts that get on my nerves sometimes lol! You are a picture of what a husband should be to his wife! He spiritual leader you guide our home in love and have shared the way God would have us be to reflect Him. You have been my lover and we have shared two beautiful daughters! Who have grown and flourished into beautiful young women! You have been my best friend! The person I share my every thought ! My protector from those would cause harm, you have not allowed it ! Instead you protected my heart so it could heal, you have sat literally by my sick bed for as long as 23 days and only left to preach, you have washed my body when I have been to sick to raise my arms to even wash my face, you have been my provider you care for all of my needs! A beautiful home that we call ours....We minster together for Jesus for we both love passionately! This is us 25 years later! We made it and we are the best versions of us that ever has been! We are stronger than ever! We love deeper! We protect one another! We appreciate one another! More than that we fight for one another! Our adventure has only began! I can not wait to celebrate our fiftieth wedding anniversary! I can hear some now they will never make it that far! Baby I can’t wait to prove them wrong again. We have already shown the world with God all things are possible ! I can not say I love you enough! I can not say thank you enough for loving me! All I can say is I am incredibly blessed you are mine and I am yours ! I love you the mostess my king! I would do it all over again in a blink of an eye! Because I have found the one my soul loves and it will always be you! Happy 25th Anniversary my love .....
My amazing husband created this video for me! Our Fairytale is my favorite of all time!

I know it may be cliche... Every love story is beautiful but I love ours the best! Most do something big to celebrate their big day each year! This year has been very diffrent for us in so many ways! Today was no diffrent! We chose to have a slow relaxing day at home! We watched movies on the couch, got in the hot tub, ordered dinner out and ate at home, when the sunset we went downtown and he pushed me in m wheel chair so I could enjoy the night air, we finished our day by stopping by our favorite place dairy queen. I have learned that the best memories are made when we just take it slow and enjoy each others company! I honestly can not wait to celebrate 50 years with the love of my life! I am trusting God I will be stronger with each passing day! 

Happy Homemaker Monday May13,2019

Monday, May 13, 2019

So as my life would have it I get my post ready really early this morning before the sun comes up and is 2:19 and I am just now getting it posted please bear with me as I try to navigate my new normal!
Mothers Day weekend was amazing! I spent time recovering at home after a unexpected hospital stay at the beginning of the week! 
My girls are amazing and have always made me feel special on Mother's Day and this year was no different! My Oldest bought me the prettiest Disney Princess  Animators  purse and wallet! My love for Disney has never diminished over the years! My girls love it as much as I do ! I love this particular Disney line!

My youngest drew me the most beautiful picture and had it framed for me ! 

Isn't beautiful! She is so talented! She also got me a humming bird feeder! I am so excited about it! I have grown a love for watching birds especially in the morning when we sit outside for coffee!

 Honestly they could not have bought me a thing! Because my greatest gift is them!
I have acquired a few extra kids along the way so when my husband and youngest returned from church two of these had sent these things! Which I thought was super sweet!!!

My Mom was also hospitalized earlier this week and is on bed rest for a week so we all decided to celebrate her this coming week so she could rest. I am blessed with a wonderful Mom and can't wait to have time with her!
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Breakfast whats on my plate....
This morning I had a bowl of special K and some coffee

The Weather Outside....
Monday 73/47
Tuesday 69/45
Wednesday 70/52
Thursday 77/58
Friday 82/62
Saturday 85

As I look out my window...
It still dark outside... The birds already chirping sending promise of another beautiful day !

On my bedside table....
A lamp, diffuser, Bible, several devotion books, glasses, bowl that hold chapstick and odds and ends, water bottle, inhaler, pulse ox, bell, and iphone.
I am beginning to sound like a hoarder lol

On my reading pile....
I am trying to finish up my T.D Jakes book. I am almost done! With the chaos of the week I haven't had time to read!

Movies or Shows....
New Amsterdam 
Killing Eve I just started this series but I like it so far

On my to do list ....
Send some encouraging text out to some of the ladies of the church
Help pick up the house
Work on my story I have been writing
Rest and get better
Mothers day celebrations with Mom
Pregnancy resource center event with Lisa Harper

In the craft basket.....
I hope to take some doll pictures this week
Work on the farm addition to my doll house

Menu for the week...

