Friday, April 3, 2020

Oh to spend the day as a child again....

I have spent the day going through what I call happy mail! I so love writing short stories for little girls and then taking pictures for them. Using our 18 inch dolls! So I was in need of some new props. So as I said happy mail came today with some new props!
I spent the beginning of the week sewing a new summer wardrobe for the girls to model so of course they needed some new fun accessories!
So of course I had to go shopping on one of my favorite stores ever American girl! They had a pretty good sale on a few things and I was able to get a few things I had been watching! Because you got free shipping if you spent $50. It just made more sense to grab those things I had been watching! 

So the first thing I want to share with you guys the American Girl Asthma and Allergy set.
The set cost $25 . I would say it is well worth the cost! The set is very worth the cost! It's well made and very realistic!
Elise Dinsmore is our model today! She is wearing a new outfit made by yours truly from an American Girl sewing pattern!
Elise was chose to be our model because the A Life Of Faith Dolls can hold things and be posed differently!

The set arrives in this box each piece individually wrapped.
The inhalers are so realistic! The can even be pushed down like administering a dose of medicine!
There is two inhalers, a rescue inhaler and a control inhaler! Each has a plastic handle to slip on the finger to hold up to the dolls mouth!

Elsie had no problem holding the inhalers! Isn't she a cute model?

Here are both inhalers! The blue is the is the control inhaler and the orange her rescue. Like I said before these are life like they push down and spring back just like a real inhaler!
Now most doctors also would like for you to use a inhaler chamber when they take their medicine! American Girl did not forget to include it with this set! It made my day!

Elsie can hold this so easily! I tried to get several angles so you can see how realistic this set truly is !
The kit also came with everything Elsie would need for her allergies! A bottle of allergy pills, allergy nose spray, small package of Kleenex , a plan of action, and a allergy bracelet with stickers you can pick and choose to use! I was excited to see peanuts was one of the stickers to choose from! Because I am deathly allergic  to peanuts! So is Elsie!
So that bracelet could save her life! That and the Epi pen that was included! So they truly did think of everything!

So you may would think wow that's a lot and we must be done right? Nope! They also include this amazing bag that hold it all and it clips on to another bag such as a book bag!

I would say $25 is not bad for all you get and the amazing quality! I have asthma and so does my girls! When they were little they wanted their dolls to do everything they did! For instance my youngest had to have her appendix removed! That Christmas she got a Kit Kittredge doll. She immediately wanted Kit to have surgery and have hers removed ! So I can say without a doubt they would have loved this! So would your daughter!

I also ordered a new hat! I loved this one because it doesn't have flowers on it! It's simple and could be worn with anything at all!
So Elsie decided she wanted to wear her new hat and have a tea party with her dolls!  The cost of the market  hat was $12. 
It's super cute!
She is having tea with mini Luciana and Isabelle.

Now her curls make her hat set a little high! I can't wait let Violet model it with one of the new dresses! 
Doesn't this make you want to be little and play all day again!
So we also purchased a mini doll tote so when Elsie goes out she can take her dolls too! It's super cute! I will say though I am an adult and I had a hard time getting two in there! Still it's super cute and I am really glad I got it! It going to be adorable in pictures!
Elsie is wearing a jumper made by me with an American Girl pattern!

        Elsie Is headed to Millie's for a sleepover! She is rocking her Kitty My Life headphones! Her doll carrier and her asthma essentials are hooked to her American Girl BackPack! She is ready for a night of fun and homeschooling                                          with her bestie!

Our cute mini American Girl Dolls have been bought on sale! I got Luciana for $10 with my American Girl Rewards.
The other day however I got a killer deal and scored 3 of them on Mercari!
I got Caroline, Rebecca, and Isabelle for $15!
 The mini dolls are great! They make amazing props. From American Girl new they are $25.
I am pretty picky on what I buy because I like to craft! So if I can make it I won't buy it. Or I will see if I can buy it used in good condition! As you can see Rebecca and Caroline are missing their shoes! I am not worried about that! Isabelle is actually a retired girl of the year! 
So it was an awesome score to get three for such a low cost.
Last but not least I ordered a new craft book! Craft books are my favorite! It helps to get my creative juices running! I got the doll Hangouts book for $5! I squealed! 

Well I can't thank you enough for allowing me to ramble about my dolly stuff! I am proud to be me and share the love I have for dolls! I can't wait to share some of my future projects with you!
Prayerfully Yours~ Shellie


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