Thursday, June 13, 2019

Deciding For Yourself

I was on the couch earlier tonight and my daughter showed me a post that someone who had posted that offended her. 
It gave me the opportunity to share with her that just because someone feels something is inadequate , doesn't mean that it truly is.
I couldn't get that out of my head even when it came time to go to bed tonight....
How many times have we let someones thoughts, opinions, and voices shape how we view things.
Oh my goodness for my own self more times than not in the past. I was so eager to be accepted especially in the ministry world. I often followed what others thought and said just because I trusted the people who I let influence my life and shape my opinions.
But my oh my did that get me in more trouble than I had bargained for!
Because years later when I grew in my relationship with Jesus and truly understood what true grace meant. I soon learned what I had been told by others instead of really seeking the truth and reading up on things and truly seeing for myself what my Jesus said ! I was truly trapped in a pit of opinions and religious rules. Not what my Daddy in heaven truly wanted for me!
It taught me to research who I read behind, Who I listen too, Who I allow in my personal circle, who gets to shape my opinions. More importantly does it line up with Gods Word. No two people will always agree or even always interpret things the same way...
My heart was at such ease when I grabbed my chrome book tonight to type my thoughts out! I am over joyed and so blessed that God has allowed me to grow in Him! To bring me to a place where I can decide for myself. If Iam unsure, agree, or disagree. I can reserach and decide for me! 
My heart was even happier to know that I have been able to be the God girl I am the best version of me ....
Because I let Him shape me...
I have been able to teach my own girls the same thing! This is a big big world.
Let God use you and grow you in the ways He chooses ! Because the person He is calling you to be is not the person He called me to be! The person I may help needs what He equiped me with, The same for you! 
So don't take someone elses word, find out for yourself! Then still remain calm and cool and carry on being who God called you to be! Let the other person do the same! 
I just had to share...
I hope you have wonderful day filled with blessings! Thank you for stopping by ! 
Prayerfully Yours 

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