Monday~ Shrimp bowls
Tuesday~ barbecue fries and hush puppies
Wednesday ~ grilled salmon, broccoli, baked potatoes
Thursday~ pizza
Friday ~ Pork lion, baked beans, corn on cob
Saturday and Sunday ????

Simple Pleasures ~
Since everything that has happened with my health we decided not to travel for our 25th wedding Anniversary. Instead we got a inflatable hot tub! Oh my goodness one of my favorite things to do in the evenings is soak in it and let it relax my joints! Its amazing....

Looking around the house...
My youngest cleaned really good before I came home from the hospital Thursday! I really just need to pick up the kitchen some and do some laundry... Other than that we are good to go.

From the camera...
Me with my beautiful daughters                                                    Christian and Claudia (god daughter)
My sister and beautiful Momma
What am I wearing.....
Well right now its still really early so my night gown. Later today t-shirt and carpi's *Actually ended up shwering and sliding on another nightgown! Its just easier on days like today!

Favorite Bible Verse for the week...
This also on my home screen of my phone!
On My Prayer List...
My Mom she is a lung cancer survivor! She was hospitalized last week with pneumonia! She is recovering and doing better! I just want her to make a full recovery.
I have a sweet friend who had a abnormal EEG 
Please continue to pray for me ! I was hospitalized again this time for extreme fluid on my feet and legs and if  I am honest all over! I needed IV lasix for a couple days. I have really scared my hubby and girls! 
I know God has got this ! We need some answers. I need to stay stable.
I am trying very hard to adjust to my new normal.... I just really would love some energy!
King who is 5 he has sickle cell and is in stage 2 kidney failure!

In Closing~ I can not thank you enough for stopping by and sharing apart of your day with me! ~Prayerfully Shellie~

Lupus Awarness Month

Saturday, May 11, 2019

One thing I do not do is share my story for attention! I do share my story to raise awareness ! Also if someone like me happens upon it! 
I had heard the name lupus even in my family. Still I had no clue what this disease was until I sat across from a cardiologist who told me I am almost certain you have lupus! You need to see a rhuemotoligist.
I know my jaw hit the floor. I had just had a thorocotamy. Major heart and lungs surgery at the same time! 
Now your telling me this  is probably not the end of being sick.... 
After one really bad experience with a rhuemotologist and being sent time to oncologist. I was sent to an amazing rheumotoligist that found answers that were hard to hear. Still once we have had them so many things made sense
The very first thing I did was going home and Google SLE Lupus! Ooh my word my heart was not ready it was a lot! A lot more than I ever expected. 
I learned to make list and ask lots and lots of questions!
However when we started telling people even before we knew about lupus.  If I mentioned the first thing that they would say is well you look good! As if I had make-up on and fixed my hair for the day. They thought I felt fine.... No matter how bad I felt! I will never ever forget this one Sunday I was burning up with a fever and I put just make-up on to hide my butterfly rash and pulled my hair up. When I walked in the door, someone looked at me and said Mrs. Shellie you don't look so good are you sure you should have be here? I looked at him and said with tears streaming down my face. I said I feel this way every Sunday almost.I try to put make-up on and fix my hair. Put a smile on my face and pretend I am okay. So I can be here and serve. My illness does not make an appointment before it decides to flare! It just shows up and it is never a convenient. So the last thing someone with a chronic illness wants to hear. When you tell them you feel bad is well you look good!
So let me give you a glimpse into the life of lupus lupus.
Here are just some of the symptoms 
extreme fatigue (You never know how tired you are until you need a nap after a shower! lol)
painful joints
Muscle pain fever
extreme weight loss or weight gain
swelling  in feet,hands legs, around the eyes
pain in chest upon deep breathing
butterfly rash on face 
rashes on the body
brain fog
sun or light sensitivity
hair loss
sleepless nights
abnormal blood clotting
fingers or toes turning white or blue when cold
mouth and nose ulcers
low grade fevers

