Friday, May 31, 2019

Just Checking In

Oh my goodness what a week! I can't really say it 
Has been horrible, because it hasn't been really. Yeah I have been a little tired and dragging but this has probably been one of the  best weeks I have had in  sometime !
I seen the cardiologist on Tuesday! We finally were able to set down and really get clearer answers as to what they feel my future holds!
We have so many questions!
We were able to ask what is the percentage of my pericardium hardening and needing to strip it away from the heart. He explained he hoped none. With the medications I take for inflammation. There hope it will keep it bay. If does not he believes I would survive the surgery! 
That made my heart very happy! Because we have been told that there is very little survival rates with this surgery.
We really need to try to get me off of the steroids and stay away from them unless its for an emergency.
He told us again its about pain control at this point. I Will always be in chronic pain unfortunately.
They will monitor the heart with echo's and CT scans every few months!
He reminded us again the key to all of this is getting my lupus under control. Because it isn't and that is the reason I have had two hospital stays back to back! For me to realize these wouldn't be the last...
That is a hard pill to swallow sometimes! 
However it was good news and we are very thankful! He advised us to listen to my body and they would work on getting me some quality of life back ! I am all for that!
After my appointment we went to one of my favorite stores in all the world! American Girl! I had made a promise a while back before everything went crazy I would take one of my daughters from another Mom for a visit there! Her smile was worth the whole trip! She had been saving her money to buy an American Girl Doll! I am so thankful I was there to be apart of it!
Her smile was priceless!

                        Of course my older girls went for moral support

 The trip was so much fun! She choose Julie and it was a                                             perfect choice for her !
I have been on hunt for a new prop for my short stories and I must say  I found the perfect one!

I am such a kid at heart ! I am so excited to add this to my collection!
 The rest of this week has been pretty basic over all! I did have enough energy to clean my sewing and doll room up! It was in desperate need of cleaning!
So it was well worth how I have paid for it desperately for it today lol.
Our weekend is pretty busy as well! We will be putting up the final touches on our covered patio! As soon as it is finished I will be taking some picture to share it here! 
There was really no rhyme or reason for this post tonight...
I am just very thankful I can share life here! God had truly blessed me with a wonderfully bronken life and I am thankful for each and ever part I have !

Thank you for stopping by and just letting me share my hobbies and my life with you! I can't wait to head outside and watch the birds with my amazing husband! It rained just a little bit and cooled everything off! So the birds will be active and the fireflies bright! 
I pray you have a blessed weekend! Remember to be thankful for each part! Someone is praying for what you have! 
~Prayerfully Yours~ Shellie

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