Monday, March 23, 2020

Happy Homemaker Monday March 23,2020

Wow I have been gone way to long again. I am so very sorry about that! You guys know about my health issues. Well they showed out again and I have a couple nights stay in the hospital and I just have had a hard time getting back into the swing of things.
However I am so excited to be feeling more like myself. 
This morning I am joining up with Sandra at a Diary of a Stay at Home Mom
for Happy Homemaker Monday if you would like to join in on the fun following the link below!
Happy Homemaker Monday

The weather.....
Monday 55
Tuesday 68
Wednesday 77
Thursday 74
Friday 83
Saturday 85
A true spring weather week

Right now I am....

Right now I am listening to the news and my daughter's laughter. Working on this post Planning in my head the day ahead.

I need to make sure that even we are having social distancing. I really need to make my youngest daughters birthday special Tuesday. last year I was in the hospital on her Birthday and this year we are war with a virus. I really hope that we can get the virus under control very soon!

On my reading pile....
I am currently reading Balancing it all by: Candace Cameron Bure. It has been amazing! I really wasn't sure how I would like it. However I have enjoyed so very much! It's worth the read!

On my TV.....

There has been a lot of news
I love 90 days fiance
I have watched a lot of Discovery channel 
I love untold stories of the ER 

So when the TV is on that is what I am watching.

Favorite blog post last week (mine or other)....

Something fun to share....

I have been thinking back how much fun I had when I homeschooled my kids... If you are homeschooling check out my prairie school post. For some fun things to with your kids to pass the time!

Blog hopping (newly discovered blog)....
you will love following along with Jennifer! She is a new blogger but I can promise you won't be sorry you checked her out!

On the menu for this week....
Monday Spaghetti and garlic bread
Tuesday Special Chicken, green beans, and herb mashed potatoes 
Wednesday kraut and weenies, pintos, and cornbread
Thursday chicken sandwiches and tater tots
Friday chicken breast, green beans, roasted potatoes

On my to do list....
clean the house
get spring and summer clothes out
get ready for Christians birthday
prepare for Wednesday nights children's live stream children's church!
Write 2 more chapters in the book I have been working on 
spend time outside

In the craft basket....
I have about 11 American Girl outfits cut out and I have another craft project in mind lol but I need my hubby's help so it will be a while lol.
I hope to possibly paint a bistro set I got at a steal!

Looking forward to this week....

Celebrating my youngest daughters 20th Birthday! Spending some time sewing! Getting to facetime my grandbaby!!! Spending time with my family! Each day is a gift to be thankful for!

Looking around the house....
Hmm... It's not horrible it's actually really picked up. It needs to be dusted and mopped so it has to each taken care of....

From the camera....

This was outside my hospital room door right before the virus became a worldwide pandemic. Just 3 days later!
I don't believe that was there by accident!

On my prayer list....
The world, there will be a stop to this virus .
For the health care teams who are caring for the sick.
My daughter Amber is a respiratory therapist at a children's hospital. I pray God keeps her healthy!
I pray that God will remind us why it's important to social distance!
I pray for a friend of mine who is a very high risk pregnancy! She need to be able to not to go into labor again until she is admitted into CMC main. she needs to make it to 23 weeks.
Pray for our nation our president and it's leaders.
My health I have spent several days in the hospital this month with my lungs!  I have had a hard time bouncing back energy wise. Needless to say I am high risk and I have not left my house lol.
For all of you that reads this post I hope you know I am praying for you and your family to stay well! 

Bible verse, Devotional....
And we know that all things work together for good to those who love God, to those who are the called according to His purpose.” Romans 8:28. ... It says: “In everything give thanks.” Both “bad” and good.
 I have to believe God's got this and we are gonna be okay! Stronger than ever!

I can not thank you enough for stopping by! I love the gift God has placed before me! Thank you for allowing me to just to share with you what my week ahead looks like! I hope you will stop by again soon! ~love and prayers Shellie


  1. Glad you are out of the hospital now and praying you and your family stay healthy. Not sure how it would work in your area but I did see where a friend's son's friends gave him a birthday parade over the weekend. All drove by the house with birthday greetings held up or something like that. In any case, happy early birthday to your daughter. Hope you have a wonderful week!

    1. Thank you so much! I am very thankful to be home and thank you for your prayers! They are very appreciated! I love the Birthday parade that is awesome idea! Thank you sharing that with me! Thank you for stopping by! Stay healthy and well!

  2. I love a good bargain, and that set will be lovely once you paint it. What colour were you thinking? All of our borders are now closed, within my state you can't even travel to a neighbouring town. We only have 5 infections, all brought into our state, and no person to person infection but we are a very isolated state, with only 600 hospital beds in total to service about 244300 people, so we are taking extreme measures. Take care, stay safe!

    1. I love a good brain too! I was thinking a retro blue or a soft lavender! This afternoon our Gov. has called for the close of all schools till the end of the year,hair salons, nails salons, and gyms. I wish people would just follow instructions and only go out for necessities. However people are not taking this seriously! Please keep you and your family safe! Praying for you

  3. So sorry I'm late! I've been avoiding the computer quite a bit and filling it with other activities. According to my weekly report my screen time was down 23% so hopefully that's why I'm running so late. Glad you're home from the hospital - stay healthy and safe. I hope you had a GREAT week and I'll see you tomorrow!


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