Wednesday, August 21, 2019

Just The Ramblings Of A Jesus Girl Who has Lupus

Where has August disappeared too? I think I blinked and it was gone!
August has been a hard month for me. We have transitioned my pain meds to a higher long acting pain meds to give me better control. This has not been a easy transition. I have been to the emergency room again for uncontrollable pain.
However God is so good even when everything seems so blah and not what you expected.
He's moved in my spiritual many times this month.
My heart needed to know that Jesus girl still had a purpose for all of this pain. 
The first part of August I received a phone call asking everyone to speak at our ladies conference.

I know what your thinking your the pastor's wife you should speak when ever you feel led. I don't handle myself in that way as a Pastors Wife. I try to let whom ever is over the ministry do what they feel led to do by Jesus! I do however find it a great honor to be asked!
I would love for you to join us! I can't wait to spend to days with Jesus loving women who just want to glean from His word in worship, teaching and fellowship!
just leave me a  comment If your interested and I will get you the info you need!
The sweltering heat has kept me inside most of this month! I haven't been able to enjoy my wonderful patio!
However it has been nice to get out some during the day with Christian getting her permit! That has been a huge blessing we both have enjoyed! Probably me more than her!
I have finished the second chapter in A Place For Hollie and will begin working on the third one today! I hope to write a 9 chapter children's book and have it published! I am very excited I can't wait. Please pray for the adventure! I really want to make a children's book as well that goes along with the chapter book for younger kids.
As crazy as this month has been and as sick as I have been! I have so many wonderful things to be thankful for. I don't have time to set around and feel sorry for myself because  I have lupus!and I am in pain... Instead I can thank Jesus. For all the things I have learned during this time with my Daddy!
These past few years have been a time of learning and strengthening for me ! I wouldn't change a thing!
I almost forgot to tell one my most exciting things yet! Our ALOF girls were asked to be apart of a demonstration for a historical day event in September! We are over the moon excited and honored to be asked to be apart of the special day!
 Yes, yes one more thing! We went shopping for the bridal party dresses for my oldest daughters wedding! Now that was an event with in it's self lol! However I found a formal gown with pockets eeek!!! I was so excited excited the girls could here me outside the dressing room!

I am over moon with this dress it's prettier on than on the hanger. Those pockets won me over! lol
I am excited for the day when all this comes together!
Welp I have rambled enough this morning. 
So in closing I want to say this.... My life may not be what I had in mind! It's exactly what Jesus had in mind though! He makes no mistakes at all!
I am very thankful for the me He has created for such a time as this!
Thanks for stopping by! If you would please pray for me! I hope you are as excited for September as I am!!!

The pumpkins are coming! Sigh......

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