Monday, May 13, 2019

Happy Homemaker Monday May13,2019

So as my life would have it I get my post ready really early this morning before the sun comes up and is 2:19 and I am just now getting it posted please bear with me as I try to navigate my new normal!
Mothers Day weekend was amazing! I spent time recovering at home after a unexpected hospital stay at the beginning of the week! 
My girls are amazing and have always made me feel special on Mother's Day and this year was no different! My Oldest bought me the prettiest Disney Princess  Animators  purse and wallet! My love for Disney has never diminished over the years! My girls love it as much as I do ! I love this particular Disney line!

My youngest drew me the most beautiful picture and had it framed for me ! 

Isn't beautiful! She is so talented! She also got me a humming bird feeder! I am so excited about it! I have grown a love for watching birds especially in the morning when we sit outside for coffee!

 Honestly they could not have bought me a thing! Because my greatest gift is them!
I have acquired a few extra kids along the way so when my husband and youngest returned from church two of these had sent these things! Which I thought was super sweet!!!

My Mom was also hospitalized earlier this week and is on bed rest for a week so we all decided to celebrate her this coming week so she could rest. I am blessed with a wonderful Mom and can't wait to have time with her!
Well enough about all of that... Today I am linking up with Sandra over at A Diary of a Stay at Home Mom . If you would like to join in on  the fun and meet some amazing blogger's follow the link below

Breakfast whats on my plate....
This morning I had a bowl of special K and some coffee

The Weather Outside....
Monday 73/47
Tuesday 69/45
Wednesday 70/52
Thursday 77/58
Friday 82/62
Saturday 85

As I look out my window...
It still dark outside... The birds already chirping sending promise of another beautiful day !

On my bedside table....
A lamp, diffuser, Bible, several devotion books, glasses, bowl that hold chapstick and odds and ends, water bottle, inhaler, pulse ox, bell, and iphone.
I am beginning to sound like a hoarder lol

On my reading pile....
I am trying to finish up my T.D Jakes book. I am almost done! With the chaos of the week I haven't had time to read!

Movies or Shows....
New Amsterdam 
Killing Eve I just started this series but I like it so far

On my to do list ....
Send some encouraging text out to some of the ladies of the church
Help pick up the house
Work on my story I have been writing
Rest and get better
Mothers day celebrations with Mom
Pregnancy resource center event with Lisa Harper

In the craft basket.....
I hope to take some doll pictures this week
Work on the farm addition to my doll house

Menu for the week...

Monday~ Shrimp bowls
Tuesday~ barbecue fries and hush puppies
Wednesday ~ grilled salmon, broccoli, baked potatoes
Thursday~ pizza
Friday ~ Pork lion, baked beans, corn on cob
Saturday and Sunday ????

Simple Pleasures ~
Since everything that has happened with my health we decided not to travel for our 25th wedding Anniversary. Instead we got a inflatable hot tub! Oh my goodness one of my favorite things to do in the evenings is soak in it and let it relax my joints! Its amazing....

Looking around the house...
My youngest cleaned really good before I came home from the hospital Thursday! I really just need to pick up the kitchen some and do some laundry... Other than that we are good to go.

From the camera...
Me with my beautiful daughters                                                    Christian and Claudia (god daughter)
My sister and beautiful Momma
What am I wearing.....
Well right now its still really early so my night gown. Later today t-shirt and carpi's *Actually ended up shwering and sliding on another nightgown! Its just easier on days like today!

Favorite Bible Verse for the week...
This also on my home screen of my phone!
On My Prayer List...
My Mom she is a lung cancer survivor! She was hospitalized last week with pneumonia! She is recovering and doing better! I just want her to make a full recovery.
I have a sweet friend who had a abnormal EEG 
Please continue to pray for me ! I was hospitalized again this time for extreme fluid on my feet and legs and if  I am honest all over! I needed IV lasix for a couple days. I have really scared my hubby and girls! 
I know God has got this ! We need some answers. I need to stay stable.
I am trying very hard to adjust to my new normal.... I just really would love some energy!
King who is 5 he has sickle cell and is in stage 2 kidney failure!

In Closing~ I can not thank you enough for stopping by and sharing apart of your day with me! ~Prayerfully Shellie~


  1. Sorry to hear both you and your mom had hospital stays, glad you are home now. Hope your mom continues to recover. What wonderful Mother's Day gifts! And I think I might need to know more about an inflatable hot tub, sounds amazing. Hope you have a great week!

    1. Thank you Jean! We are both glad to be home! Please continue to rember my Mom! She had an appointment today and they didn't lift her restrictions.... I will make sure I include the inflatil hot tub in nexts week post! Have a great week

  2. Hi Sweetie!
    Sending continued prayers for healing. So happy to see you still had a lovely Mother's Day. I love that you love all things Disney! Gal after my own heart 💜 Your gifts are beautiful and your daughter is so talented in her art!
    Prayers said for your Mom and all of those on your prayer list. Love seeing the pic of your Mom, Sis and You and your Girls. All so beautiful!! Have a blessed and healthy week ahead xoxo 😊

  3. Hi Carrie !
    Thank you so much for coming by! More than anything thankyou for the prayers! Me and my girls both love everything Disney!
    My daughter wanted to thankyou for complementing her art!
    I hope you have a wonderful week!
    Thank you for coming by! I am praying you have a blessed week!

  4. I'm running a bit behind this week, Shellie. Sounds like you had a wonderful Mother's Day and I love what your girls did for you! Hey! You've got my hummingbird feeder! LOL! Isn't it beautiful??? Am praying over you, your mama, and all the rest. Blessings! <3

    1. Hi Rebecca! No problem I do it all the time! I even type things out and realize later I never hit send lol! We did have a wondeful Mothers Day!My girls are amazing! How cool is that we have the same feeder! I have fallen in love with bird watching! Your right it is beatiful!Thank you so much for your pryers I appreciate them more than you know! Hope you have a blessed week! Thanks for stopping by!


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