Friday, September 6, 2019

In the Eye Of The Storm

I have kept a close eye on the hurricane and how it would effect where we live. Thankfully we we only got some wind and a little rain. However other places were devastated. I was really sick yesterday... My lupus has had a mind of its own the past 2 weeks.
I have had some time to to talk to my Daddy and pray. I was curious if you ever faced a spiritual hurricane? One that only grazes or your life or brings destruction. In the way of a spiritual warfare! Warfare of the spirit is meant to grow us not to hurt us. How we react to the storm is how we come out of the storm. Often the storm is to teach us something sometimes it's telling us it's time to let go.
I remember not long into my married life and my husband and I had recently really gotten ourselves settled back into church. It was just before he surrendered his call to preach. I struggled so bad with patience in everything. I was one of those if I asked you to do something I want it done right here right now! So I prayed for patience ! The hurricane hit and the eye of the storm settled right over our home! The dryer broke, the car broke down, the bathroom sink backed up, and my husband and I were at each other's throats. All the while I just kept asking for patients my daughter got sick lol! Finally my husband asked me Shellie what have you been praying for? I happily replied I have been praying for patience!
He began to explain that patience is a gift you must learn not given. I began to see the storm we were going through was a storm to teach me exactly what I had asked to learn! I promise after that I did have patience and I never asked for patience again. He used that storm to give a fruit of the spirit many of us desire! Yet I had to stand firm in the storm to learn what I asked my Daddy for!Then I remembered a smaller storm I experienced! I think I learned more from that one. All thought the storm was smaller didn't mean the lesson was smaller ! It was actually more impactful. I was struggling with moving and leaving behind my family and all I had known for years. I fought against God gave him every excuse for  why it would be better for and the girls to go back and stay with much my Mom! My husband would make it without me ! He could come down every other week to see us! After all the girls were much more settled in Albemarle.That's where my God kids were and Amber's Best Friend! Of course they would agree with me!
I will never remember that I had gotten really sick with my gallbladder and I chose to go back home to see Dr's I was familiar with. Oh my if I had it to do over ! I would have stayed where I was! After my procedure God allowed me to over hear a conversation that made me realize they had adjusted to me be gone just fine and a family member did not understand why I didn't want to go home where I belong. The same night I was admitted to the hospital. My body was sepsis. My body had been leaking bile into my chest cavity all the way done into the thigh of my right side. If I had waited 24 hours I would have died. I had been really sick ever since I had had the surgery! Thankfully my husband knew me enough when I called to tell him I couldn't travel there was no way!Not to come and get me, the girls and him could have Thanksgiving without me! He knew something was really wrong and came to where I was. Immediately took me to the ER. I was told another 24 hours I would have been dead! Dead Guys!!!  I had emergency surgery the next day. Seven days later I went home with my husband and kids! I had never been more happy to be in my new home! I learned God often moves us because He had incredible things ahead! Those seven years are filled with some of my favorite memories! I still am in awe at how He used me! I am even in more awe of how He has used me in this season and the doors He is opening! I am excited ! It's all hinged on perspective! We can see the negative all the time or see it with positivity . Perspective has been something He has really taught me especially in the past year! I hope that you to can learn 
the things I have learned from 
Jeremiah 29:11  
For I know the plans I have for you." Declares the Lord, plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future."

Did you catch that ! He doesn't do anything to just harm us! He wants to give the good stuff. Question is will we follow Him all the way through to see the beautiful good plans for your now and your future!
The next time you face the storm. Remind yourself of the promises of Jeremiah 29:11!
I have enjoyed spending time and sharing my heart with you today! I hope this post helps someone! I pray that you will be back soon! I hope you and your family has a wonderful weekend! I pray you are safe and dry! 
Prayerfully Yours ~Shellie~  

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