Monday, January 13, 2020

Happy Homemaker Monday January 13,2020

I feel like the past few days have been quite the roller coaster ride. My hubby, my Mom, and myself headed out late Friday night and returned to our home state for my Mom to visit with her very sick sister It is very evident that Her heavenly Daddy will soon be calling her home! To say the past few days have been anything short of an emotional roller coaster. Would be a lie... This trip has opened raw hard memories, it's allowed me to be inspired to right a children's book about the area that has been a place for hope, it's allowed me to spend time with a lady who is very much the true definition through and through who will inspire me long after she is gone, I have spent time with childhood playmates. Also known as cousins! It's been a hard but rewarding trip. The hard part will come when we leave. We traveled in at dark but will head out in daylight. I will pass so many places that are a source of tragedy and pain for. Places that forever scared me, making me wonder if we should make the choice to travel home at dark yet again.So I can not see the places that caused so much hurt!
Goodness that is certainly enough of my rambling lol! Thanks for sticking with me! Today I am linking up with Sandra at A Diary Of A Stay At Home Moms, Happy Homemaker Monday! If You would like to join in on the fun follow the link below!

~ The Weather ~
The Weather will be 60 degree's here today. Trust me when I say this is so very in common for West Virginia . Normally I would be worried about snow for a visit this time of the year! Not 60's this time that is for sure! 

~How Am I Feeling This Morning ~
Very very tired! It has been a long weekend after a several hours trip to get to my Aunts house. The late nights, helping out, and catching up with family and surly took a toll on this lupus chicks hiney! I won't be complaining of some rest days in the future that is what's for  sure!

~What's On My Mind~
There was a quote recited at a dear friends funeral years ago. Don't wait to give your flowers when I am dead give them to me while I am living! She wanted her loved ones to stop quarreling and come together as a family and be there for one another. I have witnessed this weekend family mend relationships and others spend quality time with those we haven't seen in years! Sadly it's took a very sick special ladies to bring these events to pass! What happened when families truly were families ? Families who still it together for Sunday dinner and set around the table with out their phones ! Really talked and spent time with each other! I plan to be more intentional with my family from this point on! I don't want them to feel this way if I were to be on my death bed someday!

~ On The Breakfast Plate ~
I have a nice warm cup of English breakfast tea with some fluffy biscuits, apple butter, and sausage!

~ My Reading Pile ~
I am still enjoying It's Okay not be okay. I hope to read Kathrine Wolf's book next Suffer Strong.

~ On My Tv ~
Outlander I am in love with this series
last season of criminal minds
I am excited the Good Dr will be coming back on too! 
Virgin River 

~On My Menu~
Today - Lasagna  and Garlic Bread
The rest of the week is up in the air.
Traveling has made preparing ahead of time little hard this week.

~ From The Camera ~
My Amazing husband surprised me with my favorite snack and a rose that lights up like the Beauty and the Beast rose.

My sweet hubby's first book signing! I am so proud of him!
There is nothing like family!

~ Looking Around The House ~
I am not home this morning! I am sure my youngest has taken good care of things while I was away! 
When I get home though I need to take all the Christmas decorations down! I had intended to have already have them taken down. But my hubby and daughter would not let me ! They weren't ready to see them go down yet!
So I promised myself later this week I was gonna get my house back together once and for all !

~ Chore I am not looking forward to this week ~

My Christmas tree has gold glitter on the branches. I dread cleaning the floors up trying to get all the glitter up off the hardwood floors.

~ To Relax This Week I will ~
I am going to hang out out on my couch with some cocoa and watch some Outlander!

~ On My Prayer List ~
My Aunt Lucy! She is really not doing well and I am glad we came to see her! Please remember her and her family for her days are few.
Remember my sweet grandbaby Lyric! That my daughter and her hubby can soon begin the legal procedures to adopt.
Our country ! Pray for our president as he tries to lead us and takes the steps to keep our country safe.
Pray for our safe travels home.

 ~ Devotional / Bible Verse ~ 

Thank you for taking time to stop by and spending  a moment of your day with me! I hope your week ahead is filled with many many blessings! I hope you stop by again soon! 
Blessings and Love ~ Shellie 


  1. I know what you mean about family. I grew up going to grandmas' woth all the families.. Momhad 6 sisters and the kids were crawling out of the woodwork. But once grandma and grandpa passed it all came to an end. So the family only gets together very irratically usually at a death of one of the sisters or the uncles.. I am on only child so even as my cousins get together with their siblings, I am left cold and dry. I am sad about it but learn to live in my new normal I have learned to have no expectations..

    1. I am so sorry Schotzy! We do have to learn to deal with new normal than we would like most the time in life it can be hard. I pray you have a very blessed week ahead! praying for you!

  2. congrats to your husband for the book signing. Hope you get some time to relax. have a great week

    1. Thank you so very much! I hope you an amazing week ahead! Prayerfully yours ~ Shellie

  3. I relate so well to what you wrote about family. Lately, I find myself missing those days of the big Sunday dinners, etc as well. Your words were a reminder to me of one of my 20 for 2020 things, to have family over for dinner once a month. Need to get on that. Many prayers for you and your family. Hope you have a nice week ahead with plenty of rest.

    1. Thank you Jean! I hope you and your family start a new tradition of coming together!Thank you so much for your prayers! prayerfully yours ~Shellie

  4. Congrats on the book signing!! Have a great week!

  5. I grew up with a big family, always a house filled with noise and kids, big meals etc. When I moved to the States, that was all left behind, and as my brothers and I have gotten older and started our own families, the get togethers kind of dwindled away.

    It's sad, but I always remind myself that such is life, and it changes as we get older, and we have to adapt and go on but hold on to the memories that molded us into the people we are today.

    I'm sorry you're having to say goodby to your aunt, it is never an easy thing to do. I'm praying for some rest for you the next few days. Have a blessed week!

  6. It is sad that families are so unconnected these days. I am thrilled that Criminal Minds is back on, but I hate that it is the last season. I will sure miss this show.

  7. I'm sorry to hear about your Aunt Lucy, but am glad that you all were able to spend time with her at this time. I am lifting her, as well as, your other requests before the throne of grace tonight. I agree that it is super sad that families are so diconnected today. It does give us opportunity (and challenges us) to find ways to reconnect with those that we can though. God bless you, Shellie. I'm praying for you. (((HUG))) <3

  8. I'm so sorry about your aunt, but so glad you were able to go and spend time with family. Families and memories of good times spent together are so precious. Congratulations to your husband on his book signing! I hope you're having a GREAT week.


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