Lupus effects and can permanently damage the following:
Mouth -  painful ulcers
Skin- butterfly rash and red patches 
Kidney - lupus nephritis  
Heart- Myocarditis &  Periarditis 
Lungs- pleurisy & pulmonary embolism
GI System- gastroperisis, irritable bowel, severe abdominal pain, constipation,& diarrhea
Blood- inflamed vessels, high blood pressure, anemia, blood clotting problem, blood clots
Muscles and Joints- pain and swelling in joints, arthritis, and inflammation.
Brain- memory problems, brain fog,headaches dizziness, vision problems, strokes, & seizures
When Lupus attacks our major organs. Our diagnosis is changed to SlE Lupus with organ involvement!
This becomes really scary  fast! I like to explain it like I am allergic to myself!

Most Lupus fighters will down play their symptoms so their loved ones will not worry ! The last thing we want to see on some one we loves face is fear of loosing us.
Lupus is a scary unpredictable disease! We never know what is coming next.
My lupus has effected my heart and lungs. My hear that has been effected the worse. I recently spent 23 days in the hospital and was diagnosed with constrictive pericarditis of the heart. The only cure is a very dangerous surgery. Mine has not reached the point of needing surgery! 
We pray it never does!
I was diagnosed this week with collagen vascular disease it causes inflammation of nearby joints. Pedal Edema
which causes lots of swelling mine is due to my heart! It landed me a 2 night stay in the hospital this week! along with 2 emergency room visits.
aren't my feet lovely!

this was actually after two shots of lasix through IV!
Remember our immune systems are compromised we can not fight germs the way you do! Please if your sick don't visit, kiss, or hug  a lupie!

Lupus is not only hard on us but or families. They have to pick up and do things we used to do! Like in my case laundry, heavy house cleaning, I am unable to drive, and depending on the day this list can grow really fast.
For them they are forever wondering and worried about me. You family won't leave me alone for long periods of times. I need a walker and was wheelchair now... Their life as they knew it is forever changed.
I  can't help but feel guilty about it even though I didn't choose it.
So I encourage you to check out this website and learn more about lupus!
Lupus Foundation of America
May 17 is wear purple day to support some one you love who has lupus! It's to help raise awareness and fight for a cure!
I hope you will stand with me! I will be wearing our pleasure that day for me!
Help us fight for another day! I take 17 medications a day to control my lupus! Benlysta is on of them it's the only drug of it's kind made specifically for Lupus and that has been 50 years ago. 
This just apart of what we go through! There are more days than not I talk my self out of bed! 
Thank you for stopping by! 
~Prayerfully Yours Shellie~

Women Of Joy 2019

Thursday, May 9, 2019

 Women Of Joy was so much fun and one of the hardest things I have ever done in my life! I don't regret one minute of it though! We arrived at the villa on Thursday! It was beautiful inside and out! Wouldn't you know it I would not take one picture! I didn't realize it till I got home! It was a two story villa and it slept 22 women under one roof lol. For the most part it was no problems at all. We went shopping on Thursday wben we got there at Broadway at the beach. It is one hot spots of myrtle beach. That evening we spent time in the living room with every one! WE went around the room and told our name, age, and a fun fact! It was really lots of fun ! It gave us the privilege to learn something we may not have known!
  Friday during the day most of the dies headed down to the beach. I had planned to spend the day o the balcony with  good book! But..... I ended up going to the tanger outlets with some ladies who struggle with their health as well.We had the best afternoon together ! Two of us were in wheelchairs and the other two pushed us! We were a sight to see! I had a decked out wheelchair a big hat with a cute ow and some super cute sunglasses! Yet  I still never took pictures! We were busy creating memories and friendships! I spent the day with ladies who needed to know it was okay to be broken! Even though we had been broken and put back together we were just as whole as a healthy person! Just our lights shine through a different way but just as bright.
 That night was the first night of Women Of Joy! Everyone was super excited! We all got dressed up and were getting ready to go! Some of us were hanging out in the living room and all of the sudden I am not sure what happened but I was sick as a dog and my chest hurt like never before. I was praying it woold pass! 10 minutes passed and I was no better if anything it was worse tham ever before! So needless to say ! I missed the first night! One of the ladies offered to stay wit me so  my daughter could go! Tha touched my heart in so many ways! She was one of the ladies I had spent the afternoon. She watched me sleep and updated my sweet girl through the evening. I learned that night that this women of joy was going to be diffrent from any other I had ever attended! In a wonderful way,God was using my weekness to bring me closer to some of the ladies in our church! I was able to pour into my sweet new daughter from another mom! Help her to begin healing deep wounds! 
    The next day was amazing!!!!We opend with worship! There is somethong about worshiping with thousands of women! No one cares what their neighbor thinks and just lets down their guard and truly worships!

