Thursday, December 26, 2019

Favorite Childhood Christmas Memory

All though Christmas has came and gone for me it will still be the 
most wonderful time of the year until January! Christmas brings all my feelings feelings the  the surface! I love reminiscing about the good Christmas memories!
This morning has had me doing a lot of reflecting! This year was a wonderful Christmas! Their has been some years I could not say that ...
My childhood was a train wreck... Yet their were times when things were good and felt normal! 
I was getting ready this morning and my mind slipped back in time a long ways! 
My favorite all time Christmas memories was the year I finally got a real cabbage patch doll! She was a preemie and she came in the daintiest little yellow rose bush dress that had a bonnet and she had a paci.
If my mind serves me correctly it was 1985. We lived in a farmhouse. The rooms were nice and roomy and it seemed my family was normal for once. my parent were getting along and my Moms parents came down for Christmas that year. I remember the tree had lots of blue and silver and the kitchen was filled with smells of fudge and cookies!
I had asked for this doll for two years. Now that I am older I know why it was a while before my wish came true!
The dolls were very expensive
The commercials made playing fun! 
As a matter of fact her is one of my favorites

I cried when I opened Lillian Grace. I carried her everywhere I went! I even remember my Mom buying us cabbage patch outfit so we would have clothes to change her into! I thought I was dreaming that year! We got lots of neat thing that year like Barbies and clothes! Nothing compared to the joy of her. I wish our society would go back to making playing look fun! We need lines of that are quality made that don't break the bank that spark their interest to play! I always stressed to my girls be you and play for however long you choose. Playing Mommy was so important because I wanted to be in touch with those motherly instincts to want to raise a family!
Now I see the benefits of encouraging that! They want families of their own with lots of children! I pray that same joy will sweep across this one generation! This memory made my heart so happy and made me smile after a tough night! I am looking forward to making new Christmas memories this year! I know God has anyone things in store! 
What's your favorite memory! I would love for you to leave it in the comments below! 
Thank you for stopping by! 
Love and prayers...

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