Saturday, March 14, 2020

When Facing a Crisis

I was rushed to the ED last Sunday with severe shortness of breath and wheezing. I ended up being admitted for my asthma that in the past year has been a real issue. I was tested for the virus while I was there and had a chance to talk to medical staff about the increasing worry of what was to come. Everyone said the same thing! The flu was still a more dangerous threat the the virus itself. People and the media needed to be calm and practice good hand washing skills. I came home last Wednesday and only have been out of the house for doctor visits. Which honestly is a normal for me. I have a very compromised immune system! I must be extra careful no matter what is going on in the world around me! However your panic make it much harder for people like me and the elderly who need certain products year round. Not just in a national crisis.I have several people ask my thoughts on this! I believe the media has made this worse than it is.  we should all be smart and if your sick stay home. You can make hand sanitizer using 100 proof vodka, clear aloe gel, and essential oils. We should all keep a stock of food that would see us at least a week year round. For the simple fact of the matter you never know when you may need due to a illness or a crazy time like this. The main thing is to keep calm and remember God has got this! He's not surprised by this one but He is just waiting to see if we are going to trust Him! Remember little kids scare easily! Have reassuring conversations with your kids letting them know that they are safe and your doing all you can to take care of them most of all remind them that nothing is to big for God to handle!
If you find yourself quarantined have some things to keep you busy! Like jigsaw puzzles, card game, board games, coloring books, movies, a good book to read, crafts, sewing,and the list could go on. Have a plan just incase. Encourage kids to play and use their imagination rather than watching t.v or playing video games all day. Take walks together as a family the fresh air is good for all of us. The warm sunshine has been medicine for the soul for the girl! I spent a good while outside yesterday. Avoid social media and the news as much as possible.
   No matter where this may find you and your family in the coming days! Please know I am praying for you and trusting God to take of you!  Because He is more than able ! Psalm 91

     This was outside my hospital room door!

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