The first session had a new speaker named Alli and she was amazing and on point about accepting our flaws and deeply roor ourselves so we ccan be used! Then O my goodness she hit home on my heart !

We all enjoyed every second of worship and our first speaker! While we waited on our next speaker. We took some pictures with each other as we waited!

Then the moment I had been waiting for! Someone I admire very much! She inspires me on days I just want to quit! Kathrine Wolf! 

If you haven't heard of her I urge you to google her! Check out her book hope heals! Kathrine suffered a brain stem stroke when she was 26! She had a six month old son! Kathrine travels around telling of all of Gods goodness! After she told her testimony. I am positive there was not a dry eye in the auditorium! She ended her talk with this no matter if your in a wheelchair or walk on legs God wants to use you and  your story are you willing to let Him use you? Let that sink in for a minute! 
I had the pleasure of meeting Kathrine ! When my journey 3 years ago began. I had actually heard her speak the year before at her very first women of joy! She had touched my heart so much then! I didn't realize the impact her story would have on me a year later! I reached out to her through social media. I was struggling with the changes and the giants I was facing at time! She reached back out and her message was read over and over. It was a inspiration to a broken heart and woman who's world had been torn upside down. Who new 3 years alter I would need that same inspiration again as I sat in my wheelchair to meet someone who had faced greater challenges than me! Spoke words of inspiration to this girls heart and told her it didn't matter if I had legs or used a wheelchair God was still using me! Those words would forever speak to my heart!


Our hearts were so very full when we left the morning session! God is incredibly good! We headed back to the villa for some lunch and fun in the sun! After all you can not visit the beach and not see the ocean! So I put on my uv protectent shirt, my ball cap(because the wind always steals my floppy one), and sun glasses and made my way to the beach with the help of my daughters. We pushed me in my wheelchair till it would not push any further ! Then they held on to me so I could walk to the ocean ans admire Gods beautifil handiwork! It was a beautiful perfect day! The sun was out and though it was warm t wasn't to hot! It was just right!

That night there was a cncert with Danny Gokey! Because I had already pushed my body past the point of no return I stayed behind! I also knew we had to pack up! We had a early morning the next day. The villa would need to be left in good order ! The ones who attended the concert had a wonderful time and said he did a fantastic job!
 The next morning we woke up got dressed and headed to conference! We were all excited to see what God had for us next Angela Thomas Phar was our last speaker! I was super excited to hear what God had laid on her heart! However after worship I became deafly sick! I wheeled out into the entrance hallway and took some medicine and stayed out there! I could hear her from where I was and again she drilled home that no matter what stage of life you are in God wants to use us! Quit using your wheelchair or walker to as an excuse not to be used by God! Instead use it as a platform for Him and tell your story of His grace! 

 I went to women of joy to be filled and fed spiritually! 
I was disappointed to have missed so much of it! I learned though He will use you and other people to fill us! Because for eache session I missed He placed someone who needed me or someone I needed in my life for that moment! God is simply amazing! Whether or not I will return to go back next year or not..... I know of about 15 ladies from our group returning for women of joy 2020! 
 I couldn't wait to get home to see my husband and oldest daughter!  I had missed them both so very ! All though I missed them I would't change a thing about going! I slept the whole drive home! When I finally made it in the door and took my flip flops off this is what I was greeted by!
Yep that is my foot and no it does not normally look quite like that! 
So yep the next few days has been another wild ride I will 
share with you later ! 
I cannot thankyou enough for stopping by and spending sometime with me! I am praying you have a blessed day!  
                           Praerfully Yours, ~Shellie~