Tuesday, January 21, 2020

It's Okay To Cry

Hi again! Lets catch up, grab your favorite flavored water, coffee, tea, or cocoa!
I missed Happy Homemaker Monday this week! I really hate that I did! My insurance decided it did not want to cover the pain medication that worked for me! So we are trying a new expensive medication! Let me just say that it has been nothing short of a nightmare!
Our trip to West Virgina was a overall good trip. Yet a very sad one as well! 
My Aunt Lucy, since has had hospice to come in and help keep her comfortable. She doesn't remember our visit at all now and is asking my Mom when she is coming home to see her. That has broken all of our hearts!
She will always be one of my child and adult hero's! So many times I have modeled my own steps from things I remembered of her growing up! She will forever and always be loved!
She still lives in the very same neighborhood as when I was little. The same scents, so much has changed but hasn't as well! One morning the coal train stopped and I can remember staring at that same train many many times on the tracks across the creek. It brought back so many memories! Some good and others haunting. Even still I wanted a picture of it. It most likely will be the last time I see it in person. I have to say my heart and soul are peace with that!

 Winter has finally showed up here in the Carolina's! The bitter cold has arrived now if I could just get some snow! I would be one Happy girl! Last week was spent -playing catch up! 
I had to take my Christmas decor down.... I got the inside taken down and the house put back together. I redid my green wall in the living room and even decorated differently. It was a very nice to have what felt like a whole new room! It's so very crazy what a change of something so small can do for our everyday mood! I loved the out come so much!
Now I need to work on getting the outside decorations down! I am so behind. 
Maybe by this weekend I will feel like getting them down. It really won't take that long to get them down it's just feeling like it. 
Back to the new medicine nightmare! I had a super busy Sunday! I was scheduled for children's church and I had A Life Of Faith the same afternoon. The medicine change took place Saturday and by the time I got home and had supper. I was in literal tears from the pain. I am not that girl! I have a really good pain tolerance. However I have been in the bed the past two days! I have needed my walker for I go into the living room! Please help me pray that the new medicine is just an adjustment period! I will be adjusted or we can find something that works as well as the other I was taking! 
I always remind myself that it could always be worse! That someone else is praying for what I have.... I have found after a really good cry how much of a relief your body feels as if it has released a 100lb weight from your chest. I told myself when I realized it. It's okay to cry! It's okay to feel the pain sometimes and let it be seen. For me that is hard because then I see the concern my family has on their face when I am raw with emotion! I never want them to worry. Because no matter what I know my Jesus has me! He will see me through no matter what I face. Even if I cry...
Thanks for stopping by and catching up with me! I hope you know I am praying for you and I pray your week is blessed! 
Prayerfully yours ~Shellie


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