Friday, June 14, 2019

Night Time Reasons To Be Thankful

I believe my body hates me! I have not felt well at all today.... I have ran a high fever and just have not been my new normal.... I have so many things to be thankful for... I don't want to complain! 
So since my body has me wide awake with pain. I want to list at least 5 things I am thankful for! I know its not the season of Thanksgiving ! Yet its a a proven fact we can not be in a state of ungratefulness if we are in a state of Thanksgiving in all things! 
So here we go! 
1- I am thankful for the pain because it is a reminder that God isn't done with me here yet!
2- I am thankful for my husband who does the most thoughtful things just to make me smile! One of the things I love to do most is watch birds in the mornings and evening! My sweet guy surprised me with a new feeder this evening!

I love that he chose one that had the butterfly on it! 
3- I am thankful for butterflies! I met a very young preachers wife one time who impacted me in a big way! I had shared my story with her and and she told me you need to choose one thing God can show you when you need to know He is close but you feel He is miles away! I chose the butterfly! It was already special to me because it represents a new life in Christ! I prayed that afternoon that when I couldn't feel Him to send a butterfly to remind me He is close! I promise you He has! He has allowed me to know that He hasn't forgotten on many days! My Mom is a stage 3b adenocarsonoma lung cancer survivor! One morning after being told my Mom would not live past 6 months I was at my kitchen sink praying as I washed dishes! When I looked up the whole little hill side outside my window. Was covered in butterflies! I have had them  fly before my car on the way to critical doctor appointments. Had a nurse to be wearing one her badge and I see it right before being put to sleep! He used that butterfly to remind me He hasn't gone anywhere!
4- I am thankful I have raised girls who love Jesus and their parents! My girls are amazing to me and their Dad! I am so blessed we were chosen to be their parents!
5- The love for writing ! Whether it is a post like this or a story! A blog post spent talking about my crafting on my doll blog.I am blessed I have been given the love for it! There are days that writing is the only outlet I have! I am thankful for the opportunity to use it! I spent some time today one the doll blog! Maybe you have a little girl in your life you would like to spend sometime crafting with check out today's post! Just follow the link!

Already after taking the time to list 5 things I am grateful for I am relaxed and I think I may be able to rest and relax. I hope that if you stop by whether at night or in the morning! I hope God has blessed you and your loved ones with a good nights rest and a reason to be thankful!
Prayerfully Yours ~Shellie

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