Wednesday, June 26, 2019

Even In The Darkness

I was setting outside on the patio tonight. Just taking in all of God's creation. I couldn't help but stand in awe of all the beauty of a summer night.
The sweet serenade of crickets in the background of the hum of traffic still on the move out front.
Even the traffic could not drown out Gods orchestra. I could even hear the call of bull frog in the distance. As the blanket of night began to cover all that the light touches.
As if my Daddy in heaven was telling the world He created it's time to rest!
The birds all nestled in their nest, even a family of bunnies that live in the thicket near by were spied hopping of to bed.
While the fireflies light up my yard as a sweet reminder there can be beauty in darkness.
Especially when we are surrounded by our creators handy work all around. All five senses are entertained! The smell of of freshly cut grass and roses drifted through the air, natures perfume at it's finest. On such a beautiful night. The stars and the moon are playing peek a boo in the night sky.
It's these simple gifts that are reminders Gods always near!
Our battles maybe hard but He is still showing His beauty!

This week has been hard.... After another hospitalization late last week. My body has not wanted to bounce back as quickly. 
New things being put in place.... He's showing me instead of changing my situation He is teaching me to love and live with hope and grace.
That each new challenge He will be there to help me face it!
The answer maybe No but I am never alone! 
Fighting back with Hope! 
The HOPE that tomorrow is a new day! He is gonna give me beauty for all of these ashes ! His word says so!
Hope to never be bitter or to give up just because it isn't the life we dreamed of!
His fairytale ending is always the best! 
Love and Prayers,
Lupus Fighter

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