Sunday, March 22, 2020

When Life Is Turned Upside Down

I won't lie I was on the fence about this post. My Momma heart really doesn't want to offend anyone but my heart is incredibly heavy. My girls are both grown and graduated. My oldest has already completed her college degree and my youngest is writing a book. I am super proud of both  them. 
                      However this social distancing have reminded me of a time that my Mommy world was torn upside down. I was working and loving every moment of being a preschool teacher and Pastors wife. I have always had a heart to work with kids! My passion actually I loved pouring into mine,their friends, my children's church, and preschool.
    My oldest daughter had some medical issues and became very sick with her asthma and a heart condition do not mix well! She ended being home bound which through us into homeschooling. I was nowhere prepared for this! I did not feel qualified to teach my children but here we were! I was going to do what the Dr was telling was best for my kids no matter what it took. 
    We have never looked back! Both of my children graduated with honors from homeschool. Both are beautifully educated and loved and grew up with normal childhoods with friends! They had proms adventures they would have never experienced if we had chosen to do it any other way. 
   I know that our world around us is on uncharted grounds. We are facing thing we have only read about and seen in movies! Like me Moms, you and your children have been thrown into homeschool. The world they knew including yours has changed Momma's! 
     I know you may not be happy they are home and maybe  you still have to work and still figure out how to maintain their schooling and the things you needed to do on a daily basis. 
           Let me encourage you Momma's you have been given this beautiful gift of time. Time you will always remember! Guess what you set the tone for how your home will react! Especially your kids. If they feel like they are a burden for you to care for their temperament is going to show it. God has given you time to pour into your kids rather it be helping them with school work or doing something special with them. This is a great time to teach them to be responsible and help out with life skills they will need when they leave home. Like washing clothes, helping make dinner, and cleaning the house. Do these things together. Find a book you can read aloud, have a tea party, I have a very close friend who had a tea party with her boys, so tea is not just for girls, find a book series you can read aloud, spend some time in the fresh air each day I promise you will thank me for it. Your so lucky to have someone who has already made your child's lesson plans for them and you don't have to spend hours trying to figure out which curriculum to buy and make the lesson plans to do with your child each day! Those of who homeschool or have understand what it takes and the hours spent to prepare lesson plans for the kids! All though someone has done this for you. You have this incredible opportunity to add to your child's education by helping them learn the things they are interested in becoming when they are older! For instance my youngest has always been creative and enjoyed writing! So I did extra literature  based lessons with her and art activities. When I could take them somewhere to enforce what I was learning I did that as well! That part may be hard right now! Yet there is a ton of videos and free presentations by zoos,  museums, documentaries, and educational TV shows, even historical fiction! Not all of these things were available to us when we first began. You have a wonderful advantage I did not have!
      I had a hard time adjusting at first it was new and foreign to us! We had moments of tears not just them but me as well! We made it through those moments. Now when I look back I wish that I had done that from the very beginning.  There was is beauty in the memories we had together! Time and moments I would never change. Moments in time that my kids are thankful for.  I was just thinking the other day I miss the days of playing Barbie with my oldest! We have the Barbie stuff  all over the house and play for hours! Then the moments playing doll for hour and planning tea parties with friends. Momma's don't see this time as a punishment I know it is scary some of you are out of work and are unsure of what comes next. Just remember the times that we are living in the crisis our children have been exposed too will go down in history. Our Grandchildren will read about what our world faced how God helped overcome Covid 19.
     I was talking and my youngest and my adopted child who comes and stays with us every other week for a few days because we live a good little ways apart. I am thankful for this time with them! Because it could mean that one of them or one of us could be sick but we are not we are a healthy for us and we are together! 
   In this time of uncertainty I asked her did she remember a book series we read together aloud every day as part of our schooling A Life of Faith series Millie Keith by mission City press. They went through a time of quarantine. We took time to talk about how it affected Millie's family. We compared how it was affecting us! We had several things in common but the major thing was this! God is in control and we will see a end to this and we will come out stronger because of Him! We just have to remember WHO we trust and the reason He has given you a gift of time. Time passes quickly and before you know they will be grown and not your babies anymore. What do you want them to remember from this time with you? You didn't want to be home you would rather for them to have been at school in someone else care. I can promise you there is a Mom who would give anything for that chance. Or a Mom who worries after she finishes her shift at the hospital she doesn't take this home to their family. God have us the greatest gift as women no matter the circumstances to serve our family and love them. To treasure each and every moment to grow stronger in each other and in our faith. I pray for our world each and every night that God will speak the word that He can and bring healing and  peace to our world. To our loved ones who are sick and those I don't even know! To protect the ones who are on the front lines minersting in the hospitals! Our president as he works tirelessly to protect our nation. The Bible tells us to train up a child in the way they should go, and when they grow older they will not turn from it. Instead of grumbling let's show them the beauty of being together. The beauty of being a family and wanting to be together.
A few years ago I alm0st died during a surgery and I have never looked at things the same, Since I have been diagnosed with a incurable disease. It makes each and every day a gift. It's forever a reminder that each and everyday is a gift that we are not promised! One of my favorite things we do now is when we talk about the memories we made and how thankful they are for the time we had that we can never get back!
    How have you spent your time? Are you grumbling or are you making memories? I promise they are gonna remember both! 
I hope you know I say these things in love and a heart that wants nothing more than for all of us to come out of this stronger than ever not broken and rebuilding. 
Let the reminder of Matthew 6:25-26 That God cares for us and will provide our needs!
25 Therefore I say unto you, Be not anxious for your life, what ye shall eat, or what ye shall drink; nor yet for your body, what ye shall put on. Is not the life more than the food, and the body than the raiment? 26 Behold the birds of the heaven, that they sow not, neither do they reap, nor gather into barns; and your heavenly Father feedeth them. Are not ye of much more value than they?

Thank you for coming by and letting me share my heart with you! I am praying for your families that God meets the needs of each of you!  We have to remember no matter what God has got this and this to shall we come out of this stronger and closer than ever before!

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