Monday, July 22, 2019

Just Checking In

Happy Monday friends! It has been a long and busy weekend! My lupus is in full swing with a nasty flare... But I am thankful I have been able to push through and do things that was important to me to be apart of.
We had a farewell and good luck party to one of the young men in our church who Joined the Navy Sea Bees. We all sent him off with love and prayers!
Sunday was busy busy! Children's church had an ice cream social and Bible store! Let me just say they  were more than a little excited to build their own sundays! Nothing like crushed cookies, chocolate and strawberry syrup,strawberry preserves, and 3 flavors of ice cream! We have celebrated summer with a camping theme this summer! The kids earned this party! 
They also got free time to play in their city!
We have  a wonderful group of kids and we are growing ! We are super excited see what God is going to do with us!
I love being apart of children' but it's hard on my body right now! So please pray for me! I want to make best decision.
Yesterday afternoon we had A Life Of Faith Girls Club!
Oh this ministry is so close to my heart! I read these books  with my girls

These books bring so many memories of their girlhood! Days filled with imagination, playing dolls, pretending to live in the 1800's,and countless tea parties. When we started the A Life Of Faith Club. It allowed us to share these same things with other girls! The things the girls learn so much about Jesus form the books and curriculum. It truly is one of the highlights of the month! Trust me when I say I love going BIG getting ready for these moments! So this month we had a tea party and of course we had to use china a beautiful teapots! This group loves 18 inch dolls! Some did not have one... One our younger teens who recently went from being apart of the meeting donated 3 my life dolls for those who didn't have one! They were so excited! One of the young girls cried it was humbling! It's a reminder of what a simple gift of something you no longer use does for someone!
They were so cute all dressed up for tea!

I love how small and intimate our group is right now! It allows them to grow a strong close nit relationships! We were missing 3 for different reasons ! Yet we had a wonderful time learning about Jesus, having tea with amazing desserts, and play time with their dolls!
I can make this stuff happen without this amazing girl! She is my arms and legs each and every day ! I am blessed God chose me to be her Mom!

The week to come is going to be a busy one! My oldest and my son in love just bought their first home! So we hope to help them as much as possible! I have a doctors appointment on Wednesday to help getting pain control ! Please help me pray we get relief. On top of that I need to clean house and do my weekly goals  my physical therapy gave me! So I have another busy week for me ahead! I pray that I can do it all! If not it's okay to take care of me! This what's going on at my house the is weekend and this week! I pray you and your family have a blessed weekend and a wonderful week ahead! I am praying for you and your families! 
I will be back mid week! See ya then! 
Prayerfully Yours ~Shellie~

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