Monday, March 30, 2020

Enjoy The Day Your In....

I have some very fond memories of my Momaw! She was a shear definition of a lady. She would get up every morning have her coffee and breakfast and then it was time for her makeup and hair to be done. She dressed up even if she was staying home! She wore lipstick to bed and her earrings  didn't come off till she was ready to lay down.  
I can still smell her face cream and her perfume she wore. She left many impressions on my life! One of the most important ones was how much she loved Jesus.
She often said if the the Lord willing tomorrow I will..... She knew that no matter what she had planned was not what He wanted it wasn't going to matter if God had other plans, for the day!
There is much to be learned there! We are all anxiously awaiting the lift of the stay at home order! Planning and talking about what we can't wait to do when we are set free again.  
Dreaming is a wonderful thing. Living in the day we have everything is even greater.
We have fallen away from what it means to cherish the moment we are in right now. Instead we are swallowed up in the fast pace of doing and cramming as much as we can into the 24 hrs we have been given. Often rushing through each task so fast we never acknowledge the gifts before us.
The Bible teaches us 
Do not boast about tomorrow, for you do not know what a day May bring forth.
Proverbs 27:1.
I woke up yesterday and went to church in my home spent the afternoon sewing. Made plans to finish the small project pile I had left on my desk today. Until last night I had a episode with my heart due to pericarditis. All of my plans for today was suddenly canceled and a day of rest was what ordered.
We get so excited on what we want to do next.I am just as guilty! That we miss the blessing of now. I have learned so much during this whole virus mess. 
The biggest lesson is to live in the now! Love taking care of your family! Get dressed even if you are staying home. Take care of your home, it's a gift not all have! So when you have to pick that same toy up for billionth time just remember some would love that opportunity. We don't have to go out and spend money to make wonderful memories. We just have to be together for the fun to begin. We all have wished for more time to be with our families or to take care of our home. Spend more time doing things God has laid on our hearts to do. Like blog, write a book, sew, call a friend to catch up. God has given us the gift of time. However He wants us to spend some of that time with Him! 
     This virus has actually been a blessing and a curse. It has taken many and infected many more. It's caused some to lose jobs and cause uncertainty. For others we are able to be at home knowing we will be okay in the end.

                 No matter where we find ourselves today. What has God given you today to be thankful for it? Maybe it's to make your family that meal that takes awhile and hard to do during the week. Or spend time making cookies with your child. Maybe there is a book the Lord has laid on your heart to read or even write. Maybe you finally have time to have that tea party you have been promising your daughter. Or you are meant to dig in the dirt with your son today. You and I are called to live in this moment. Not tomorrow's moments 
   Because only Jesus knows what tomorrow truly holds. What if this virus is was meant to draw out families closer again and slow us down. To teach us to rely more on Him because of the unknown. To Teach us to be happy with what we have instead of never being satisfied. 


   Today I choose to be happy in today and wait to see what tomorrow brings. After all He is not surprised by it! I plan to pop popcorn and watch a movie with my family tonight! 
  I don't know what tomorrow may bring I trust my Daddy will take care of me no matter what it shall bring. I am not saying you should never plan for anything. I am saying don't cram your day so full you miss the gift of being present in the day  your in!

                   Thank you for stopping by and allowing me to share my thoughts with you! I hope you will stop back by again soon!  
              Prayerfully Yours ~Shellie 

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