Friday, July 19, 2019

The Ramblings Of A Pastors Wife, Mom,& Lupus fighter

 Wow is all I really can say! The best thing I know to say! It has been a very wild couple of months! I have had a hospital stay! My oldest daughter got married the day I came out of the hospital! 
It was a intimate ceremony at the venue she has chosen for for her bigger ceremony in November!

I am truly blessed to have my oldest to find the one God made just for her! The close on their house on Monday ! I am so proud of the deciding they love each other enough to do things the way God wanted them to!

My youngest who has always had a fear of driving got her permit today! I am so excited even though she was unsure she did it! 

She also started a blog today if you would like to check it out here is her link:

We are so proud of our girls and son and love!
I have trying my best to kick lupus hiney! It has knocked me down, I have always gotten right back up! Thank goodness God is always there bad my side!
Even though we have had some very hard days !
I have hit some milestones of my own! 
I went through physical therapy! It has helped a whole bunch! But has kicked my but at times!
It did help get some help with somethings I needed them and really didn't know I did !
Shower chairs are an amazing thing ! I love it, showers are so much easier and I love them.
They have given me the goal of going into my craft room one hour a day! I have been able to sew a few things.
                             Matching girl and Doll dresses

I  have loved getting back in the groove of crafting ! I spending time sewing ! All of the above were gifts! I loved seeing the little girls smiles who received them !

The other goal was to cook a meal one time a day! That has been good but it is very tiring!
I uses a rollerater, a cane, and a wheelchair when I go out. I don't let those things bother me ! Because I am thankful for each day that I open my eyes! It is a gift denied to many. All though some look at me and see the weight my meds have packed on to me ... I am not concerned with what others  think of me! I am just thankful for each day I wake up and get to be with my family and praise my Jesus!
I am looking forward to this week end! The A Life Of Faith Girls Club at church will be having a afternoon tea! I am so very excited! Please pray my body will allow it! 
I have also been working on Hollie's story ! I am almost done with Chapter two! I can wait to publish it!
I believe I will have this one paper published ! I love the way it flows!
I hope your not board out of your mind lol! Is any one else experiencing a heat wave ? The weather here is scorching ! Is is literally to hot to bee out side for any length of time! I haven't been able to go out side and watch the birds at all due to the heat. This heat has me longing for fall! As crazy as
this sounds the summer is just as bad as the cold. The cold makes my joints hurt! But the heat and barometric pressure make me fatigued and my joints and body hurt all over! 
Before I head out, I have special prayer request for a friend of mine and her family. They are a ministry family like mine and are being considered by a church! Please pray God opens the door for them!
Well I hope not to be gone so long next time! I hope you enjoyed stopping by! 
I haope you have an amazing weekend!
Prayerfully yours ~ Shellie ~


  1. Awwww!! Amber looked amazing, and Christian is beautiful as always. Your girls are awesome, I'm so so blessed to know them, and you my beautiful friend! I'm excited to see the girls blogging, I think they will really enjoy it! Those dresses are amazing! So thankful that you are feeling some better, and getting around. You are a beautiful person inside and out! Thank you for the prayers, love you so so much!

  2. Thank you my beautiful friend! SHe certainly did look so beautiful she just glowed! Christian is beautiful inside out she has such an old soul...I love you so very much!Thank you for stopping by!I am so very thankful for you! It has felt wonderful to spend some time sewing again! I would love to teach you! I love you mostess


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