Wednesday, May 22, 2019

25 Years In Love... To my amazing husband

25 years ago I walked down the isle a 17 year old girl who really had no idea what it would be to be your wife. All she knew is she loved you with everything inside her! You were her soul mate her best friend. The in who knew her inner most secrets. The man who chose to love her know matter who she had been. He choose to love her for who she was now! I will never forget the moment the church doors opened and I saw you standing there. You had tears running down your face. I knew our life would be amazing! So many said we were crazy we would never make it. We were to young and making a mistake. Oh how we both made mistakes along the way. We both could have been a better spouse at times. I want you to know though no matter how many hard days we faced to get to where we are today or the beautiful joyful moments we have shared as rejoiced in! I wouldn’t change on second of this adventure because if I did we wouldn’t be us! Jody you will never know the depth of my love and how very proud I am to carry the title of your queen your wife! I adore every part of who you are. Love even the parts that get on my nerves sometimes lol! You are a picture of what a husband should be to his wife! He spiritual leader you guide our home in love and have shared the way God would have us be to reflect Him. You have been my lover and we have shared two beautiful daughters! Who have grown and flourished into beautiful young women! You have been my best friend! The person I share my every thought ! My protector from those would cause harm, you have not allowed it ! Instead you protected my heart so it could heal, you have sat literally by my sick bed for as long as 23 days and only left to preach, you have washed my body when I have been to sick to raise my arms to even wash my face, you have been my provider you care for all of my needs! A beautiful home that we call ours....We minster together for Jesus for we both love passionately! This is us 25 years later! We made it and we are the best versions of us that ever has been! We are stronger than ever! We love deeper! We protect one another! We appreciate one another! More than that we fight for one another! Our adventure has only began! I can not wait to celebrate our fiftieth wedding anniversary! I can hear some now they will never make it that far! Baby I can’t wait to prove them wrong again. We have already shown the world with God all things are possible ! I can not say I love you enough! I can not say thank you enough for loving me! All I can say is I am incredibly blessed you are mine and I am yours ! I love you the mostess my king! I would do it all over again in a blink of an eye! Because I have found the one my soul loves and it will always be you! Happy 25th Anniversary my love .....
My amazing husband created this video for me! Our Fairytale is my favorite of all time!

I know it may be cliche... Every love story is beautiful but I love ours the best! Most do something big to celebrate their big day each year! This year has been very diffrent for us in so many ways! Today was no diffrent! We chose to have a slow relaxing day at home! We watched movies on the couch, got in the hot tub, ordered dinner out and ate at home, when the sunset we went downtown and he pushed me in m wheel chair so I could enjoy the night air, we finished our day by stopping by our favorite place dairy queen. I have learned that the best memories are made when we just take it slow and enjoy each others company! I honestly can not wait to celebrate 50 years with the love of my life! I am trusting God I will be stronger with each passing day! 

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  1. Awwww that video is adaorable!!! I love you guys so much, your marriage is such an inspiration to so many people! I'm sure glad to know you both, and I hope you have many, many, many more anniversaries to follow! Love you!


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