Tuesday, April 21, 2020

Don't Wait To Celebrate

Wow what a whirlwind of a week I have had. I have felt okay and then I have felt like I have been hit by a big ole tractor trailer!
Four years ago Saturday I had my first heart surgery. Today I am being treated again for fluid on the heart again. 
All though I have not felt well. I really would not change a thing about the journey God has placed me on. Oh I miss pain free days gone by and driving. What I would not want to have missed out on though, is the lessons I learned form this journey!
I have cried many tears that no one other than my Daddy in heaven has ever seen. I am ashamed to say I used to hate to cry I would feel so ashamed or feel week for allowing my pain to show. The quote above though is so true. It's okay to grieve what we lose as long as we don't allow bitterness over take our joy.
Joy is so important no matter what we are facing each day. If we wait for a perfect day we will not ever celebrate, anything big or small.
When we choose to celebrate joy even on the days we could set and cry I truly believe He celebrates with us too! However the Bible also teaches me catches each of my tears. 
(Psalm 56:8)
He inhabits our praises too!(Psalm 22;3) SO truly no matter the season He is there with me. I just want to choose joy!
I love Katherine Wolf  she is such an inspiration to me! If you have never heard of her you should check her out! She is amazing! She has a quote I love!

Oh it looks different from what I thought my life would be at age I am. Yet it's all about the story He is writing for me daily!
Speaking of celebrating!
I have been given some of the most amazing news!

Yep I am going to be a lil granny again! We are over the moon excited for my oldest daughter and her husband! 
God is so good guys! I can not wait for the snuggly baby days again! Don't take me wrong I love the days we are at now playing in the floor and exploring! Guys I really just can't get over just how good my Daddy is! He's blessing me and allowing me to be here to watch my sweet girls family grow!
Please pray for her during this time! She is literally a hero working on the front lines of this virus! She is a respiratory therapist at Levins Children's Hospital! Pray for her and her team everyday as they never know what they may come face to face with!
See guys if I allow myself to become bitter because life is different from what I imagined. I would focus on the things that I may not be able to do if I was healthier. Guys look at all I can do because my Daddy loves me and He has a plan and gives me strength for each and every day! 
I love the book of Psalm! I was thinking of David when he hiding out in a cave from King Saul. You know he could have thrown his sword down and told God he was tired and never going to be King. If David would have decided to do that though, he would have missed what God had for him. The gift of being crowned King and being the Royal Bloodline of the King of Kings Jesus.
I don't know about you... Or what you at be facing. I do know me though and I choose joy! I choose to celebrate! I choose to be positive when I could be so negative!
Today is a new gift to celebrate! How will you unpackaged yours today?    
I know I am going to unpackaged mine in joy and celebration!
Thank you for sharing apart of your day with me! Time is precious I know! I choose my time to celebrate joy! I sure pray you do as well!
Prayerfully Your ~ Shellie


  1. You are such a blessing to me.. may God continue to strengthen you as you strengthen others... love you tonya

  2. Thank you my beautiful friend! I love you so!


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